Chapter 165 - Asking for a Takeout Container for the First Time

Chapter 165 of 200 chapters

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The waitress hastily exited the private room to follow Ji Ziming’s order, leaving the three people by themselves.

Pei Ge, who was eating the delicacies with much gusto, frowned when she heard Ji Ziming order for the dishes to be thrown away.

“CEO Ji, what is the meaning of this? Throw away all the dishes on the table?”Are you crazy?! Of course, she did not dare verbalize this question and kept it to herself.

Glancing at her, Ji Ziming proceeded to take away her chopsticks.

“Don’t eat first,” he coldly instructed.

“Why can’t I eat?!” she demanded angrily.

“I think Mr. Ji looks down on the food I ordered.” With a smile, Chen Zhengchu said this calmly.

Hearing this, she was angered further. She looked at Ji Ziming fiercely and said, “CEO Ji, I think these dishes are delicious. If you don’t think that that is the case, you can go back to your own private room.”

She just wanted to have a good meal! Seriously! Could she not enjoy her first taste of the Japanese food?!

Ji Ziming furiously looked at her before laughing coldly. “I am indeed looking down on these dishes. None of these is worth eating. All you people who have never tasted Japanese cuisine before are just getting scammed into eating the cheap imitation of the real thing.”

“Of all the dishes on this table, only Kobe beef is worth tasting.” Ji Ziming eyed the plate of Kobe beef at the heart of the table and said this in a tone laced with pickiness.

Although he spoke angry words, they were actually true words. Those in the know of how highly sensitive his taste buds were could vouch for this.

Anything lesser than the top quality, be it wine, coffee, tea, or food, he would not drink or eat.

In short, Ji Ziming’s sensitive palate went beyond that of a typical rich boy’s pickiness.

Pei Ge was really furious now and, with an angry look, coldly said, “CEO Ji, since you look down on these dishes, please leave. Besides, this dinner affair has got nothing to do with you.”

“…” Ji Ziming’s forehead creased tightly as he looked at her, his whole body exuding a chilling aura.

“Dr. Chen, let’s eat.” With that, Pei Ge snatched the chopsticks from Ji Ziming and resumed eating the food on the table.

Disregarding her image, she ate for the sake of eating and did not speak another word.

Chen Zhengchu’s mouth curled into a smile at her behavior and picked up his chopsticks as well.

Ji Ziming coldly watched Pei Ge bury her head in the meal.

The room quieted down just like that. Of the three people in the room, one sat indifferently while the other two ate dedicatedly.

Awkwardness hung in the air with no one speaking.

After a long while, the wooden door opened again. A different and more experienced waitress entered the room this time.

“Mr. Ji, the head chef is done preparing all the dishes. Do you want us to serve them now?” The pretty waitress in red floral kimono asked.

However, before Ji Ziming could respond, Pei Ge threw her chopsticks down and announced, “I’m full.”

Chen Zhengchu smiled at her. “I am full as well. Shall we go?”

“Mhm.” Pei Ge nodded and stood up from the tatami without casting an eye in Ji Ziming’s direction.

“Pei Ge!” Ji Ziming grabbed her wrist when she moved to leave.

“CEO Ji, since you look down on the food that we, peasants, eat, you can enjoy your edible food on your own! Hmph!” She angrily shook off his hand.

Ji Ziming’s forehead folded tightly at this. Seeing the angry figure leave the room, the anger in his heart unknowingly faded.

In its place was that upsetting feeling of being wronged, which he had never experienced before.

With the two people’s departure, the pretty lady in red kimono asked cautiously, “CEO Ji, the dishes… Do you still want us to serve them?”

“No, throw them all away!” Ji Ziming’s voice was filled with anger. He had ordered the food to let that stupid woman taste authentic Japanese cuisine.

However, that stupid woman was gone, so why should he keep the food?

That damn woman!

“Mis – Mister… I think that that lady got mad because you called the food dross…” Just as everyone was staying quiet for fear of provoking his fury, the original waitress who had served the room spoke up.

She was absolutely mortified at how much food was wasted just because of a couple’s squabble!

That table of dishes cost tens of thousands and can even go up to hundreds of thousands. These vile rich people! No wonder that woman got mad at this rich, handsome man who disrespects food! Which foodie can tolerate his belittling attitude?!

“Xiaoying!” The pretty lady in red kimono stared warningly at the waitress who had spoken up.

Xiaoying quickly shut her mouth when she received her manager’s warning stare.

“You, come here.” Ji Ziming, however, waved Xiaoying in.

At that, the pretty lady in red kimono could only let her in.

“You say that she’s angry because I consider the food as dross?” he asked the young woman who had knelt before him.

“Mhm-mhm. That should be the reason. That woman looks like a foodie. When you ordered for all the food on the table to be thrown away, she probably felt vexed. Moreover, she did not get to enjoy this table of food fully before she had to go, so I think she is angrier now.” Xiaoying nodded. She was initially afraid of Ji Ziming, but she became more outspoken when she talked at length.

“…” Ji Ziming’s face turned grave. He did not even consider the possibility of Pei Ge’s anger stemming from that.

That damn, stupid woman! Is eating the only thing in her mind?!

“Mis – Mister, if you don’t want her to be mad at you, why don’t you… have these dishes sent to that lady’s house?” Xiaoying quickly suggested once she saw his dark expression.

She was a foodie at heart, too. If any man boxed up all this delicious food and sent it to her doorstep, she would definitely agree to his every request.

“Box all this food up for me!”

For the first time ever, the high and mighty Ji Ziming, who did not have the word ‘takeout’ in his dictionary, asked the waitress for a to-go container.