Chapter 184 - I thought you two are quarreling.

Chapter 184 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge did not rush to find Ji Ziming after resolving the matter involving Qin Qitong, but the man surprisingly did not look for her, either.

Actually, she had not seen the man in quite a while as he had stopped coming into the office.

The CEO Secretariat was, thus, in a laidback state due to his absence.

Nonetheless, Pei Ge diligently continued doing the task Ji Ziming had assigned to her of checking and sorting out the real estate data collected by the company over the years.

Thus, although he was not present, she still busied herself with organizing the documents every day.

Her behavior was deemed as utterly foolish by the other secretaries.

“Pei Ge, not that I want to say this to you, but CEO Ji is not even here, so who are you working hard for?” He Yan was displeased with her strong work ethics as it made them seem lazy.

Since their superior was away, there was truly not much to do in the office!

“I’m not doing this for anyone to see; I’m just making sure that I am worth the salary I’m receiving.” Pei Ge had long learned that she and He Yan were walking on different paths.

One should not be fooled by He Yan’s smiling expression that seemed approachable and easy to talk to, as, in truth, out of the three pretty secretaries, she had the worst tongue.

“Qie, pretending to be superior.”

“Exactly. She makes us sound unworthy of our high salary.”

Pei Ge glanced at the other two and could not be bothered with them. Instead, she turned and faced the computer, her fingers tapping away at the keyboard.

When they saw her pointedly ignore them, they also lost interest in getting a rise out of her.

Only He Yan did not shift her eyes away from Pei Ge for a long time.

Pei Ge stretched her back lazily after a day’s hard work.

“Ha! Today’s task is completed!” Her mouth curled into a smile as she stretched her neck from side to side.

Shutting down her computer, she took her bag and proceeded to leave, but when she passed by the door to the CEO’s office, she inexplicably paused.

Annoying person… Are you really not going to work here anymore? Are you really handing the company over to someone else?

A slight disappointment flashed in her eyes as she looked at the wooden door….

“Sister Pei Ge, what are you standing there in a daze for? Didn’t we agree to eat desserts after work?!” Qin Qitong came in and saw Pei Ge standing sillily outside her cousin’s office door.

Her standing posture was akin to the Amah Rock, but the innocent Qin Qitong did not think much of it and merely ran to her vivaciously.

“Let’s go! I’ve already reserved a place!” Grinning, she hooked her arm around Pei Ge’s and said this in a cutesy manner.

Pei Ge returned to her senses and smilingly nodded. “Mhm-kay. It’s my turn to treat you this time, alright?”

“I know; I know. I can’t stand you sometimes. Will you die if you take advantage of others?” Qin Qitong pouted.

She shook her head in amusement at Qin Qitong’s question.

In a friendship, no matter what the financial capacity of either party was, it could not be one party paying all the time.

Otherwise, even good friends would have a fall out one day.

The two sat in a taxi to the capital’s famous dessert house, which required advance reservations.

Since it was after the office hours, the street near the dessert house was bustling.

Many men and women were happily walking on the street; Qin Qitong looked at the pairs of lovers enviously.

“I want a boyfriend, too,” she said this to Pei Ge with a pitiful look on her face.

“….” Pei Ge’s mouth twitched. Looking at this petite and sweet young lady, she asked weakly, “And whose fault is it that you don’t have a boyfriend?”

While she could not tell why Qin Qitong did not have a boyfriend in her university days, she knew very well why the latter could not get a boyfriend in the company.

If a man in the company showed that he liked her even a bit, she would treat that person badly and would even talk rudely at him.

In any case, she felt that Qin Qitong’s future boyfriend would not be from the company.

After all, with her background, she was out of most men’s league.

“Yi, it’s because the men in the company are too boring, and none of them can make me like them.”

The two chattered away as they entered the dessert shop. The dessert house was opened by a pastry chef, who had returned from France, so, be it the range or presentation, all the desserts tended to take on a French style.

All the desserts were well-proportioned, and the French bread’s columns, carvings, and lines were done exquisitely.

The light color of the fabric, the crystal chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, the romantic atmosphere pervading the surroundings, and the milky fragrance in the air were really sweet.

“Welcome! Do you have a reservation?” The hostess, who was also dressed rather sweetly, greeted the two of them.

“Mhm! I have a reservation for two.” Qin Qitong nodded and said softly.

“Alright, right this way, please, dear ladies.”

Following the hostess, the two arrived at a small, elegant, and romantic-looking cubicle.

The small round wooden coffee table and the delicate silverware on top of it gave people a sense of comfort.

The two quickly ordered lots of desserts once they were seated.

After the waiter left with the menu, the two waited for food as they continued their chat.

“Sister Pei Ge, your boyfriend seems to be very busy recently,” Qin Qitong commented with confusion.

Pei Ge could not blame her for saying that. Every time Qin Qitong asked her out to play before, she would always have an appointment with her boyfriend.

She recently did not go out with her boyfriend, so she had time to accompany Qin Qitong out.

“Mhm. The hospital seems to be busy these days, so he is overwhelmed with work.” Pei Ge nodded, feeling unbothered by not seeing the man.

She actually even felt relieved that Chen Zhengchu was busy nowadays.

The more she dated the man, the more panic she felt inside. She simply had no feelings for the man.

No matter how well he treated her, her heart just did not beat for him.

“Oh, I see. I thought you two are quarreling.” Qin Qitong stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

“How can that be? He is a real gentleman and has not raised his voice at me even once.” Pei Ge smiled.

However, very quickly, her lips lost their smile as her eyes became filled with astonishment.