Chapter 155 - Mr. CEO's Request

Chapter 155 of 200 chapters

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“Wuu wuu! Brother Ji, you are too much! I will definitely tell Auntie that you bullied me! You clearly promised to transfer me to the department Sister Pei Ge is at! You big bully!” Qin Qitong ran out of the CEO’s office with red eyes and nose, looking extremely aggrieved.

What was cute about this whole situation was that this young lady kept on looking back at the door to the CEO’s office as she cried, seemingly hoping that the man would chase after her.

Alas, the thick and posh wooden door remained firmly closed.

Noting that her cousin did not plan to chase after her, Qin Qitong cried even aggrievedly and piteously.

“Waaa! Brother Ji is too bad! I want to quit!” Qin Qitong stomped her feet and walked toward Pei Ge’s workstation with a wronged expression.

Pei Ge could not help but nervously gulp when Qin Qitong walked over. What she was afraid of the most was people pleading with her while crying.

“Wuuu! Sister Pei Ge, I’m so sorry. I won’t be able to work with you. Wuuu!” Qin Qitong sniffled as she looked at her.

At such a pitiful-looking Qin Qitong, she quickly stood up and gave her some napkins from the table.

“Stop crying; stop crying. This isn’t a big issue,” she consoled.

“Wuuu! Sister Pei Ge is the best. Brother Ji is not nice at all! He only knows how to bully me,” Qin Qitong complained aggrievedly while she continued to look at Pei Ge with tear-filled eyes.

“Er…” Pei Ge was, in all honesty, not that close with Qin Qitong yet, as this was only their second time meeting, so she really did not know how to console this finicky young lady.

“Sister Pei Ge, don’t worry. I will go find my auntie for help!” Qin Qitong wiped her tears and resolutely declared.

“Actually… It’s the same no matter where you work.” Pei Ge blinked. Qin Qitong did not want to work at the Planning Department, but she really wanted to go back there. Sigh…

“It’s not the same!” Qin Qitong stubbornly proclaimed.

“Forget it, Sister Pei Ge. You can go back to work; I’ll be going home first.” With her nose red from crying, Qin Qitong said this in a nasal voice.

Nodding her head, Pei Ge comforted, “Okay. You go and relax a little.”

“Yes! Sister Pei Ge is still the best!” Qin Qitong was even more resolved to work together with her.

After Qin Qitong left, Pei Ge sighed in relief. Although the young lady was cute, she was too spoiled. One could see how much she was doted on by her family from the way she cried at every little thing.

“Pei Ge, I’m really envious of how you managed to ingratiate yourself with CEO Ji’s female cousin.”

“Indeed. I think no one in the company suspected that that airhead is CEO Ji’s cousin.”

“Yes. Our Pei Ge is still the most powerful here. Her eyes are as sharp as Sun Wukong’s; she even managed to identify CEO Ji’s cousin with a look.”

Pei Ge frowned at them. Their words were a little too sarcastic.

Alright, I get it. After Liu Yue, their most hated person, left, I am now their most hated person. Are they now focusing all their ammunition on me?

“You guys are exaggerating things too much. I only met Qin Qitong twice.” Pei Ge did not want their relationship to be too strained, as they would be working together every day from here on, so she gave this pacifying reply.

“It’s precisely because you two have only met twice that we are admiring you!” He Yan smiled at her.

Following suit, the other two secretaries smiled as well.

Pei Ge felt frustrated at their hypocritical smiles.

Seriously, this CEO Secretariat is only this big, and the number of people working here can be counted with one hand, yet the politics here is more heated than at the Advertising Department and the Planning Department combined. How troublesome.

Ring, ring, ring! Just as the atmosphere was getting weird, the intercom on her desk that was connected to the CEO’s office rang.

Pei Ge could not be bothered to rebuke them and picked up the phone under the three’s jealous gazes.

“Hello, CEO Ji. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Come in.” A cold and confident male voice came through.

“Yes.” She hung up the phone and promptly walked toward the CEO’s office.

She then entered the CEO’s office under the envying gazes of the three secretaries.

The moment she walked in, her vision was greeted by the sight of Ji Ziming marking each of the documents piled up high on his table with his head lowered; he was being bathed by the sun’s mild rays.

The sun cast its light upon Ji Ziming’s jet-black hair, handsome features, back, arms, slender palms… Simply put, his whole body seemed to glow with golden light.

One would think that a god had descended into the mortal world with how noble, proud, and mighty the man looked.

At such a sight, Pei Ge’s heart immediately calmed down.

Alright, looking at his physical appearance, she could understand why almost the entire female population of the company was infatuated with him.

“CEO Ji, is there anything I can help you with?” she asked softly.

Putting down the fountain pen in his hand, he raised his head and rubbed his temple with his slender fingers. His eyes were filled with fatigue.

“Qin Qitong…”

Huh? Pei Ge’s eyes opened wide at the mention of that name. Qin Qitong? Isn’t that the little cousin whom he made cry moments ago? Did he call me here just to discuss this? What has Qin Qitong got to do with me, though?

“Make her dispel the idea of working together with you.” Ji Ziming raised his head and shot her a cold glance.

Huh? What the heck?! Why would he look for me for this kind of stuff? What has that even got to do with me?!

“Er… CEO Ji, I am actually not that close with your cousin. We only met twice.” She smiled tightly at him. She did not know if it was her imagination, but she had this nagging feeling that the man was angry.

“She wants to be transferred because of you.” Ji Ziming’s originally straight back relaxed when he leaned on his chair and peered at Pei Ge through narrowed eyes.

“Ugh!” This is really an unexpected calamity! Who knows which point I hit that girl with that made her treat me like this?

“CEO Ji, I think that your cousin is really stubborn. I think you should find a person who is capable enough for the task.” Pei Ge did not want to take on this job, which required so much effort but did not give a commensurate reward.

Still, that young lady only quarreled with Ji Ziming because of me.

“As long as you make her dispel that idea, I will give you a pay raise. How is that?” He raised an eyebrow as he stared at her intensely.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?! A pay raise?!