Chapter 23

Chapter 24 of 200 chapters

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The next morning, Pei Ge inspected her new hairstyle in the mirror and found that it was still not to her liking. She finished showering in a hurry and decided to wear something more formal as the new boss would be in today.

Thus, she decided to put on the snow-white, knee-length dress that Bar Vista had given her, which she never wore again after her job interview at Chenguang Real Estate.

Putting on the dress, Pei Ge studied her reflection in the mirror and found her appearance to be a lot better than before.

Pei Ge eyed her hair that reached past her shoulders and used a hair tie and a barrette to gather it into a neat bun.

“Hmm… This looks better.” Pei Ge clapped her hands satisfactorily as she checked her neatly tied hair in the mirror.

After a sumptuous breakfast, she boarded the office shuttle bus and arrived at Chenguang Real Estate quickly.

As soon as she alighted from the bus, Pei Ge took out the work pass from her black handbag and hung it around her neck. Walking on her low-heel black leather pumps, she entered the office in high spirits.



Seeing the employees today or, more accurately, the female employees, Pei Ge realized that Liu Yue was not exaggerating at all yesterday.

Pei Ge’s nose caught a whiff of hair product as she walked on and could not help but imagine that she was in a hair salon right now instead of a real estate company.

Actually, almost all the young, female employees in the office did their hair and had makeup on their faces.

“Oh, Ge Ge, you also have a new hairstyle.” Pei Ge had just entered the office, yet someone was already teasing her.

“Ge Ge, you look modern with your hair dyed blond.” Pan Xinlei, who occupied the office desk next Pei Ge’s, laughed along.

Seeing the kind smile on her colleagues’ faces, Pei Ge knew that they were merely teasing her, so she also smiled and said, “I accompanied Liu Yue to the salon yesterday and decided to go for a haircut too since they were having a promotion.”

“It’s for our new handsome CEO, right?” Pan Xinlei grinned at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge shot Pan Xinlei a look, sat down, and asked, “Is my new hairstyle ugly?”

“Not too bad; the color is pretty modern, too.” Pan Xinlei gave Pei Ge’s hair a once-over and did not find it ugly at all.

“I regretted it the moment they did my hair yesterday. I think I’ll dye it back to its original color tonight.” Pei Ge was not convinced by Pan Xinlei’s observation and was adamant to dye her hair back.

“Dye back? I think the color looks great on you, though. Also, if you dye your hair again so soon, it might damage your scalp, so I think it’s better to stick with that hair color for a while,” Pan Xinlei urged in good faith.

Just as they were having this conversation, an announcement was given.

After this announcement, all the employees moved into action, and despite the earliness of the morning, they were full of energy.

“Looks like our new CEO is a workaholic. He’s here for an observation this early in the morning,” Pan Xinlei remarked.

Pei Ge nodded her head in agreement. She already had a good feeling about their new, big boss before she even met him.

After the announcement, all the company leaders tidied their corporate attire and fixed their hair before hurrying toward the ground floor to welcome the new CEO’s arrival.

The ground floor lobby was soon filled with employees in business attire that either had excited or nervous expression on their faces.

A group of men in black suits could be seen approaching fast from the bright glass window. Regardless of ranks, the employees in the lobby all felt nervous.

Standing among the crowd waiting for the glass door to be opened was a young but very imposing man. He wore a fitting, dark-blue suit, shiny black leather shoes, and an air of aspiration. He walked into the lobby and into the hall with steady steps, and just before he reached the queuing staff, the man stopped walking.

His sharp and intense eyes swept through the lobby.

“Ohhh!” Many employees nervously swallowed their saliva at the man’s cold look.

The atmosphere became cold but every company always had someone with a meaningful glance.

Feeling the man’s imposing aura, everyone began to respectfully greet him.

“Greetings, CEO Ji!”

Ji Ziming frowned when he heard the employees’ rehearsed greeting and felt somewhat repulsed by it.

“CEO Ji, how about I bring you to the different departments?” A middle-aged man offered to Ji Ziming.

Ji Ziming glanced briefly at the middle-aged man and gave a slight nod.

Seeing that Ji Ziming did not object, a few of Chenguang Real Estate’s leaders brought Ji Ziming to the lift and toward the more important departments.

Except for Pei Ge who was busy finishing the remaining tasks from yesterday, all the employees in every department welcomed the CEO with excitement and nervousness.

Pa da, pa da! Pei Ge’s fingers did not stop typing on the keyboard as her face revealed a look of concentration.

“CEO Ji, this is the Advertising Department of our Planning Department. It’s a small but elite team.”

The sudden appearance of a group of men in suits at the entrance to the Advertising Department made those inside, except for Pei Ge who was still correcting the documents seriously, raise their heads.

“Elite, eh.” Suddenly, a low and pleasant voice echoed about.

Pei Ge’s heart skipped a beat at the familiar voice, a foreboding rising within her.

Pei Ge raised her head, and when she saw the handsome man in the crowd, her bright eyes shut tightly as she felt the world spin around her.

This – This is the male host from the bar, right?! What is he doing here?!

“CEO Ji, our employees in the Advertising Department are extremely talented. Their every advertising plan is well thought out. From the senior department head to the smallest assistant, each one of them is very capable.”

Everyone was speechless upon hearing this exaggerated praise. This was even more so for those belonging in the Advertising Department. Each of them could not help but wish to suffocate the high-level executive who was still singing them high praises.

You are exaggerating too much! Didn’t you see the new CEO’s expression getting darker and darker?!

At the sound of others calling the man CEO Ji, Pei Ge felt uncomfortable.

The man she had bagged at the bar was not actually a male host… but a highly desired eligible bachelor, instead?!

God! This is too big a joke!