Chapter 21

Chapter 22 of 200 chapters

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“Ge Ge, who is that guy just now?” Liu Yue continued to pester Pei Ge with this question even as the latter dragged her out of Bar Vista.

Breathing in the fresh air outside the bar, Pei Ge began to calm down.

“Ge Ge, say something!” Liu Yue nudged Pei Ge who was ignoring her.

“Say what?” Pei Ge asked, giving Liu Yue a confused look.

“Damn it! Ge Ge, are you trying to play dumb? Who in the world is that man just now?” Liu Yue pouted and widened her eyes into circles at Pei Ge.

“Eh? I don’t really know him. Didn’t I tell you that he is just a stranger? He’s probably a male host from the club!” Pei Ge said with a shrug.

“Male host?” Liu Yue asked, her forehead creasing in suspicion. Although she did not get a good look at the man earlier, his outfit did not seem like what a male host would wear.

“Yes. Come on; let’s have dinner! I’m starving.”

“Sure. I’m hungry, too.”

On this side, two women happily conversed as they rode a taxi away from Bar Vista; on another side, the atmosphere around two men was a little weird.

“Ziming, your mouth…” Mu Heng, who was lazily sitting on the black leather sofa and in the midst of drinking whiskey, carefully studied the face of Ji Ziming, who had just returned, and asked with raised eyebrows, “Is bitten by which stray cat?”

At his words, Ji Ziming’s expression darkened.

“Pft!” The whiskey that Mu Heng had just drunk was spit out by him in his shock. “Did I guess it right?!” His eyes brightened with excitement.

Little did he expect that his casual remark would be correct!

Ji Ziming shot Mu Heng a cold look.

“Ha ha! How unexpected! Say, is this a forced kiss that backfired?” Mu Heng teased the Ji Ziming who had just sat down.

“Shut up!” Ji Ziming frowned as he reached for a cup filled with beer and downed it in one gulp.

Ji Ziming was frustrated, yet he found himself replaying the images of that woman in his mind.

Seeing Ji Ziming drown his sorrow, Mu Heng amusedly asked, “Did you meet that little chili from before again?”

“…” The cup of beer in Ji Ziming’s hand slightly shook, yet he did not speak and merely took another gulp from it.

Being the love expert that he was, Mu Heng knew that he was once more spot on and pressed on with arched eyebrows, “Don’t tell me she still thinks that you are a male host?”

The corners of Ji Ziming’s mouth curled up into a smile at the thought of Pei Ge’s feisty manner.

Unfortunately, Mu Heng was too busy mumbling to himself that he failed to see this. “That woman must be blind….”

Just like Ji Ziming, Mu Heng was also unhappy to be thought of as a male host.

“Bad eyes, indeed.” Feeling much calmer, Ji Ziming no longer rushed into drinking and slowly savored the booze, instead.

Hearing Ji Ziming’s words, Mu Heng chuckled again as he commented, “Ziming, this is the first time I’ve seen you show interest in a woman so much.”

Ji Ziming had never been moved by any woman, so why would he be interested in that woman who was a complete stranger to him?

The smile on Ji Ziming’s lips completely disappeared in that instant.

“Although I think this woman is better—” Mu Heng’s words were cut off by Ji Ziming suddenly standing up from the sofa.

“I’m going back,” Ji Ziming informed his friend coldly.

“Ah? So early…” Mu Heng trailed off as he watched Ji Ziming leave the bar.

Mu Heng rolled his eyes at the Ji Ziming who had truly left and mumbled, “He’s always like that….”

Leaving the bar, Ji Ziming’s expressionless eyes deepened with thought as he watched the day turn into evening from the car window.

It seemed that he was really interested in the woman….

“Oh, right. Ge Ge, that couple we met in Newfoundland, what is your relationship with them?” Liu Yue asked curiously as she roasted the meat on her skewer.

After the both of them had left the bar, they decided to have dinner at the nearest barbeque house.

Pei Ge’s mood soured at Liu Yue’s question.

She was starting to forget that incident, yet Liu Yue unintentionally reminded her of it.

“That’s my older sister and her… husband.” It was difficult to say ‘husband’ out loud in public.

“Oh?! Your sister? Aren’t you an only child?” Liu Yue asked in shock, her eyes widening.

“To be specific, that’s my cousin,” Pei Ge clarified with a slight smile.

“Not that Pei Shishi, right?!” Liu Yue exclaimed in disbelief.

Pei Ge was not surprised that Liu Yue knew of her cousin’s name. After all, Pei Shishi, who was two years older than her, was in the same school as her in the past. Therefore, her old classmate, Liu Yue, knowing Pei Shishi was a naturally thing.

“That’s right.” Pei Ge nodded her head.

“Gosh! Pei Shishi really changed a lot! She used to be quite ugly in the past and now she’s got that elegant and richly air going for her now,” Liu Yue commented.

“My cousin was not ugly before,” Pei Ge retorted as her forehead creased.

Liu Yue was no longer interested in eating the meat on her plate as her attention completely shifted to Pei Shishi.

“Don’t tell me that your cousin had plastic surgery? She doesn’t look at all like her younger self!”

If not for Pei Ge, Liu Yue would not recognize Pei Shishi at all.

Saying that Pei Ge was the most beautiful girl in school in those years was not an understatement. Although Pei Shishi was Pei Ge’s older cousin, she was just too unsightly back then, and standing next to little princess Pei Ge only made Pei Shishi look like Pei Ge’s lackey. In other words, Pei Shishi was a forgettable existence.

With that thought in mind, Liu Yue glanced at Pei Ge’s slightly plump body.

The world was unpredictable, indeed.

Who would have thought that the princess’s and lackey’s positions would switch?

“Xiaoyue, what are you saying? My cousin hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery!” Pei Ge gave Liu Yue a reproachful look.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know. It’s true, though. Your cousin is pretty now and her boyfriend is rich and handsome – really a winner at life,” Liu Yue commented with her eyes shining in envy.

Seeing Liu Yue’s envious expression, Pei Ge started to feel slightly bitter.

“It seems that your cousin’s boyfriend has something against you, though. Do you two have an altercation or something?” Liu Yue asked Pei Ge curiously.

“…Nothing like that. His tongue is just a little more venomous,” Pei Ge gave this answer as she exhaled in unhappiness.

“Really? He seems pretty gentle to me,” Liu Yue somewhat disagreed.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover; you think too much.”

She too had seen his air of gentleness back then and fell deeply in love with him, but….

In fact, he was just a jerk.