Chapter 182 - You want to be like me?

Chapter 182 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge’s mouth twitched at Qin Qitong’s act of hugging her waist tightly.

“That… Can you let go of me first?” she helplessly asked while looking at the young girl who was being overly familiar.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Qin Qitong obediently released her. However, although she was no longer hugging her waist, she was still intimately clinging on to her arm.

Pei Ge looked amusedly at the girl, whose cheeks were as round and red as an apple, and asked, “Have you eaten lunch?”

“Nope!” Qin Qitong shook her head.

“I’m going to the canteen to eat. Do you want to come?” she invited with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll go, too!” Qin Qitong happily nodded in agreement.

“Then, let’s hurry before all the good food is collected by others.”

“Sister Pei Ge, let’s hurry! I still want to eat that chicken curry I had last time!”

Only when the two had left did He Yan and the other two secretaries walk out of the office.

“I really don’t know what kind of dog-shit luck this Pei Ge has to be able to get into the good graces of our CEO Ji’s cousin. I heard that the Qin family’s head is that well-known investment tycoon. They are very rich and powerful.”

“How unexpected. That young lady looks normal, yet she is actually a fair-skinned, rich, and pretty mistress comparable to our CEO Ji.”

He Yan surprisingly did not join in her companions’ discussion and merely eyed the two silhouettes disappearing around a corner…

Quite a crowd was already in the canteen when they reached it. Luckily, Pei Ge had asked Pan Xinlei to help them queue for food. They also arrived at the right moment.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Help me to take the food. I can’t hold three persons’ worth of food by myself,” she hurried Pei Ge and Qin Qitong over the moment she saw them.

Pei Ge hurriedly picked up a food tray with Qin Qitong following suit.

The three then occupied a table with four seats near the glass window.

“You little lass, why haven’t I seen you these past few days?” With a smile, Pan Xinlei addressed the round-faced Qin Qitong, whom she was quite fond of.

“He he! Sister Xinlei, I was protesting against my cousin these past few days, so I didn’t come to the office.” Qin Qitong grinned.

“You really are quite the little lass. To not come when you said you won’t, your temper is actually worse than Pei Ge’s!” Pan Xinlei shook her head helplessly and said this amusedly.

The three chatted while they ate. When they were almost done with their food, Pan Xinlei suddenly received a call and pushed her tray toward them before leaving hastily.

Hence, only Pei Ge and Qin Qitong remained in the table.

Pei Ge and Qin Qitong had something to say to the other, so both slowed down their speed of eating.

“Sister Pei Ge—”


The two raised their heads and spoke at the same time.

“Er…” They looked at each other in shock.

“What’s the matter?” She looked at Qin Qitong questioningly when she saw that the latter had something to say to her.

Qin Qitong blinked her eyes and also asked Pei Ge curiously, “Sister Pei Ge, what did you want to say just now?”

“It’s nothing important. You can say yours first.” She dismissed her question with a wave and a smile.

“I think it’s better if Sister Pei Ge speaks first. Mine isn’t really a big issue.” Qin Qitong scratched her head a little embarrassedly, as she only wanted to gossip about Pei Ge and her cousin’s relationship.

“Oh.” Pei Ge nodded her head and decided to grab the chance. She asked straightforwardly, “Do you really not want to stay in the Planning Department?”

Qin Qitong did not expect her to ask that, but she still readily nodded her head. “Yes, I want to work with Sister Pei Ge.”

“Why do you want to work beside me?” She was unable to understand her.

“Because… It’s because only Sister Pei Ge understands me and doesn’t call me stupid. Anyway, I only want to work alongside Sister Pei Ge…” Qin Qitong pouted and mumbled.

Pei Ge felt defeated by her childish words.

“That won’t happen. Why would anyone call you stupid?” For a moment, she was at a loss on how to go about persuading the childlike Qin Qitong.

One could employ many ways to persuade an adult, but when it came to a child, even using every method of persuasion out there might not give the desired result.

This was because children were the most stubborn.

“When I was at the Sales Department, the staff there always called me stupid behind my back. Their words hurt and annoyed me.” Qin Qitong crinkled her nose unhappily.

When she saw her behaving like this, Pei Ge knew that it would probably have the opposite effect if she directly persuaded her. Hence, after deliberating for a short moment, she decided to indirectly go about it.

“Qitong, do you know how I came to work at Chenguang Real Estate?” she asked the other with a soft smile.

Qin Qitong perked up at that and said, “Sister Pei Ge, I heard that you came to this company not too long ago.”

“That’s right. It hasn’t even been half a year since I started working here.” She nodded her head with a smile, feeling quite nostalgic.

She did not notice the quick passage of time after leaving the Pei Family Real Estate. Right now, her life was finally looking up.

“I used to work at my second uncle’s company as a small-time employee. I was a parachuter like you are, and, because of that, everyone in that company shunned me.”

Qin Qitong immediately empathized with her, so she raptly listened to her words.

“After an incident, I left the Pei Family Real Estate. Through… a friend’s recommendation, I started working at Chenguang Real Estate. After leaving those people who shunned me, I entered this company and met new colleagues who treat me with respect and new bosses who value my ability. I have been promoted thrice, and my salary is so high I would never think it possible in the past.” Brimming with confidence, she looked at Qin Qitong with smiling eyes.

“Wow, Sister Pei Ge, you are so amazing!” Qin Qitong’s eyes twinkled as she spoke to her in a worshiping tone.

“Qitong, do you want to be like me and make those people who have looked down on you feel disappointed?” She smiled at her and tempted.

“Of course, I want to! You don’t know; even my family doesn’t expect much from me. Hmph! I really want to prove myself to them!”

“Great! Then, you should stay in the Planning Department and let everyone see what you can do!” She nodded her head and said this solemnly.

Hearing her words, Qin Qitong was instantly stunned. “Huh? Why do I have to stay in the Planning Department? Can’t I follow you?”

“It’s not that ‘you can’t’, it’s that ‘you really shouldn’t’!”