Chapter 158 - Mother Ji, you probably recognized the wrong person!

Chapter 158 of 200 chapters

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The moment this question was asked, Liu Yue’s heart skipped a beat as an ominous feeling rose from it.

Before she could think of a reply to Qin Qitong’s question, Mother Ji beat her to it.

“That’s right, Tongtong. She is called Liu Yue. What is the matter?” Mother Ji directly addressed Qin Qitong when she saw Liu Yue’s hesitation to speak.

At her auntie’s reply, Qin Qitong exploded with rage.

“Auntie, this woman is a bad person! Everything she just said to us is a lie!”

“Huh?” Mother Ji was perplexed by how Qin Qitong’s attitude did a one-eighty when she was just showing concern for Liu Yue’s plight moments ago.

“This woman is really too awful! I have never seen a woman as terrible—no, as shameless as her! I almost fell for her lie just now!” Qin Qitong felt utterly nauseated by Liu Yue right now.

When she thought of how she had almost believed her words and had even wanted to help her, she could not help but want to slap her naïve self.

It was no wonder Brother Ji had told her not to act rashly and to think things through first.

If it were not for her knowing Pei Ge in person, she would really be wielded by this terrible woman like a gun!

“Miss – Miss Qin, what are you talking about?” Liu Yue looked at her innocently, feeling frustrated inside. Damn it! Why did I meet this troublesome woman today of all days?!

“Hur hur! Drop the act! I’m aware of what happened to you in the company today! Hmph! You dared accuse my Sister Pei Ge?! You are too awful and terrible! Everyone in the company knows about that incident involving you! How dare you still come here and lie to my auntie! You are so shameless!” Qin Qitong furiously bellowed.

The more she scolded her, the more Qin Qitong felt that Liu Yue was truly wicked!

Sister Pei Ge has probably been hurt by this awful person for so many times! Yes! I can’t let this woman off just like this! Hmph!

“Miss Qin, I think you are mistaken about me. I know that you have a close relationship with Pei Ge. She probably told you about this incident, right?” Liu Yue’s eyes were brimming with tears as she looked at Qin Qitong aggrievedly.

“Auntie Ji, you must believe in me. How can I be a bad person? If I were a bad person, I wouldn’t help you recover your handbag from that thief back then.” Liu Yue looked at Mother Ji imploringly.

Mother Ji did not reply to her, though. Instead, she shifted her gaze on to her niece.

“Tongtong, properly explain to your auntie what this is all about.” Mother Ji looked gently at her niece’s furious expression.

Qin Qitong gravely nodded her head as she gave Liu Yue an evil glare. She then truthfully told her about all the things she had heard from others.

“… She is nothing but a big, fat liar! Brother Ji obtained evidence and fired her from the company, but she actually has the face to pretend here.” Qin Qitong detestably peered at Liu Yue, feeling disgusted by her duplicitous act.

“It was like that, huh…” Mother Ji calmly nodded her head at that.

She might be approachable, but she hated deceitful people the most!

She coolly swept her eyes toward Liu Yue.

At this moment, Liu Yue realized that Mother Ji’s eyes were very similar to Ji Ziming’s. Beneath her ever-smiling eyes was coldness that struck terror into one’s heart.

The moment that gaze landed on her, Liu Yue froze up and was unable to utter a word of the excuse she had come up with.

“Liu Yue, you’ve thoroughly disappointed me,” Mother Ji said coldly. How would a high-born person truly be as gentle and amiable as a normal person?

In actuality, all of them possessed mighty and domineering aura that they usually kept at bay, and they all had an inherent air of nobility and pride that normal people lacked.

Liu Yue suddenly felt that the woman before her was too foreign. The old woman, whom she had previously thought was a big, fat sheep and gullible, was currently emitting a very intimidating aura. She was so startled by this that words completely failed her.

“Leave now. Never ever appear before me again.” Mother Ji retracted her gaze, elegantly reached out her hand to pick up the tea cup on the coffee table, and took a sip of the tea with poise.

Liu Yue had never expected that she would come here with confidence but leave in such a pathetic state.

She wanted to argue her case and try her luck again, but whenever she was about to open her mouth to speak, she would lose the courage to do so at Mother Ji’s cutting gaze.

Hence, Liu Yue could only dejectedly leave the private clubhouse that normal people would never be able to step foot in.

She felt indignant as she looked around this exquisite and grand place.

Perhaps, this will be my last time here!

No! I won’t be resigned to this! How can they take back all those things after letting me experience them?!

No way! I don’t want to go back to my poor and pitiful life from before!

Walking dazedly out of the private clubhouse that she would probably be unable to enter again, a pretty and elegant face surfaced from Liu Yue’s memories.

“Pei Shishi…” Liu Yue mumbled, and as if she had just spoken a spell, her mind cleared up instantly.

“That’s right! I still have that muse, Pei Shishi!” Liu Yue’s eyes brightened and she laughed out loud, “I still have her! My good life is still not at its end yet!”

Although she knew that Pei Shishi was not someone easy to get a hold of, she still had something against her in her hands right now! Hence, she was not worried that Pei Shishi would kick her aside just like that!

“Hmph! Pei Shishi, if it weren’t because of you, how would I be in this state? You should definitely compensate me for it…”

With an ugly smile on her face, Liu Yue flagged down a taxi and left the private clubhouse.

Meanwhile, Qin Qitong and Mother Ji continued having their afternoon tea inside the private clubhouse.

“Auntie, your heart is really too soft! How could you let that terrible woman off just like that?! I bet that those expensive clothes and shoes she has were all from you!” Qin Qitong was exceptionally displeased at the way her auntie had just easily let Liu Yue off the hook.

“Sigh… That girl did help me before.” Mother Ji placed the exquisite-looking tea cup down and sighed lightly. I thought she is a kind-hearted lady. Who knows that she is actually such an evil person?

“Tsk! Everyone knows that Auntie has face blindness. Maybe, you recognized the wrong person,” Qin Qitong complained unhappily, her heart still boiling with rage.

“That’s impossible. I may be unable to remember her face, but I can definitely recognize that pair of shoes on her feet!” Mother Ji could not put down her ego and solemnly refuted her.

“Auntie, don’t you know about the Cinderella story? That woman is so evil. Maybe, she stole the shoes of that girl who had really saved you, and usurped her identity to bluff you. You can’t recognize faces, anyway.”