Chapter 164 - A Woman to Be Envied

Chapter 164 of 200 chapters

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The initially relaxed atmosphere in the private room was now filled with tension because of the addition of another person.

Meanwhile, a certain someone, who was a foodie at heart, was preoccupied with the food laid before her that she failed to notice the tension in the air.

As for the waitress serving them, she was currently doing her best to seem like a part of the wall and not to breathe too loudly in her fright.

“CEO Ji, I think I should introduce myself more specifically.” Chen Zhengchu was smiling at Ji Ziming, yet his tone was dripping with venom. “I’m Chen Zhengchu; Pei Ge’s boyfriend.”

Ji Ziming and Chen Zhengchu were both tall while Pei Ge was relatively short, so a turn of their heads let the two men see each other even with her in the middle.

Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes at Chen Zhengchu’s provocation. He then shifted his gaze to the woman who only had eyes for the food.

“You are her boyfriend?” His forehead creased as he continued to glare at the man.

“Of course.” Chen Zhengchu confirmed with a confident smile.

“Oh…” Ji Ziming seemed to understand something as he nodded his head. “As far as I know, you two just met yesterday.”

“Although we just met, the two of us really hit it off.” Chen Zhengchu replied in a neutral voice as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Heh… hit it off…” While Ji Ziming was laughing on the surface, he was cursing on the inside. Hit it off! What utter nonsense!

“Hey, do you have a boyfriend?” Ji Ziming elbowed Pei Ge.

Hua la! She was about to pick up food with her chopsticks, but the man knocked them off her hand with that move.

“What are you doing?!” She glowered at him.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He merely repeated his question.

Pei Ge’s mouth twitched. She was about to ask, “What boyfriend?” when she was interrupted.

“Pei Ge, didn’t you say that you think I am alright and want to try it out? I also think that we are compatible, so there shouldn’t be a problem with us entering a relationship.” With a smile, he prevented her from saying anything.

“…” Who can tell me what I did wrong? I just zoned out for a bit, so how did I get myself a boyfriend?!

“About that, Dr. Chen—” Recovering from her initial shock, she started to speak but was interrupted mid-sentence by Chen Zhengchu again.

“Call me Zhengchu; Dr. Chen is too formal,” he said gently with a kind smile on his face.

“Eh…” Zheng – Zhengchu?! She could not say it!

What is wrong with Dr. Chen?!

Suddenly, she felt her head go numb and turned to look at Ji Ziming. Seeing that his eyes were frostier than usual, she could not help but think that Ji Ziming, just like Chen Zhengchu, seemed to have taken the wrong medicine today!

“Dr. Chen, we’ve only met twice. I think we are moving too fast. Let’s progress slowly.” Pei Ge finally tore her eyes away from Ji Ziming’s threatening ones. The man then smiled rather stiffly at Chen Zhengchu.

Although Chen Zhengchu had rather good qualifications, she still found his swift shift in attitude quite strange.

As such, she felt that it was best for them to interact for a while longer before deciding on anything.

“I see…” Chen Zhengchu’s only reaction to her refusal was a flat smile.

Ji Ziming looked at the other man and remarked dangerously, “Mr. Chen, try not to crack such a joke next time. After all, not all people can tolerate this sort of jokes.”

“Is that so? You seem to know an awful lot about this, Mr. Ji.” The smile on Chen Zhengchu’s face did not reach his eyes. “I, too, would like to advise Mr. Ji not to meddle too much in his employees’ private lives.”

In that instant, the tension in the air went up a notch.

As the two men waged a staring war with each other, the room became filled with oppression.

In the corner of the room, the waitress, who was still doing her best to blend well with the background, collapsed internally.

When another handsome man with extraordinary disposition entered the private room, she felt that it was her lucky for meeting such a VIP, but who knew that he would be so hard to serve?!

The room’s atmosphere was too suffocating, and from her years of experience as a waitress, she could tell that the two men were not to be trifled with!

Thinking about this, her eyes shifted on the woman sitting unaffectedly between the two men and whose entire focus was on the food.

Indeed, ignorance is bliss!

The two outstanding men were fighting over her, yet this woman could actually remain calm. Her obliviousness was really enviable!

“… Can we eat? These dishes won’t taste good anymore when they get cold.” She lifted her head and looked at the men that were currently staring daggers at each other.

She cast a curious look at them, not understanding what they were doing.

“Of course, let’s eat.” Chen Zhengchu turned his attention to Pei Ge and beamed.

Following suit, Ji Ziming felt frustrated at her stupid look.

The man was clearly not a good person, yet this stupid woman actually thought of him as such… Really stupid!

When Chen Zhengchu picked a chunk of beef for Pei Ge and she ate it with gusto, Ji Ziming’s anger boiled more intensely.

“Waitress.” Ji Ziming looked at the table full of dishes and snorted. He then called out to the waitress kneeling in the corner.

“Sir, how may I help you?” The waitress very respectfully knelt at Ji Ziming’s side and asked softly.

“Clear the dishes on this table and replace them with the ones prepared for the Kobe Court,” he coldly instructed.

“Ah?” The waitress was stunned by his order.

The Kobe Court was not like the Sakura Court, which could be reserved by anyone, and the dishes served there were far from ordinary!

“I’m sorry, sir. Did you make a mistake? We are—” The waitress did not get to finish her words as he interrupted her.

“Tell your supervisor that I am from the Ji family.”