Chapter 196 - CEO Ji is hospitalized!

Chapter 196 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge and Chen Zhengchu sat in a corner of an elegant coffee shop.

After ordering two cups of hot beverages, Pei Ge added cubes of sugar into her milk.

Seeing how quiet she was, he feared that there was no going back with her.

“Pei Ge, I know that you blame me.” He took a sip of his sugar-free coffee and tasted the bitterness of it.

“Dr. Chen, please don’t misunderstand; I don’t blame you.” Pei Ge released the spoon that she had been using to stir the milk and clarified with a smile.

Her smile was distant and detached.

“Indeed, when I initially proposed to you, it was with the thought of getting back at that woman, who has returned to my side, for dumping me because she thought I have no future. However, if I don’t like you or don’t plan to spend the rest of my days with you, I wouldn’t propose to you, either.” His eyes bore deeply into Pei Ge’s with how intense he was staring at her, and his voice trembled when he spoke.

He might not have liked her at the start and had only pursued her because of that high and mighty man, but, as they got to know each other more, he started to see the woman for the sincere and upright person she was, and his heart was moved.

He liked that she genuinely cared for him… even though they had only dated each other for a while.

He truly had every intention of spending the rest of his life with her.

His love for her might not be as vigorous and intense as his love for Xia Lan back then, but, to him, she was like a trickle of water that slowly flowed into his heart.

It was calm, but it made him reluctant to let go.

“Dr. Chen, in fact, you don’t have to explain anything to me or make such a big effort to do so.” She looked at him solemnly.

“First, I hate it the most when people lie to me, and, second, I hate it when others use me. Unfortunately, you’ve strike out on both,” she said and then lowered her head to drink her milk.

He did not speak for a long while, as though her indifferent words had triggered something within him.

“… Sorry,” he eventually said.

Pei Ge had finished her milk at this point. When she saw that he seemed to have gotten her point, she smiled.

“It’s alright, Dr. Chen. I forgive you. I hope for you to meet a woman who truly loves you.” Once she said this, she stood up from her seat and left the coffee shop.

He depressingly watched her leave.

He could not understand how they had arrived at where they were today.

Why would a woman who had disappeared for so many years suddenly reappear before him?

Also, why did it seem as if she were aware of Pei Ge’s identity?

It was as if she had come prepared….

Chen Zhengchu tightly gripped the coffee cup in his hand as his eyes flashed with gloom.

Pei Ge walked toward the bus stop after leaving the coffee shop and, as she was waiting for a bus to arrive, could not resist giving Qin Qitong a call.

“Hello, Qitong, why didn’t you come to work today?” she asked the moment the call connected.

“Sister Pei Ge, I’m taking care of my cousin at the hospital today, so I didn’t come to work,” Qin Qitong replied softly.

She was immediately worried.

“What? You are at the hospital?! Is CEO Ji sick?” she asked anxiously.

“Yes, I don’t know what happened but he got into a car accident and is now confined in the hospital,” Qin Qitong replied helplessly.

Car accident?! He really got injured yesterday!

She was extremely worried now and quickly asked, “How is he now? Is his injury serious?”

“It is alright. The doctor said that he just has a minor concussion and only needs to rest over the next few days.”

Her response slightly calmed Pei Ge’s anxious heart.

Qin Qitong heard her relieved sigh and finally reacted. Why is Sister Pei Ge so concern about my cousin’s condition?

“That’s not right, Sister Pei Ge. Why are you so concerned about my cousin? Don’t tell me you only called to find out about my cousin’s condition?” Qin Qitong pouted and pretended to be unhappy.

“No. I really called to ask about you and decided to inquire about CEO Ji in passing,” she lightly denied.

Her answer piqued Qin Qitong’s interest and she asked curiously, “Why are you so concern about my cousin today? You usually don’t care about him.”

“Well, he got into a car accident because of me yesterday,” she admitted.

“Ah?! My cousin got into a car accident because of you?! Really?! You tell me all the details now!” Qin Qitong was stunned. She totally did not expect her cousin to get into a car accident for Pei Ge’s sake.

Pei Ge heard the concern in her voice and explained clearly, “There is nothing much to say. A drunk driver came barreling down in my direction, and CEO Ji, who happened to be nearby, saved my life by blocking the other car’s path toward me. That is why he got into a car accident.”

“How could it be so coincidental?! You tell me the truth now; what is your relationship with my cousin?!” Qin Qitong did not believe, even for a second, that everything was just pure coincidence, especially since it involved her cold-hearted cousin.

“I’m really not lying,” she replied seriously.

Hearing her reply, Qin Qitong knew not to pursue the matter and only muttered, “Alright, alright, I get it.”

“Mhm…” Pei Ge hesitated for a while before asking, “Qitong, CEO Ji got into a car accident because of me; can I visit him?”

“Of course, you can. You have to come much later, though.” She quickly explained what she meant with these words, lest Pei Ge should misunderstand. “My auntie and uncle are here right now. My auntie is fine, but my uncle is really fierce. His words are quite sharp, so I think you should wait for them to leave before coming over.”

Pei Ge was happy when she heard this that her face broke into a smile.

She did not care when she had to go and only cared that she could!

“Mhm-kay! Thank you, Qitong!” she thanked her happily.

“No worries; what are we?!” Qin Qitong giggled as she said this.

After noting the hospital and ward where Ji Ziming was at, Pei Ge did not continue waiting for the bus. Instead, she took a taxi to the wet market where she bought a big fish and some other ingredients. She then took a taxi home.

Zhang Manhua was full of curiosity when she saw her daughter return home with a big fish in hand. “Why did you buy such a big fish? Do you want to drink fish soup tonight?”

“No. I have a friend who is sick, so I want to bring that person fish soup for nourishment,” she explained with a shake of her head.

Hearing her daughter’s words, she reached for the fish and said, “I understand. Pass it to me, and I’ll boil the fish soup now!”

“No need, Mom. I’ll do it myself. You go and watch TV.” She laughed as she avoided Zhang Manhua’s hand.

Zhang Manhua eyed her daughter, who hurriedly went into the kitchen, and mumbled suspiciously, “This lass, something doesn’t add up. Insisting on cooking on her own, something is up. Something is definitely up….”