Chapter 180 - The whole neighborhood knows that Xiao Ji is courting you!

Chapter 180 of 200 chapters

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The bright lights shone on Pei Ge’s fleshy but fair palms, making them look very beautiful.

Since she had quietly stood motionless in one spot for so long, the sensor lights turned off.

The corridor was instantly engulfed by darkness.

This made her recall last night’s incident.

“Why did I think of him?” Her eyes were full of confusion and helplessness, as though she were a little kid who had done something wrong.

When Chen Zhengchu grabbed her hands and said those words just then, Ji Ziming’s handsome face floated in her mind, instead.

She also thought about Ji Ziming’s pair of cold but smooth palms.

In that instant, Chen Zhengchu’s words popped in her mind.

‘Say it aloud if you like it.’

Pound, pound! Her heart suddenly accelerated. The speed at which it thumped seemed to hint at something.

“No, that is definitely impossible!” she vehemently denied.

With that sound, the sensor lights instantly lit up.

The corridor became as bright as the day again.

She lowered her palms and her previously hazy eyes turned clear again.

“What a joke. How could I possibly like that annoying fellow?” She chuckled, took large strides toward the stairs, and walked back home.

I must be having this delusion because Dr. Chen’s confusing words earlier coincidentally overlapped with Grandpa Ge’s.

Pak! Closing the door grill, she changed into her indoor slippers and entered the house.

“Mom, I’m back.” When she did not see her mother, who was usually watching TV in the living room, she felt that it was odd.

However, she soon spotted her mother chatting on the phone with someone while boiling soup in the kitchen.

“He he! Indeed, our Ge Ge’s previous blind dates did not work out because it wasn’t her fate to be married then. Presently, our Ge Ge is finally being courted by two handsome, young lads that have pretty good backgrounds. The problem now is who to choose since both are so outstanding….”

The corners of Pei Ge’s mouth twitched when she heard her mother’s flaunting speech.

“Mom,” she called out unhappily.

Zhang Manhua, who was so engrossed in conversing on the phone, only realized then that her daughter had returned home. She quickly excused herself from the person on the phone and hung up.

“Ge Ge, you’re back. Who did you go out on a date today? Is it Dr. Chen or Xiao Ji?” Zhang Manhua quickly exited the kitchen as she asked this with a smile.

“Mom, I already said that CEO Ji does not like me. He is only my superior.” She frowned and said this unhappily.

“Aiya, my daughter, stop lying to your mom. Everyone in our neighborhood already knows that Xiao Ji is courting you. You didn’t see the spectacle he made by changing all the sensor lights in our building. Xiao Ji really put a lot of effort in it.” Zhang Manhua already had a positive opinion of Ji Ziming, and after what had happened this afternoon, her good impression of him rocketed up a few more notches.

At that, Pei Ge could only clarify helplessly, “Mom, you are overthinking this. It is really impossible between me and CEO Ji. He is our company’s CEO. What is his identity, and what is your daughter’s?”

“So what?! There is nothing wrong with you! Ge Ge, don’t look down on yourself like this,” Zhang Manhua immediately reprimanded her daughter, feeling unhappy at her self-deprecating words.

Amused, she easily agreed with her mother, “Yes, yes, yes. He is the one who doesn’t meet my standard.”

Zhang Manhua burst into peals of laughter when she heard her daughter’s words.

“You lass, do you really not like Xiao Ji?”

“… Yes, I don’t like him.” She paused for a moment before nodding her head. “Plus, he said that he doesn’t like me.”

That annoying fellow always finds fault with me and never gives me face. He sees my every move as offensive from the time we first met until now. How could that high and mighty man like me after all those?

“Sigh…” Zhang Manhua thought that the man was just a managerial employee, yet it turned out that he was actually the company’s CEO.

It was not that she thought that her daughter was inadequate for the man. Rather, if the stations in life of the two parties were too far apart, then the two of them were indeed not suitable.

In the end, it was a pity.

“What about Dr. Chen, then?” Zhang Manhua asked as she thought to herself,Luckily, there is still the doctor.

“He… He confessed to me today. He said…” Pei Ge pursed her lips and then continued in an abashed tone, “He wants to date me with marriage in mind.”

Zhang Manhua’s eyes immediately lit up at that and excitedly exclaimed, “He really said that?!”

“Yes, he looked pretty serious about it.” She nodded her head and replied.

“Ha ha! Our family’s daughter is still pretty attractive! For Dr. Chen to like you this much, how many days has it been only?” Zhang Manhua beamed. “When will you invite Dr. Chen home for a meal? Let me meet him.”

“Mom, why don’t you ask your daughter of her answer?” She was speechless at the way her mother looked as though she had already found a son-in-law.

“My beloved daughter, how did you reply to Dr. Chen’s confession?” Zhang Manhua grinned and asked curiously.

“I told him to give me time to consider his proposal.” She shrugged.

Zhang Manhua was stunned for a moment at her daughter’s response and then said amusedly, “My child is still acting demure, huh.”

“Mom, how can you say that to your daughter? I only felt that it is unfair to him when he likes me and I don’t,” she explained helplessly.

At that, Zhang Manhua shook her head and smiled. “Why is it that you are so clever, yet when you are met with these kind of things, you become so stupid?”

She perplexedly blinked her eyes at her mother.

“Just think about it; how long have you and Dr. Chen known each other, and how many times have you two met? Perhaps, he said that he likes you because he has a positive impression of you and thinks that you are a good person. You shouldn’t feel burdened about this. You are really a little too narcissistic.” After explaining, she then teased her daughter.

“Mom, how can you say that to your daughter?!” She blushed at her mother’s teasing.

I was actually bothered by this that I couldn’t concentrate on my food and the movie… Alright, I admit that I’m a bit too narcissistic!