Chapter 179 - Feelings can be nurtured. You will definitely like me.

Chapter 179 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge was stunned silly by his confession, and, as if her soul had left her body, she was in a perpetual state of confusion afterward.

She was clearly eating her favorite dessert, but it just tasted bland to her.

She was clearly watching the Hollywood blockbuster she wanted to watch so much, but she was unable to focus on it the whole time.

Her mind was only filled with one thought: ‘Pei Ge, say it aloud if you like it.’

Chen Zhengchu liked her, so he said it aloud upfront.

As for me, do I like Dr. Chen?

I… don’t like Dr. Chen.

Pei Ge watched the man, who was driving the car beside her in a cold but reliable manner, and suddenly felt slightly guilty.

She felt apologetic toward him, as his feelings of like could not be reciprocated by her.

By the time she got home, night had already fallen and it was already very late.

Only half a moon was visible in the sky, so this night was pretty dark.

However, the ever malfunctioning streetlamps leading toward her house were strangely lit up today.

Moreover, she did not know if it was her imagination, but all the streetlights on the road seemed to have been replaced with new ones.

This was because the lights were much brighter than they were before, making the whole stretch of the road look well-traveled.

“The lights today…” she mumbled as she wonderingly looked at the streetlamps outside the car window.

“Yes. The lights today are really bright.” Chen Zhengchu had sent Pei Ge home once, which was the day before yesterday, so he also knew about the condition of this road’s streetlamps.

The car traveled on this brightly lit road and quickly reached her apartment complex’s entrance.

“Pei Ge, let me send you in,” he smilingly offered after parking the car.

With a shake of her head, she mildly refused, “It is fine, Dr. Chen. I can walk in myself.”

She then opened the car door to get off.

However, a pair of slender palms stopped her.

Chen Zhengchu’s slender but large palms, which resembled that of a pianist, clutched on to her wrists.

The warm and smooth touch made her feel awkward instantly.

“Dr. – Dr. Chen…” she called out in confusion, not understanding what he wanted to do.

“Pei Ge, don’t call me Dr. Chen. I already said it before; call me Zhengchu.” He stared fervently at her.

“…” Zhengchu… For some unknown reason, although she was able to intimately call Zhou Zhuoyang ‘Zhuoyang’ or ‘Brother Zhuoyang’, she was unable to call out the name ‘Zhengchu’ when facing this gentle and well-mannered man.

He looked at her, sighed lightly, and released her wrists. “Was I too abrupt today? Since I said those words, you’ve been absent-minded.”

“I…” She moved to explain herself but realized that she did not know what to say.

“I know that you don’t have feelings for me.” He smiled politely at the nervous her before continuing, “But, so what of that? Didn’t you decide to meet me with the thought of finding a husband you can live with in the first place?”

She froze a little at that and dazedly looked at the smiling man.

“Isn’t it better now that I like you? You don’t have to worry about me liking you but only of you not liking me. Feelings can be nurtured. You will definitely like me in the future.” He gently held her hands again as he said this softly.

However, upon feeling the warm hands, she reflexively retracted hers.

Her heart was in a jumbled mess right now. She knew that this man beside her was decent and someone she could live with, yet she only felt loss once she heard his confession. She even had this ridiculous thought of hiding from him.

“Pei Ge, I really hope that you will accept me. I truly feel that you are good, and I like you quite a bit.” He looked at her and said this sincerely and solemnly.

Under this type of gaze, she nervously licked her lips. She hesitated for moment before finally saying, “Dr. Chen, can you give me some time to consider this? I still feel that this is progressing too fast.”

“Alright, I will give you time. Still, during this period, please don’t hide yourself from me. We need to spend more time together for you to know whether I suit you or not.” He smiled at her and suggested this gently.

Seeing that he had seen through her, she nodded her head and replied softly, “Alright, I understand.”

She got off the car, waved goodbye to him, and entered the apartment complex.

The security guard on duty tonight was still Grandpa Ge. He immediately greeted Pei Ge when he saw her enter.

Pei Ge also returned his greeting, and, just as she was about to continue walking inside, Grandpa Ge called out to her, “Ge Ge, why did you take someone else’s car back again?” He looked at her disapprovingly.

At that, she looked at him with confusion and asked, “Huh? What ‘someone else’s car’?”

“You child, have you still not forgiven your boyfriend? I really have to say that that lad is really good, so don’t overdo it. That young lad even turned up at your house to apologize yesterday, so you should just forgive him,” the elderly man persuaded.

Pei Ge did not understand what the elderly security guard meant at first, but when she heard the latter part of his speech, she finally understood what he was talking about.

Grandpa Ge probably thought that Ji Ziming is my boyfriend.

“Grandpa Ge, he is not my boyfriend,” she quickly clarified. Although she was unsure of why the elderly security guard would think that that annoying fellow was her boyfriend, she still got goosebumps all over her body just by hearing him say that.

“Little lass, don’t lie to me. Why would he arrange people to fix the corridor’s sensor lights in your building if he is not your boyfriend?” Grandpa Ge asked unhappily, thinking that she was lying to him.

“Huh?” Pei Ge was now totally dumbstruck. What did he mean by changing all the sensor lights in my building?

Under Grandpa Ge’s persuasion, Pei Ge walked back to the building her unit was at.

The moment she stepped into the corridor, the lights were immediately activated by the sensor. One would know that it had been changed with a look.

The sensor lights used to be dim even when they were lit, yet they were exceptionally bright today.

Pei Ge slowly walked up the stairs, and when she reached the corridor where she and Ji Ziming were entangled yesterday, she suddenly halted her steps and dazedly looked at her palms.

Why… did I think of that annoying fellow when Chen Zhengchu held my hands just then?