Chapter 176 - You have feelings for her. You like her.

Chapter 176 of 200 chapters

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When Ji Ziming did not speak for quite some time and even appeared to be ruminating about something important, Pei Ge blinked and cautiously asked.

“CEO Ji, if there is nothing else, can I take my leave?”

Hearing her voice, Ji Ziming no longer tried to recall his dream and, instead, directed his indifferent gaze at her.

“Did you forget your assigned task?” he coldly asked.


His question reminded Pei Ge that she had agreed to convince Qin Qitong into staying obediently at the Planning Department.

“No – No. Of course, I did not forget.” She quickly shook her head and replied firmly.

“Oh, that’s good.” He nodded indifferently. “You’d better settle this matter before this week ends, or else….”

Although he did not complete his words, she could already guess what he wanted to say.

Qi! Deduct my wage! Hmph!

“Yes, CEO Ji, I know.” She smiled and nodded ‘obediently’.

Her ‘obedient’ behavior only made him unhappier, however.

He even preferred the outspoken and quarrelsome Pei Ge over this obedient, polite, and distant her, as the current Pei Ge seemed to really only regard him as a boss.

“You…” He paused and looked at the smiling her before coldly saying, “You can leave now.”

“Alright, CEO Ji.” She nodded and exited his office.

Once she left his office, Ji Ziming’s whole being weakened and he heavily leaned on the real leather chair.

He lifted his slender fingers and gently rubbed his temple. His eyes were full of fatigue.

He previously thought that this dumb woman was too noisy and did not respect him, but, today, when she finally treated him in a respectful and professional manner, just like the others in the company, he only felt that she should not be like that.

She should… return to how she had always been with him.

Ji Ziming was still rubbing his temple and thinking of Pei Ge when his phone rang.

He lowered his hand and picked up the phone.


“Ziming, your mother just called to ask me if you are dating someone and – and if I know this woman called ‘Pei Ge’.” Mu Heng could be heard snickering on the other end of the line.

“….Oh,” Ji Ziming indifferently sounded.

“Damn, Ziming! Is that all you’re going to say?” Mu Heng complained depressingly when he heard his curt response.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.” Ji Ziming was already in a bad mood because of Pei Ge, so why would he still want to bother with this fellow, Mu Heng.

“Hey, hey, hey! Hang on! Don’t hang up,” Mu Heng immediately stopped him.

“Mhm?” he hummed questioningly. Mu Heng really did seem to have something to talk about.

“Ziming, I heard that you sent someone to repair the streetlights near the Little Chili’s house.”

Mu Heng actually did not deliberately inquire after this matter. Ji Ziming was just too eye-catching within their circle that many were watching his every move.

Therefore, with the exception of the things he purposely kept hidden, the rest of his actions, no matter how simple it was, were known to almost everyone in their circle.

“…” He listened to Mu Heng’s words and remained silent for a while.

To someone who knew him so well, his silence meant admission.

“Ziming, I don’t want to say this, but I really think you have feelings for Little Chili. Do you… like her?” Mu Heng sounded serious this time.

He felt slightly stunned by Mu Heng’s words, and then his forehead tightly creased together.

“I have feelings for her? I like her? How can that be?!” he retorted rather fiercely.

How can it be?! I definitely don’t like that dumb woman!

“Ziming, seriously, except for…” Mu Heng briefly paused before continuing, “I’ve never seen you show this much concern for a woman before.”

“You are overthinking this,” Ji Ziming replied indifferently. He seemed disgusted by the thought.

“Ziming, I just worry that you will—” Mu Heng did not get to finish his words because his best friend interrupted him.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

He did not wait for Mu Heng’s reply and just hung up the phone.

I like that stupid woman?

With a cold expression, he stood up from his chair and walked toward the shutters. Through the thin slits, he looked at Pei Ge who was seriously working at her desk.

From the window, he could see the side view of Pei Ge’s fair and round face. She did not look as beautiful and elegant as the many women he had met, and she was also not eye-catching.

She only looked pleasing to the eye.

This kind of woman… This kind of woman….

Upset, he turned around and stopped looking at her.

However, Mu Heng’s words were like an evil spell that continuously echoed in his mind.

‘You have feelings for her.’

‘You like her.’

“No.” Ji Ziming’s eyes darkened and his voice was icy as he firmly said, “I don’t like her.”

How could he like her?

Pei Ge was unaware of the internal turmoil Ji Ziming was facing in his office. All she could think of was how to go about convincing Qin Qitong to stay in the Planning Department obediently.

She had already resolved to visit the Planning Department during lunch, yet who would have guessed that a friend from that very department would come and find her, instead?

“Bi Zheng?” She regarded the man before her rather oddly.

It was not anyone else but Planning Department’s Bi Zheng.

“You take this.” He did not say much and just quickly gave her a pink envelope.

Pei Ge’s mouth twitched when she saw the pink envelope Bi Zheng had given her.

It weirded her out that he would give her a pink envelope!

“This – This is…” Actually, the moment she saw the pink envelope, she immediately thought of those confession letters during her student days.

She still remembered how, when she was not fat and was more attractive, she would receive numerous pink envelopes in her drawer every day.

“You will know when you open it.” He placed the envelope on her desk when she did not accept it.

Pei Ge was left speechless by Bi Zheng’s action. Don’t tell me that he likes me?