Chapter 194 - He cares for that woman very much.

Chapter 194 of 200 chapters

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“Thank you very much.”

Seeing the smile in the woman’s eyes, Ji Ziming’s heart beat quicker.

He suddenly felt that the woman before him was more beautiful than anyone, and no one was comparable to her.

When the man did not say anything, she moistened her lips and lightly bid him farewell before opening the car door and alighting from it.

Pak! The shutting of the door brought him out of his daze.

He looked at her stiff back that did not turn around even once, and his heart squeezed from an unexplainable sorrow.

He watched the sensor lights glow with the woman’s every step on her way home, and he only drove away when all the lights turned off.

Hiding behind the curtain and watching the man drove off was Pei Ge, and she kept her eyes on the road for a long time.

“Ge Ge, what are you looking at? Is it Dr. Chen?” Zhang Manhua found it hilarious that her daughter had rushed to the window and secretly peered outside the moment she reached home.

She turned her head over to answer her mother’s question. “Mom, it’s not Dr. Chen.”

“He he, you lass! Who else can it be if it is not Dr. Chen, your boyfriend?” Zhang Manhua thought that her daughter was just being shy, so she continued to tease her.

What she had not expected was for her daughter to look serious as she sat down next to her and say, “Mom, I broke up with Dr. Chen and will no longer be seeing him in the future.”

Zhang Manhua was shocked when she heard this.

“What?! Broke up?!” she cried in disbelief. Everything was still going smoothly between her daughter and that lad, Chen Zhengchu, this morning, so why did they suddenly break up when night arrived?

“He – He dumped you?” She felt discomfort in her chest. She really thought that her daughter could match successfully with that doctor, but who knew….

“No, it is I, your daughter, who dumped him.” Pei Ge grinned.

“This… What exactly happened?” She could still not make sense of things. “You two were still fine this morning, so why did you break it off tonight? Didn’t you say that Dr. Chen is a good person?”

Hearing her mother’s questions, Pei Ge recounted everything that had happened today.

After Zhang Manhua heard about the ins and outs of the situation, she became angry.

“I thought that Dr. Chen is good, yet he is actually such a person! He did not cut off his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, yet he still continued to date you and even proposed to you! That guy is too much! It is a good thing that you are emotionally stable and dumped him immediately! Otherwise, it would be frustrating!” Zhang Manhua exclaimed, feeling downright indignant about the injustice that her daughter had suffered.

Pei Ge giggled at her mother’s reaction. “Mom, don’t be angry; I’m not even angry. Besides, I did not eat any losses. Break up then break up.”

“You heartless lass!” The sight of her daughter giggling with mirth made her feel wry.

While the mother and daughter were chatting away happily, a certain CEO was feeling extremely frustrated.

After driving Pei Ge home, Ji Ziming did not return to his home and, instead, called Mu Heng out for a drink.

The black- and gold-themed VIP private room was luxurious and gave off the sense of stability and vitality. Even with the touch of gold, there was not a hint of tackiness in the room.

Two men with outstanding disposition sat on a real black leather sofa. One man leisurely smoked a cigarette, his whole being exuding a stylish vibe, while another man indifferently yet elegantly drank beer from a cup in his hand.

Although he did not possess an air of gracefulness, his noble stature was already eye-catching and shocking to those around him.

In fact, his flawlessly handsome face was enough to command everyone’s attention to him.

“Give me a cigarette.” Ji Ziming put down the cup in his hand and coldly asked Mu Heng for a stick.

“Hei… Today is truly miraculous. I normally have to find you, yet you actually came looking for me yourself today.” Mu Heng removed the cigarette roll in his mouth and turned to regard his best friend with curiosity.

“Plus, I know that you don’t smoke, so why are you suddenly asking me for a stick?” He peered at Ji Ziming with humor in his eyes and asked this in a teasing tone.

“Shut up.” Ji Ziming shot his best friend a cold look.

“Alright, alright. Take it as me being scared by you.” Mu Heng shrug and removed a snowy white slender cigarette from an exquisite wooden box.

“Here.” Mu Heng passed the stick to Ji Ziming and, like a lackey, even lit it for him.

Pak! Blue flame burned on the end of the cigarette.

Slender fingers elegantly held the butt of the lit cigarette roll. He took a drag on it and then expelled the smoke after.

This was supposed to be his first time smoking, yet he did not exhibit any clumsiness in his action. Instead, he only looked more dashing and anyone around could not resist staring at him.

The smoke lingered in the air. The man expressed a slight surprise, but his eyes remained somber.

“Hey, Ziming, what’s up with you today? This is not like you.” Mu Heng saw the quiet and desolate appearance of his best friend and, with a serious face, concernedly asked this.

He glanced briefly at Mu Heng and merely inhaled smoke.

His mind was filled with Pei Ge’s not-so-pretty and not-so-special face.

Today, when the woman almost got hit by a car, he finally understood the she was not just anyone to him….

He was very concerned about her – very, very concerned.

He was so concerned that he would do crazy things for her.

“Mu Heng, you are right; I care for her very much.” Ji Ziming put out the cigarette on a crystal ashtray, lightly laughed, and then spoke with an indifferent voice. He seemed to have finally accepted the truth of something as his look of desolation and frustration vanished.

“Huh?” Before Mu Heng could react properly, he saw Ji Ziming, who was sitting stiffly on the sofa, suddenly close his eyes and pass out.

“Hey, Ziming! What’s wrong?! What’s wrong, Ziming?!”

At the very last moment before he passed out, Ji Ziming’s mind was only filled with one thought….

He cared for that woman… cared for Pei Ge.