Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of 200 chapters

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When she got back home, Pei Ge went online to search up about Chenguang Real Estate.

Although not much information could be found about Chenguang Real Estate on the internet, Pei Ge, who had worked at Pei Family Real Estate for four years, still knew some details about it.

Chenguang Real Estate had been around for much longer than Pei Family Real Estate. In terms of overall qualifications, Chenguang Real Estate was slightly better than Pei Family Real Estate.

However, it seemed that Chenguang Real Estate had had some cash flow problems in the recent years, resulting in a few constructions being called to a halt.

Browsing through the materials regarding Chenguang Real Estate on the internet, Pei Ge learned that the company was apparently participating in a project bid. If the company managed to get that huge project, then Chenguang Real Estate would see a beautiful turnover.

Pei Ge, eager to get a job, diligently prepared for her interview tomorrow, totally ignoring the fact that if Chenguang Real Estate failed to get that project, it would most likely declare bankruptcy.

The next day, despite staying up way past 3 A.M., Pei Ge got out of bed at 6:30 A.M.

Her persistent body clock had never failed to get her up early.

Noticing the dark circles under her eyes, Pei Ge decided to cover them up with some light makeup – a scene that happened once in a blue moon.

After washing up, Pei Ge started contemplating about her attire for the interview.

“Erm… What should I wear for today’s interview?” Pei Ge swept her eyes across the dresses in her closet, but she could still not decide on what to wear.

She had already given up on wearing that unlucky set of business attire. Not once did she succeed on her interview while wearing that. She had made up her mind to not wear that formal black dress this time around or ever.

However, glancing at her other dresses, she felt that they were unsuitable.

Looking around, her gaze landed on that knee-length dress that was provided by Bar Vista as compensation.

Honestly, this dress looked much better on her than all her other clothes. Her mother had even praised her for that ‘purchase’.

Why not… Let’s just wear this?

Pei Ge blinked her eyes, gently caressing the sleeveless, white dress. Instantly, that handsome and flawless face flashed through her mind.

Stop! Stop! Pei Ge, wake up! Do not be smitten by beauty! You’re not the same type of person as that spendthrift guy!

Suppressing her nonsensical thoughts, Pei Ge quickly changed into the knee-length, white dress. When she turned to examine herself in the mirror, she was amazed by her getup.

She, who wore this dress and did some light makeup, looked like a totally different person. This set of clothes made her seem slimmer and gave off a sense of elegance.

After peering at herself narcissistically in the mirror, she retrieved and put on another white vest.

“Perfect!” Pei Ge grinned and proceeded to cheer herself on, “Pei Ge, you can do it! This time you must get through that interview!”

Once she finished her breakfast, with much time at hand, Pei Ge took off toward Chenguang Real Estate.

As she sat beside the window and enjoyed the warmth coming from the sun, Pei Ge repeated the speech she had prepared last night for this interview.

The bright sunshine accentuated her already white and tender face, causing it to look more radiant and give off an especially clear and clean feeling.

“Ziming, the plan this time was very successful. Chenguang Real Estate is definitely yours for the taking now.” Mu Heng, who was riding shotgun with Ji Ziming, grinned at the latter.

“Without me, they would still go bankrupt,” Ji Ziming said coolly as he drove the car.

Mu Heng continued to grin as he nodded his head in agreement. “True. To lose that bid despite holding such good cards, they’re really dumb.”

“Too dumb, indeed,” Ji Ziming agreed while keeping his face fixed to the front.

At the sight of the red light, Ji Ziming stopped the car.

“Oh, right. Ziming, are you still going to Bar Vista tonight?” Mu Heng teased Ji Ziming with an amorous look in his eyes.

“…Not going,” Ji Ziming coldly replied, frowning at Mu Heng.

“Tsk. Why aren’t you going? Maybe, that little spitfire from that night is also looking for you in the bar.” Mu Heng disregarded the chill being emitted by Ji Ziming as he continued to tease the latter.

The number of times Ji Ziming visited Bar Vista in this week alone already exceeded the number of times he would visit the place in a month!

He had a strong feeling that Ji Ziming wanted to find the woman from last time.

“You are talking nonsense.” Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes. Why would he ever go to find that damn woman!

Noting that Ji Ziming’s patience level was running low, Mu Heng decided to change the topic. “It is indeed time to take a rest. I think it’s getting boring to go to that bar every day.”

When the green light came back on and Ji Ziming was about to drive off—

A bus in the opposite lane drove past. In that faint instant, Ji Ziming thought he saw the familiar face of that woman.

“Ziming, what are you daydreaming about? The green light is already on.” Mu Heng looked perplexedly at Ji Ziming’s side-profile. The man was currently staring out the window.

“Hm.” Ji Ziming got out of his trance and felt somewhat frustrated.

That damn woman! Why was she always lurking around in his surroundings?!

“Chenguang Real Estate. Passengers getting off, please bring along…” When the announcement for her destination sounded, Pei Ge quickly alighted from the bus.

Only when she was in front of Chenguang Real Estate’s office building did she feel nervous.

Compared to her previous company, the subsidiary company of the Pei Family Real Estate, Chenguang Real Estate’s office building was grander and more magnificent.

The tall and well-lit building looked especially shiny and eye-catching under the glare of the sun.

Pei Ge! You can do it! Cheering for herself in her heart, Pei Ge took a deep breath and stepped inside Chenguang Real Estate as she felt a soothing breeze blow toward her.

Under Liu Yue’s guidance, Pei Ge boarded the elevator and reached the Planning Department of Chenguang Real Estate soon.

“Are you Miss Pei Ge?”

“Yes! Hello, Director Yang! I am Pei Ge!” Pei Ge nervously glanced at the director of the Planning Department, who was sitting in a swivel chair.

When she came in and saw this director, she was honestly shocked.

Chenguang Real Estate Planning Department’s director was actually a sexy and pretty woman who looked only a little older than she was!

With curly hair, exquisitely small face, and sexy curves, she definitely did not look like an elite, well-experienced director of the Planning Department.

If a person claimed that she was an idol, people would readily believe it!

“Hm… I have already seen your résumé. You used to work as an assistant at Pei Family Real Estate, yes?” Yang Aoyun inquired, eyeing the nervous-looking Pei Ge.

“Yes!” Pei Ge nodded her head.

“You worked there for four years. Why did you quit?” Yang Aoyun faintly peered at Pei Ge.

“Er…” Pei Ge had never considered that she would be asked this question when she was preparing her spiel last night.

After giving it some thought, she decided to tell the truth.

“I managed to get in initially because of my relatives. I quit because I don’t want anyone to say that I am a freeloader behind my back anymore.”

Hearing Pei Ge’s answer, Yang Aoyun was stunned for a moment before her lips curled up. “Alright, you have passed the interview. Come to work in the afternoon.”

Pei Ge remained in a daze even after walking out of Yang Aoyun’s office.

I passed just like that? She had prepared so much for her spiel last night, and she did not even get to use it yet…

Why was it that she felt a little upset?