Chapter 150 - She is ugly and her personality is terrible.

Chapter 150 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge watched the crowd part to reveal a flawless face in their midst.

He, who appeared from the crowd, made everyone else pale in comparison. His imposing aura made the surrounding people feel like submitting to him without him doing anything.

Da! Da! As she looked at the man, he steadily drew closer toward her.

The evident elegance and confidence in his strides stunned her silly for a moment.

Having spent so much time with the man, she had forgotten how eye-catching he was in the public’s eye…

Da! The man stopped before her and the way their shadows overlapped gave people an inexplicable sense of compatibility.

“Pei Ge,” the man lightly called out.

In response, Pei Ge gave her undivided attention to the man before her while she showed her confusion at his sudden appearance.


However, Ji Ziming did not speak but merely gazed at her with his dark, brooding eyes.

“Why – Why is CEO Ji here?!”

Many employees started whispering with one another when the man suddenly showed up. Still, the volume of their voices was so low that only those standing near could hear them.

After all, none of the employees present was willing to provoke his anger.

“That’s right. Could that forum thread be speaking the truth? Our CEO Ji and…”

“Pui, pui, pui! That’s really impossible. Just look at Pei Ge’s ordinary appearance…”

“Maybe our CEO Ji had too much fish and meat, so he switched to some porridge and vegetables?”

Even if the crowd’s whispering was barely audible, when all of them were doing it at the same time, it would still be pretty noisy.

Although Pei Ge could hear the crowd’s whispering, she did not pay them any heed and merely looked on in confusion at the man who had gone silent after calling out her name.

“CEO Ji?” Pei Ge tentatively called out. She rubbed her neck that that had gone stiff from gazing up at Ji Ziming for quite some time.

“Didn’t I say that you need not bother with this incident as I will settle it myself?” He stared intensely at the petite woman before him when he asked this in a low voice.

He really could not understand why he was unable to get her out of his mind.

She clearly… was not pretty, had a bad personality, and never gave him face, yet, for Pete’s sake, he was unable to get rid of her in his mind and would, instead, often find himself thinking of her…

He wanted to overlook her, but he, who had always been in control of himself, was unable to do so.

This woman was like a virus; she perpetually hovered near him and would make him have an outbreak from time to time.

“…” Pei Ge turned Sparta at his words.

Inwardly, she was roaring endlessly, Oh, please, big brother! The words you just spoke are too ambiguous! Just look at how the crowd is stunned silly by you right now!

Pei Ge resignedly swept her gaze over the crowd and inwardly sighed heavily.

Indeed, the current look everyone was giving her and Ji Ziming was as if they had seen a ghost.

No! I need to restore my reputation a little!

“Ah! CEO Ji, I understand. I really did not interfere with the company’s investigation of the matter. I only came down here to see what document is posted on the noticeboard. I totally didn’t expect this woman to come looking for trouble with me. It’s really an unexpected calamity,” she purposely said aloud. Seeing the crowd seemingly believing her, she earnestly continued, “CEO Ji, as your subordinate, I am really very thankful to you and am grateful to have a CEO like you who is so concerned about his subordinates’ welfare. I was in the wrong yesterday for talking to you like that. I will make sure to hold my temper in check and not be rash next time no matter what happens.”

Although her words were not logically sequenced, they still managed to dispel the crowd’s suspicion over her and Ji Ziming’s dubious relationship.

Everyone even heaved a sigh of relief at that.

Indeed! The high and mighty CEO Ji, who is unreachable to us, normal people, will never be attracted to Pei Ge, this low-tier person, and be in a relationship with her!

Ji Ziming promptly frowned at her words.

He was not dumb and could tell that she was trying to skim their relationship.

“Pei Ge…” Ji Ziming looked at her with narrowed eyes.

Did this woman dislike him that much?

“CEO Ji, Pei Ge probably said something to you about me!” Liu Yue felt jealous and resentful of the pair gazing intensely at each other.

She was jealous that Pei Ge could get so close to Ji Ziming and resented her for getting between her and the man.

She even had a thought in her mind: Ji Ziming probably treated me that way this morning because Pei Ge had badmouthed me in front of him!

“CEO Ji, I really am not the person behind the forum thread! Pei Ge is accusing me.” Liu Yue cried pitifully while she looked at CEO Ji with reddened eyes and nose.

However, Ji Ziming did not even spare her a glance and merely continued staring at Pei Ge unblinkingly.

Only when he saw her petulant expression did he place his cold gaze on to Liu Yue.

“Shut up.” His voice was as cold as ice and as sharp as knife.

The way he looked at Liu Yue was as though he were looking at a piece of rubbish. His whole person was emitting a cold aura that could make one shiver in fear.

“Don’t assume that no one knows about your small schemes. You should’ve obediently left when I told you to scram this morning.”

Liu Yue uncontrollably shivered when she met his cold and dark gaze that seemed capable of seeing through her heart.

This was the moment she finally realized what she had done wrong.

Liu Yue was not the only one who had shivered. Everyone around them also involuntarily did.

They all fell silent at once and halted their breath.

“C – CEO Ji, this is the document you wanted!”

Suddenly, a person squeezed through the crowd.

At that, everyone turned to look at the man who was panting hard from his run.