Chapter 159 - I might have admitted the wrong person.

Chapter 159 of 200 chapters

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Recognized the wrong person? Mother Ji froze up.

Although Mother Ji seemed approachable, she was actually quite stubborn.

Hence, after she had admitted Liu Yue, she never questioned her identity even once.

Now, upon seeing Liu Yue’s true colors and hearing her niece’s words, she started to waver.

Could it be that I have admitted the wrong person?

Mother Ji promptly frowned. Thinking about it now, I seem to recall that girl who helped me mention something about looking for a pair of slippers for her friend. Maybe, she gave the pair of slippers I had gifted her to that friend… and that friend of hers is Liu Yue. Probably, when she met with her friend, she told the friend about her encounter with me. Is that why Liu Yue knows about me, knows what my handbag is called, and knows about the whole incident?!

Pound, pound, pound! Mother Ji’s heart thumped loudly.

I, most probably, really recognized the wrong person!

“Auntie, what is the matter? Why is your expression so ugly?” Qin Qitong felt worried when she saw Mother Ji frown and her face whiten.

Mother Ji regained her senses and shook her head. With a downcast expression, she said, “Tongtong, Auntie seems to have really recognized the wrong person.”

“Huh? Recognized the wrong person?!” Qin Qitong was literally stunned silly. She had only casually mentioned it just then, yet this unexpectedly turned out to be a case of mistaken identity?!

“I wasn’t sure, as well. I only managed to connect the dots after hearing your words, and when I thought about everything again, some details pointed out to the possibility of me admitting the wrong person.” Mother Ji seemed to be struggling inside.

“Auntie, I think you truly admitted the wrong person. How can an evil woman like her be willing to help others? She was probably lying to you this whole time,” Qin Qitong proclaimed definitively.

Mother Ji nodded her head and sighed. “If my helper truly isn’t her, then I was really treated as a big cabbage this whole time.”

“Puh!” Hearing that, Qin Qitong giggled. “He he! Auntie, no one says that about themselves.”

“I am just feeling a little stifled. This Qi Hui is really too much for taking such a long leave, too. If it weren’t for his absence, how would I make such a big mistake?” Mother Ji threw a small tantrum.

“Alright, alright, Auntie. Qi Hui is coming back soon, anyway. We shall go find that ‘handbag savior’ of yours when he comes back!” Qin Qitong grinned.

“Sigh… After what has just happened, I’m no longer in the mood to look for her.” Mother Ji felt deep regret every time she thought of how she had planted such a vile woman next her son.

“Don’t look for her if you don’t want to, then. I don’t think she would put that encounter to heart, anyway.” Qin Qitong assented to her words and nodded her head.

The aunt-niece pair was no longer in the mood to continue their afternoon tea after that incident involving Liu Yue. Hence, after sitting around for a while, they exited the private clubhouse.

“Tongtong, come to our house for dinner tonight. You cousin and uncle won’t be back tonight. This Auntie of yours will feel very lonely eating at home by herself.” Mother Ji glanced at the car door the chauffeur had opened for her and turned to intimately pull Qin Qitong’s hand to hers.

Qin Qitong did not have any dinner plans in the first place, so when she heard Mother Ji say this and thought of how she had made a request to her auntie, she unhesitatingly nodded her head and got into the sedan car with Mother Ji.

“Auntie, you know, the Sister Pei Ge whom I just met recently is really such a good person! Dad made me intern at cousin’s company, and everyone there is so bad. They always bully me. If not for meeting Sister Pei Ge, I might have already quit my job there and would probably be mocked by my dad!”

After getting into the car, Qin Qitong quickly rattled off about how she had met Pei Ge and why she liked her so much.

“I really don’t want to say this, but Liu Yue that woman is really awful. Sister Pei Ge is such a nice person. She did not even harm her or offend her, yet she actually spread rumors about her on the company’s internal forum and even posted some ridiculous photos….”

Mother Ji was raptly listening to Qin Qitong when, upon hearing the word ‘photos’, a few scenes flashed through her mind.

Pei Ge… photo… Pei Ge… photo….

“Ah!” Mother Ji suddenly shrieked and widened her eyes.

The sudden shriek caused even the chauffeur to be startled and to involuntarily hit the brakes.

“Madam, is there any problem?” The chauffeur stopped by the roadside and asked concernedly.

“I’m fine. You can continue driving.” Mother Ji waved her hand to have him continue his driving.

With that, the chauffeur stepped on the accelerator once more.

“Auntie, what’s wrong?” Qin Qitong blinked and asked in confusion.

“I finally remembered who that Pei Ge is!” Mother Ji looked at Qin Qitong excitedly as her voice pitched higher.

“Huh?” Qin Qitong could not wrap her head around Mother Ji’s words.

“Ha ha! I know that Pei Ge! She is the woman who went with your cousin to your Auntie Wu’s to check if she is pregnant!” Mother Ji was exuberant. She was no longer feeling stifled from having recognized the wrong person, as her heart and mind became filled with this person called Pei Ge.

“It can’t be! Sister Pei Ge and Brother Ji?!” Qin Qitong widened her eyes in surprise. After a short pause, she seemed to have understood something and said in an enlightened manner, “No wonder Brother Ji transferred Sister Pei Ge from the Planning Department to his side as his secretary for no good reason! Hmph! How dare he pursue his personal interest in the name of work?!”

“What?! Ziming actually transferred that young lady to his side as a secretary?” Mother Ji also widened her dark and shiny eyes, which gleamed with contentment and happiness. “Ha ha! Something must be going on between them! To be able to charm my son to this extent, I am now really curious about what kind of woman she is!”

“Sister Pei Ge is truly a very, very good woman!”

While the pair of auntie and niece was having a discussion surrounding Pei Ge on this side, the main character, at this moment, was inside a taxi and hurrying toward Nadaman Japanese Restaurant where she would be meeting Chen Zhengchu.

“Miss, we have reached Nadaman Japanese Restaurant.”

“Oh! Alright, thanks!” Pei Ge paid the fare and got off the taxi.

The sky was not totally dark yet. Pei Ge glanced at the pedestrians on the road and sucked in a deep breath before walking toward the tall and eye-catching building complex.