Chapter 170 - The CEO Son-in-law Who Comes Knocking on the Door

Chapter 170 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge did not answer Ji Ziming’s question in the end, but her attitude was already enough to show what she really thought inside.

The mother-daughter pair ate almost all the food on the table.

Although there were many different dishes on the table, each portion was small in quantity, so the mother and daughter, who were not big eaters, were able to eat almost all of them.

Seeing the satisfied look of Pei Ge, Ji Ziming realized that he could feel happy just by watching her eat.

After she ate a piece of salmon sushi roll, she sighed again with contentment.

It really tastes great! I have never eaten such delectable sushi! After eating such heavenly sushi, I think I won’t ever be able to eat the usual one. Luckily, I am not especially fond of it.

Pei Ge exaggeratedly thought of this, licked her lips, and continued enjoying the Japanese cuisines.

She suddenly sensed Ji Ziming’s gaze on her, and a quick turn of her head confirmed that he was indeed staring at her.

She froze up at that. Do I have something on my face?

When the person he was peeking at suddenly turned around with doe eyes and food in her mouth, Ji Ziming was, for a moment, stunned by her beauty.

“Cough, cough, cough!” He quickly shifted his head and lightly coughed to hide his reaction. Still, his slightly reddened ears betrayed his real emotion.

This dumb woman really does not care about her image, but… she is still pretty pleasing to the eye….

She obviously did not catch on to any of this. After perplexedly looking at the man, who had suddenly turned his head away, the airhead Pei Ge merely returned to eating her food.

As she ate, a thought popped up in her mind. Was Ji Ziming looking at me just now to ask again whose food is better? Tsk! How petty can he be?! He still can’t get over that. Alright, I admit that the dishes he brought over taste way better than the ones Chen Zhengchu treated me to. This annoying person is so picky, so… it is understandable.

Pei Ge squinted at the man beside her. Although I understand him now, his attitude back then was still pretty rude! Hmph!

Zhang Manhua obviously noticed the pair’s small actions, and the longer she looked at them, the surer she felt that they suited each other.

Although there was a blind date called Chen Zhengchu, she had never seen him before. The Ji Ziming in front of her eyes felt more real to her.

Thinking of this, she resolved to know more about this ‘Xiao Ji’ in front of her.

“Xiao Ji, you said that you had had dinner with our Ge Ge earlier?” Zhang Manhua had been meaning to ask this question for quite a while now. She clearly remembered that her daughter was on a date with Chen Zhengchu, so why would she have dinner with ‘Xiao Ji’, instead?

“Yes. We met by coincidence earlier.” Ji Ziming returned to his usual expressionless face and calmly gave this reply.

Zhang Manhua nodded her head at that and looked at Pei Ge with eyes that seemed to say, ” Didn’t you say that you’re on a date with Dr. Chen? How come you ended up having dinner with Xiao Ji, instead?”

Knowing that her mother was misunderstanding something, Pei Ge quickly explained, “Mom, it is not what you think! I was truly having dinner with Dr. Chen tonight, but we….”

Glancing at Ji Ziming, she continued with a pout, “We coincidentally bumped into CEO Ji, and the three of us ended up having dinner together.”

Hmph! If it weren’t for this annoying fellow stubbornly staying, I would definitely be able to eat my fill earlier.

She felt heartache when she thought of the price tag for that table of food.

“So that’s how it happened. Indeed… it’s very coincidental.” Zhang Manhua looked at the pair with a smile in her eyes, her imagination already running wild.

Pei Ge felt uncomfortable with her mother’s gaze. She moved to take some tissue to wipe her hands, but someone beat her to it and got her the tissue she needed.

“Thank you,” she said softly while she dazedly looked at the man.

Getting up off the sofa after wiping her hands clean, she said, “CEO Ji, it is rather late now. You should go home.”

“Mhm.” He did not speak superfluous words and just got up as well.

When Zhang Manhua saw that the handsome, young lad was leaving, she wanted to stop him to chat for a while longer, but she could only rest this idea under her beloved daughter’s fierce glare.

“He he! Yes, it is rather late.” She awkwardly laughed it off before passionately saying, “Xiao Ji, come to our house to play again another day. Auntie will make you some good food.”

“Alright,” he agreed almost instantly.

When Pei Ge saw his quick response, she spat at him inside her, Tsk! Act! Act! Your acting is really good!

“Ge Ge, send Xiao Ji off,” Zhang Manhua smilingly said when she saw her daughter accompany Ji Ziming only up to the door.

“Huh? He is already an adult, why do I need to send him off?” Just look at how he turned up at our house uninvited.

“You child, quickly send him off!” With that, the mother pushed the daughter out of the door.

“You don’t need to hurry coming back.” She smiled warmly at her daughter and firmly closed the door on her.

“…” Pei Ge’s lips twitched at the already-closed door grill. Lowering her head to look at the indoor slippers she was still wearing, she felt utterly speechless.

Mom, can you not be so obvious?!

Pei Ge stiffly raised her head and looked at Ji Ziming. She then muttered depressingly, “Really… Why did you show up to our house for no reason?”

“Let’s go. Send me off.” Ji Ziming peered at her and said coolly.

Send! Send, your big head! she indignantly spat inside her. Of course, she did not dare say this out loud.


Pei Ge tugged at her outerwear and muttered inside, Luckily, I haven’t changed into my sleeping clothes. Otherwise, I would really feel depressed at being pushed out of the house. Mom is really too much! Why is she treating this annoying fellow this well?! It’s not like being handsome will put food on the table!