Chapter 160 - While Having a Date (1)

Chapter 160 of 200 chapters

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Located in the downtown area of ​​the capital, Nadaman Japanese Restaurant was one of the four most famous fine dining Japanese restaurants.

That afternoon, Pei Ge used the omnipotent Baidu to research the restaurant and only realized then that Chen Zhengchu had invited her to such a high-class place to dine.

Her first thought: Damn! Is Dr. Chen a local tycoon?

The second thought: Damn! Dr. Chen invited me to dine in such an expensive place. Does this mean that he values ​​me a lot?

Ding! Pei Ge alighted from the elevator as soon as its doors opened and was greeted by the signboard of Nadaman Japanese Restaurant.

“Welcome!” A hostess in a kimono respectfully bowed and greeted with a gentle smile on her face.

Pei Ge smiled in return.

“May I know if you have a reservation, Miss?” the hostess politely asked.

“Yes. A person called Mr. Chen reserved a table for two.” Pei Ge nodded and matched the volume of the hostess’s voice.

“I see. Please follow me, Miss.” The hostess nodded with a smile and then ushered her into the dining area.

Pei Ge followed the hostess. The dark red lighting and black seats made one feel as if they were in a western restaurant instead of a Japanese restaurant.

The roof was littered with iron pipes at specific spots. The overall design of the place was modern with sparse Japanese decorations.

This made Pei Ge feel that this Japanese restaurant was heavily influenced by western architecture.

The tables were arranged with generous space between them, ensuring the privacy of the diners.

Walking past several rows of tables, Pei Ge thought that the table by the window was a pretty good spot to eat, especially now that it was nightfall. She thought that eating a meal while viewing Jianguomen Street’s nightscape was rather romantic.

The atmosphere within the restaurant was especially good. Although there were many diners, the restaurant’s ambiance remained peaceful.

“Miss, this is the private room that Mr. Chen has reserved, the Sakura Court.” The hostess smiled when they arrived at the entrance to the private room.

Only then did Pei Ge realize that Chen Zhengchu had booked a private room.

She looked at the signage on the right side of the door and saw that the word ‘sakura’ was delicately engraved on the black wood.

The doorway to the private room was covered with pretty pebbles, making it look exquisite and artistic.

When she entered the room, she finally started to crave for Japanese food.

The whole room was furnished to look warm and beautiful.

There was a refreshing feeling to the room’s Japanese décor, roominess, elegant layout, wooden door, cherry blossoms painting on the wall, and Japanese tatami.

“Miss, please.” The hostess indicated for Pei Ge to take off her shoes before entering the room.

Pei Ge blinked and pouted inwardly. I have to take off my shoes just to eat a meal here?! What if someone has smelly feet, how will one maintain their appetite?!

Despite her complaints, Pei Ge still removed her shoes and entered the exquisite-looking room.

Pei Ge sat on the comfortable tatami and, once more, complained internally,There are only the two of us, so why do we need a private room?! This private room must be expensive!

Regardless, this was Chen Zhengchu’s good intention. Although Pei Ge was complaining, she was in fact very happy about this setup.

“Miss, please try our special sakura wine. Its alcohol content is not high and it is sweet. Women love this type of sakura wine.”

The hostess earlier was already replaced by an experienced waitress.

Her back was straight as she knelt down next to Pei Ge. Her actions were gentle and graceful when she poured Pei Ge a cup of wine.

“Thank you!” Pei Ge was slightly flattered as she received the small, white porcelain cup from the waitress.

Pei Ge saw that despite the normal exterior of the cup, its interior was delicately decorated with star-like cherry blossom petals.

The pale pink wine, coupled with the illustration of a few sakura petals, was particularly soothing to the nerves.

Pei Ge took a light sip of the wine and her heart resounded with compliments. The wine was as the waitress had described it: sweet and delicious.

When she finished the drink, she moved to pour herself another cup, but the attentive waitress promptly refilled her cup for her.

Pei Ge looked at the lady by her side gratefully. The service in this place is really good!

She just finished her second cup of sakura wine and, as if she had become addicted to the drink, was about to start on her third one when the wooden door was opened from the outside.


Wearing a white shirt, Chen Zhengchu came in.

“Waited long?” He smiled gently at her and, with an apologetic face, said, “Sorry, I’m late again.”

“No, I just arrived as well.” She shook her head and beamed.

“Oh.” He nodded and did not pursue the matter further.

She, who was observing the man, suddenly realized that he seemed to favor white clothes. She recalled that he was also wearing a white shirt to their first blind date.

When Chen Zhengchu sat opposite her, she blinked and began to feel strange. If she did not remember wrongly, the shirt he was wearing right now was the same one as before.

Maybe, it’s just the same type?

Her pointed stare was probably too obvious or Chen Zhengchu was just too perceptive, as the man smilingly asked, “Do you find my shirt familiar?”

She was embarrassed and nodded.

“I don’t like the trouble of deciding, so most of my clothes at home are all of the same variety. Those who don’t know me often misunderstand and think that I don’t change my clothes,” he laughingly explained.

When she heard this, she asked with astonishment, “Don’t tell me that Dr. Chen wears this type of white shirt for the whole of summer?”

“More or less.” He smiled.

Not knowing why, she felt that something was weird with what the man had just said.

“I bet you are hungry. Let’s order,” he said this with a light smile.

Pei Ge nodded. The waitress in a kimono brought over two fancy- and heavy-looking menu and knelt by their side.

Flipping the menu open, she felt a headache coming on. While the cover of it was extravagant, the inside pages were very simple.

Besides the name of the dishes, there was nothing else. Simply put, the price and illustration for the food were not indicated at all.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently.

“I’ve never eaten Japanese cuisines before, so I’ll let you order.”