Chapter 183 - A Frank and Sincere Talk

Chapter 183 of 200 chapters

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“Huh? Why?” Qin Qitong was really confused by Pei Ge’s words.

“Don’t you like me a lot? Don’t you also admire me?” Pei Ge smiled at her and asked this patiently.

With a nod of her head, Qin Qitong replied, “Yes, I really like Sister Pei Ge. You are my idol right now!”

“Think of this then: If you work with me, do you plan to copy and rely on me?” Pei Ge looked at Qin Qitong who had just entered society and could not help but think of her past self.

She used to be as naïve as Qin Qitong and only matured after experiencing a few tough years.

“Yes, that’s right!” Qin Qitong nodded her head solemnly.

“Look, if that is the case, then it will hurt your career by working beside me.” Pei Ge did not give her any chance to rebuke and quickly added, “You clearly said that you want to prove yourself, yet your actions right now are showing the opposite. Do you want others to continue saying that you are a parachuter?”

“… Sister Pei Ge, do you not like me?” Qin Qitong’s eyes started to tear up the moment she heard her say that.

When Pei Ge saw that the young girl before her was about to cry, she quickly waved her hands to deny it. “Of course, not! I am telling you all these things because I like you.”

She admittedly wanted this young girl to stay in the Planning Department because of Ji Ziming’s order at first, but, right now, she no longer felt that way and sincerely thought that this young girl would be unable to learn anything if she stayed by her side rather than Yang Aoyun’s.

Her expertise was only limited to speed-writing and English. Between the two, this young girl would not have much use for the former and was probably better than her regarding the latter. She would, therefore, not really learn anything if she worked alongside her.

“Qitong, if you really want to prove yourself, stay in the Planning Department and learn properly. Director Yang is a great and clever woman. You will certainly be able to learn lots of things by staying with her,” Pei Ge sincerely told her this.

When she saw her hesitate, she asked, “In any case, do you really want to stay by your cousin’s side and be his negligible secretary?”

“No! Of course, I don’t want to!” She shook her head vigorously and looked at Pei Ge a little aggrievedly, “But I want to work in the same office as Sister Pei Ge.”

“We can eat together every lunch break and go shopping together after work. Meeting each other in the office every day is really boring.” Pei Ge blinked at her teasingly.

“Puh!” Qin Qitong burst into laughter and nodded her head at that. “Alright. I will properly stay in the Planning Department and learn from Director Yang. I will then eat with Sister Pei Ge at lunchtime and go shopping on weekends!”

Pei Ge sighed in relief and nodded with a smile when Qin Qitong finally gave in.

“Right, what did you want to tell me before?” After successfully convincing Qin Qitong, she smilingly asked her this.

Qin Qitong had actually forgotten about wanting to gossip with Pei Ge, but with the latter’s reminder, she quickly asked, “Sister Pei Ge, are you and my cousin an item?”

Pei Ge fortunately did not have anything in her mouth. Otherwise, she would choke to death on it.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Your cousin is simply my superior.” Pei Ge quickly skimmed their relationship.

“It shouldn’t be. My auntie told me that my cousin had brought you to the gynecologist to check for pregnancy before.” Qin Qitong blinked her eyes and looked at her disbelievingly.

“…” Pei Ge stared at Qin Qitong depressingly. She really did not expect for Ji Ziming’s mother to also know about that time that they had gone to the hospital. This made her… really speechless.

“Sister Pei Ge, tell me the truth! I think there’s nothing better than you becoming my sister-in-law!” Qin Qitong grinned and exclaimed happily.

Pei Ge helplessly looked at her and denied solemnly, “We really are not in a relationship. I already have a boyfriend. Please don’t use your cousin to tease me. It will be bad if my boyfriend hears that.”

“Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?!” Qin Qitong gawked at Pei Ge upon hearing this. “You have a boyfriend?!”

“That’s right. He is a doctor. We met on a blind date. Your cousin knows him, too.” She nodded her head with a smile and added, “Definitely never say this kind of easily misunderstood words again.”

“Ah, okay! I understand!” Qin Qitong nodded her head heavily and then said in a slightly regretful voice, “Sigh… I really thought you like my cousin. After all, my cousin’s face is still very useful at seducing girls.”

Hearing that, Pei Ge touched her nose slightly guiltily and muttered inside,Your cousin’s face is indeed too divine. Even I, who do not have a complex for handsome faces, am successfully tempted!

Successfully changing Qin Qitong’s mind, the two left the canteen and walked toward the elevator.

When they entered the elevator, she suddenly thought that if Qin Qitong entered the Planning Department after she had left it, then the latter should be sitting at her previous seat, right?!

“Are you seated with Bi Zheng?” she asked Qin Qitong.

“Bi Zheng? I don’t know. Anyway, the person sitting beside me is pretty eccentric.” Qin Qitong tugged at her lips and said this a little detestably.

“… Puh!” Alright, the first impression Bi Zheng gave people was indeed one of eccentricity.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Qitong looked at her, perplexed.

“Oh, he is my friend and is a pretty nice person. Don’t be fooled by his outward appearance. Although he looks cold, he is actually a kind person inside and has helped me many times.” Pei Ge smiled.

“Hm?! Could he be that hacker?!” Qin Qitong widened her twinkling eyes.

Pei Ge nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

“Oh, my gosh! How cool is that?! I now feel that staying in the Planning Department is interesting!” Qin Qitong exclaimed excitedly.

Hearing that, Pei Ge blinked her eyes. Why do I suddenly feel that I have pushed a troublesome person to Bi Zheng?