Chapter 168 - The CEO is a good man to live with.

Chapter 168 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge could not believe her eyes. Standing outside the apartment door was a person whom she had never expected to see here ever.

It was truly impossible for this person to appear at her doorstep, so the sight of this person merely heightened her disbelief.

She was so surprised that she forgot to use her usual name for him and blurted out his full name.

“What are you doing here?!” She stared wide-eyed at Ji Ziming who was standing outside the door with his hands full of food boxes.

She did not know if it was her imagination, but she could actually smell the aroma of delicious food.

“Why? Others can come but I cannot?” He countered when he saw her face pale as though she had seen a ghost.

“…” She was made speechless by his words. This was when she recalled having a fight with this man earlier.

As such, she coldly snorted. She was about to shut the door when her mother called out.

“Ge Ge, who is outside?”

“Ah, no one in particular! He knocked on the wrong door!” she lied.

However, since Pei Ge was at the door for a long time, Zhang Manhua became suspicious.

Therefore, when she asked this question, she was actually already on her way to the door.

“You, why are you at my home? If there’s nothing else, you should leave.” She tried to drive him away.

Seeing her strive to chase him away, he marveled at how low he, Ji Ziming, had stooped for this woman.

Meanwhile, the woman before him did not appreciate this privilege at all and even wanted to make him leave.

“Pei Ge, don’t push it.” He growled as he shot her an icy look.

“How am I pushing it? If there is something, let’s talk in the office tomorrow. It’s after the office hours, I’m about to sleep—” A cry interrupted her words, though.

“Aiya! Who is this young man outside?!” Zhang Manhua cried out in shock as she stood behind her daughter and looked at the man in a suit with food in hand.

“Is this a delivery boy? He’s so handsome! Not at all like a delivery boy!” her mother gushed as she looked at Ji Ziming with twinkling eyes.

The two, one standing inside and another standing outside, shifted in discomfort at Zhang Manhua’s words.

“…” Pei Ge: Mom, your eyesight is so bad. Is there even a delivery boy out there that will wear a suit to deliver food?!

“…” Ji Ziming: They are indeed mother and daughter. Both have such bad eyesight. In what angle do I look like a delivery boy?!

Pei Ge’s mouth twitched and she was about to go along with her mother’s misconception when Ji Ziming spoke.

“Good evening, Auntie. I am Pei Ge’s colleague.” Ji Ziming’s face might be expressionless, but his polite tone quickly gave Zhang Manhua a good feeling.

“It turns out to be Ge Ge’s colleague!” Zhang Manhua happily exclaimed. She then slapped her daughter’s shoulder and playfully chided, “You child, your colleague came but you didn’t invite him in!”

“…” Damn! Pei Ge shot the man an angry stare. She could not understand why this annoying person would visit her at home.

“Come in quickly!” Zhang Manhua warmly welcomed him into the house.

Pei Ge pouted depressingly when she saw him simply walk in without looking at her. Why is mom treating him so warmly?!

Before long, she understood what her mother was up to.

“Young man, how should I address you?” her mother enthusiastically asked.

“Auntie, I’m called Ji Ziming,” he politely introduced himself. He then placed the boxes containing food on the coffee table.

“Ji Ziming? What a nice name!” Zhang Manhua smiled and measured him. Looking at this young man with an extraordinary disposition, she could not resist but cast a glance in her daughter’s direction. She did not think that her daughter would keep mum about having such an outstanding friend.

“Xiao Ji, how old are you this year?”

Her mother calling the man ‘Xiao Ji’ made Pei Ge squirm with discomfort.

Surprisingly, he was not bothered by this and only politely replied, “I’m 29 this year.”

“Twenty-nine? That’s good; that’s good!” Zhang Manhua smiled as she thought to herself, My daughter is 26 this year. There’s only a difference of three years. Just about right! Zodiac-wise, they are compatible, too.

Seeing her mother’s smiling face, how could Pei Ge not know what she was thinking?

She felt two shades warmer – one of shyness and another of anger – as she saw her mother look at Ji Ziming as if he were her son-in-law.

“Mom, what are you thinking of?!” she indignantly asked as she gave him a stare.

All this happened because this annoying person came over to her house! Now, her mother was misunderstanding them!

“CEO Ji, it’s late already. My mother and I need to rest. You should hurry home!”

Truth be told, Pei Ge still did not know what made him visit her at her home!

Wait a minute! How did this annoying person know my address?

“CEO Ji?” Zhang Manhua heard how her daughter had addressed the handsome, young man and was stunned for a moment.

He seemed not to have heard her words and, with an indifferent expression, opened the boxes of food.

“Auntie, when I was eating with Pei Ge earlier, many dishes remained untouched, so I made the restaurant’s staff box them all up, and I brought them here.”

His well-defined, slender fingers were a sharp contrast to the black wooden boxes; Pei Ge and Zhang Manhua could not resist eyeing the lunch boxes.

It was just a simple action of opening the boxes, but since it was done by Ji Ziming, the action became refined and pleasing to the eye.

The mother-daughter pair held their breath, and when they returned to their senses, all the dishes in the boxes were already laid bare on the coffee table.

“These dishes are fresh Japanese delicacies,” he lightly explained once he was done opening every box.

Pei Ge and Zhang Manhua were shocked by his action.

They had seen guests brought fruit, but this was their first time seeing a guest bring a table full of food!

Thinking of this, Zhang Manhua looked at Ji Ziming with shining eyes.

Oh, my! This man is the kind that is good to live with! I’ve never seen a man visit a lady’s house with a table full of dishes before. He is definitely for keeps!