Chapter 151 - Never ever appear in front of Pei Ge again.

Chapter 151 of 200 chapters

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The normally empty lobby was filled with employees today.

However, despite the presence of many employees, silence still reigned supreme in the lobby with not one person speaking. All of them had their eyes trained on the man standing by the noticeboard as they carefully controlled their breathing.

“CEO Ji, this is the file you ordered to be photocopied.” The man, who had run toward Ji Ziming, forcibly stopped his panting, stood up straighter, and handed an envelope to him.

“Mhm.” Ji Ziming hummed in acknowledgement as he took the envelope from the man’s hand.

His slender fingers opened the envelope and retrieved the stack of A4 paper within.

Pei Ge was a little curious about the photocopied stack of A4 paper.

What are they?

However, in the next second, this stack of A4 paper that received everyone’s attention was flung away by the man.

Pak! They accurately hit the face of Liu Yue, who was directly across Pei Ge and Ji Ziming.

Although they were merely sheets of paper, the combined weight of them was still considerable. Hence, they were sure to bring pain to the person who would get hit by them on the face.

“Ahhh!” Liu Yue shrieked in surprise and reflexively retreated a few steps backward.

Shwah! The documents printed in black and white scattered all over the lobby floor.

“Don’t ever appear in front of Pei Ge again,” Ji Ziming coldly ordered as he shot Liu Yue a cutting glance.

Although he seemed to be saying it calmly, Liu Yue could hear the threat in his words.

Cradling the cheek that got smacked by the stack of paper with her hand, she looked at him with disbelief.

Although she was aware that Pei Ge and Ji Ziming had a relationship, she did not know that it would be this deep.

Ji Ziming would actually help Pei Ge out when she was in trouble!

“CEO Ji…” Liu Yue mumbled. She wanted to say more, but the man interrupted her.

“Also, don’t ever appear in front of my mother again.” Ji Ziming looked at Liu Yue with his cold and piercing eyes. His gaze seemed capable of seeing through the secret hidden deep within one’s heart.

Liu Yue shivered under his penetrating gaze.

Meanwhile, Pei Ge’s attention was not on Liu Yue but on the paper scattered all over the floor. She bent down to pick one up.

Everyone else followed suit.

When the employees saw the printed words on the paper, they collectively looked at Liu Yue in shock.

Only then did Liu Yue realize that something was up with the paper Ji Ziming had thrown at her.

She tremblingly bent down and picked a piece up.

[… Investigation reveals that the thread with libelous content on the company’s internal forum was posted by Ms. Liu Yue of the CEO Secretariat. The IP address of the culprit is as follows… She will first be terminated, and then the company will issue an official statement regarding her misconduct….]

“No… This can’t be true… CEO Ji, I didn’t do it! I really didn’t do it!” Liu Yue crumpled the paper in her hand with emotion.

Liu Yue despairingly looked at the indifferent Ji Ziming. Turning her head, she rushed toward Pei Ge.

“It’s all because of you wretch! You framed me up, you wretch!” she resentfully shouted as she rushed toward Pei Ge.

Before she could get close to or touch Pei Ge, someone caught her on Ji Ziming’s order.

“Where’s the security? Throw her out. She’s banned from entering the company’s premise from here on.” Ji Ziming spoke in a tone that brooked no argument as he apathetically watched Liu Yue struggle in the arms of the man who had brought the documents over.

The security personnel that were watching the show promptly ran over and sandwiched Liu Yue between them.

“Understood, CEO Ji! We will definitely not let her step inside the company again!” the two security personnel definitively exclaimed.

“Ahhh! Pei Ge, you wretch! You framed me up! You forged all this evidence!” Liu Yue shrieked as she struggled against the hold of the two security personnel.

When the employees saw Liu Yue’s exaggerated reaction, they became skeptical about the evidence in their hands.

Could Liu Yue be speaking the truth?

Did Pei Ge really forge this evidence? If she really did, that would make her quite the schemer, right?

“Shut her mouth.” Ji Ziming contemptuously watched the scandalous woman get dragged out of the company building.

The two security personnel promptly cupped Liu Yue’s mouth with their hands.

“Wu wu wu!” Liu Yue was enraged. The adoration she previously felt for Ji Ziming was replaced with pure loathing upon seeing him stand by Pei Ge’s side.

Looking at Liu Yue’s sorry appearance, the crowd felt an inexplicable sense of pity for her.

At this moment, just as these people’s hearts were wavering, a stoic and calm male voice sounded. “I did it.”

Pei Ge’s eyes opened wide at this familiar voice and shouted reflexively, “Bi Zheng?!”

She had actually considered the possibility of Bi Zheng being the poster of the file on the noticeboard, but since it was unlike his personality to do that, she dismissed the thought.

“I’m the one who posted that document on the noticeboard and not Pei Ge.” Bi Zheng took steady strides out of the crowd.

Once more, everyone was dumbfounded at this plot twist.

Who is this person? Why did he do that? Everyone was curious, but as the person involved, Bi Zheng did not care for their curiosity. Instead, he looked squarely at Ji Ziming and Pei Ge.

“Pei Ge is not that capable. A computer idiot like her doesn’t have the ability to find out all this information,” Bi Zheng spoke loudly. His unfazed gaze seemed to say that he had nothing to hide.

“I graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Locating a person by tracing their IP address is easy for me. If anyone doesn’t believe me, I can do a demonstration for them. However, don’t blame me if I manage to find anything you don’t want others to see from your computer.”

Bi Zheng’s voice was like a robot’s. His voice was not loud, but his every word hit people in the heart.

Everyone was looking at him as though he were a monster. Tsinghua University! That is the best university in the country! What is a computer engineering graduate from that prestigious university doing in a real estate company?

At the same time, the employees who knew Bi Zheng were more shocked and were roaring inside, What the hell?! You’re an elite computer engineering graduate! What the hell are you doing at the Planning Department as a negligible white collar?! You’re totally working the wrong job, young man! What a waste of resources!

“Bi Zheng, so it really is you who did this! Thank you so much!” Pei Ge beamed. This was the first time she had felt that Bi Zheng was so suave!