Chapter 200 - Is your friend male or female?

Chapter 200 of 200 chapters

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Pei Ge could not believe her eyes when she read the text message while sitting inside a taxi.

“Did he send it to the wrong person?” Her first thought was: Ji Ziming must have sent this to me by mistake!

“Mhm. This must have been sent by mistake.” She silently nodded and was about to ignore the message when her phone buzzed again.

[Why are you not replying to me?]

Shocked, she repeatedly blinked her eyes and examined the number and both the messages for a long while before she could believe what she was reading.

This was indeed Ji Ziming’s number! Moreover, he obviously did not send it by mistake!

Thus, she quickly replied to him.

[CEO Ji, what do you mean?]

Soon after she replied, she received another text from him.

[I want you to personally prepare my three meals starting tomorrow.]

“…” Pei Ge was made speechless by his message and only after her mouth had twitched several times did she reply to him.

[I have work tomorrow, though. I may not have time….]

[Mhm, you will take care of me until I am discharged from the hospital.]

[That doesn’t seem to be appropriate.]

She rejected politely. Compared to spending the whole day with Ji Ziming at the hospital, she would rather go to work!

[You are my secretary. There is nothing inappropriate about it.]

“… Damn,” she cursed under her breath at his reply.

[Don’t be late tomorrow, or else I’ll dock your pay.]

Reading Ji Ziming’s text message, even if it was just a message displayed on her hand phone’s screen, she could still feel his threat.


She tut-tutted weakly and only after the other party had stopped sending her a message did she finally relax.

“Seriously, what is this annoying person up to now?” She really could not fathom his constant mood swings and ever-changing attitude.

The initial attraction she had felt for him was also unknowingly ignored….

Arriving at home, she did not bother to speak with her mother and just headed straight into the kitchen to find the ingredients she could use for tomorrow.

“Ge Ge, what are you looking for?” Zhang Manhua asked suspiciously when she saw her daughter rush into the kitchen to check the cabinets and refrigerator the moment she came home.

“Tomorrow morning, I need to prepare breakfast for my sick friend,” she answered as she checked the ingredients in the fridge.

“Ah? You have to make breakfast tomorrow? Will you make it in time for work, though?” Her mother frowned questioningly.

Although her daughter was not the type to lie-in in the morning, she would still be pressing for time if she cooked breakfast.

After all, her daughter’s workplace was quite a distance from their house.

“I’ll make breakfast tomorrow. You can just bring it over to your friend,” Zhang Manhua smilingly offered.

Pei Ge firmly rejected her mother’s offer. “No, I have to do it myself.”

Strangely enough, she felt that Ji Ziming would be able to tell if the breakfast was made by her.

Zhang Manhua began to feel suspicious when she saw her daughter’s reaction.

Her daughter kept on mentioning this ‘friend’, but who exactly was this friend?

Pei Ge was even going to personally cook food for that person when she, her mother, could count in her fingers the number of times she had tasted her daughter’s cooking.

Zhang Manhua felt a little jealous inside and asked, “Ge Ge, is your friend male or female? You seem to be very concerned with that person.”

“Er…” She did not know how to answer her mother’s question.

However, to avoid unnecessary trouble, she decided to tell her mother that the friend was female.

“Oh, it is my female colleague,” she smiled and replied.

“Really?” Zhang Manhua eyed her suspiciously.

She hurriedly changed the topic when she saw her mother’s suspicious look.

“Mom, what do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow? Porridge or noodles?” she grinned and asked her queen mother.

“Mhm…” Zhang Manhua saw how serious her daughter was at cooking breakfast and thought carefully before replying, “Porridge. Your specialty is the lean meat porridge with preserved egg.”

“Alright, we’ll have lean meat porridge with preserved egg and steamed dumplings.” Pei Ge happily decided what to cook tomorrow. As for Ji Ziming’s opinion, who cares about it when I’m the chef!

“Steamed dumplings? That’s too troublesome! You still have work tomorrow!” her mother quickly reminded.

What work tomorrow? I’m going to be a nurse for a day, and since breakfast is the first agenda, I of course have to do my best to accomplish it. She did not voice this reply, though.

“I will marinate the stuffing and roll the dough tonight, and then I’ll wrap and boil it while cooking the porridge tomorrow,” she replied in a very relaxed manner.

Zhang Manhua could not help but pout inside her. What kind of friend is this for her to go to all this trouble?

Although she was complaining inside, she still helped her daughter fold the dough.

The mother and daughter worked happily together, one folding the dough and another marinating the meat stuffing.

It was already 11 P.M. when they finished.

“Mom, go ahead and rest. I will just wash up and then go to bed as well.” Pei Ge packed the things and urged her mother to rest.

Zhang Manhua yawned and nodded. “You rest early, too.”

“Mhm, I know,” she answered while washing the dishes.

After she had washed everything, she carefully placed the meat in the fridge to maintain its freshness before retiring to her bedroom after a quick shower.

Perhaps, she was really tired as she quickly drifted off into dreamland the moment she hit the bed.

The next day, she woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual. Before she even brushed her teeth, she rushed to settle breakfast.

She cooked the porridge in the pot and then dexterously wrapped the small dumplings together.

Fortunately, although she did not frequently cook, her hands were agile. She had followed her mother around in her high school days to make and sell dumplings, so she was already seasoned in making dumplings. Therefore, not only did she cook them fast, they were also beautiful-looking.

By the time her mother heard her alarm and rose from bed, she had already wrapped the twenty dumplings and placed them in the pot to be steamed.