Chapter 24

Chapter 25 of 200 chapters

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There was a kind of man who would still be conspicuous even when he was standing in the dark as though he was a light-emitting body. Even if he just stood there silently, everything else would still pale in comparison.

Looking at the man who was standing some distance away, Pei Ge could not help but think, How could I mistake such a spectacular man for a male host in the first place?!

What should I do now?! What should I do now?! What would happen if he recognized me?

Just as Pei Ge was at a loss on what to do, something that caused her to break down at an even faster rate happened.

“You said that even the smallest assistant here is among the elite? Now I really want to see this assistant,” Ji Ziming remarked sarcastically, annoyed at the man beside him who kept yammering on and on.

The moment these words were spoken, everyone, including the middle-aged man, was stunned.

“Ah? Ah?! Assistant?!” stammered the middle-aged man who had only said those words of praises without much thought. How would he know what the assistants in the Advertising Department were like, anyway?

“Where is that assistant?” Ji Ziming’s icy gaze swept over the Advertising Department’s staff.

Pei Ge, who had been paying extra attention to Ji Ziming’s every move, immediately ducked under her desk the moment things went south.

“Hey! Pei Ge, what are you doing?” Pan Xinlei asked softly. Pan Xinlei, who had been standing beside Pei Ge all this while, was shocked by the latter’s odd behavior.

How would Pei Ge be able to entertain Pan Xinlei’s question though when she herself was currently in a state of shock? Hiding under the desk, Pei Ge only wished that CEO Ji, or whatever other names he was called, would hurry and disappear.

Alas, her wish had no signs of becoming a reality any time soon.

Ji Ziming swept his eyes over the Advertising Department and showed his displeasure when no one responded.

“Where’s the assistant?” At Ji Ziming’s displeased tone, all the employees of the Advertising Department silently looked toward Pei Ge’s seat.

Ji Ziming followed the employees’ gazes, yet all he could see was an empty seat. There was no one there at all.

His brows knitted together. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, his eyes incidentally spotted white, slender palms beneath the empty, office desk.

At this sight, the furrow in his brows deepened.

What kind of situation was this?

The sight attracted Ji Ziming’s attention – something that happened very rarely. Placing a cutting gaze on the palms, he took slow but imposing steps toward that particular office desk.

Although the people behind Ji Ziming were unsure of what he was doing exactly, they still trailed after him.

“Pei Ge, hurry and come out! The CEO is coming over! Why are you not coming out?!” At the sight of the CEO walking toward their direction, although Pan Xinlei thought that he was so handsome that the whole world’s hatred would be directed at him, his imposing aura was just a bit too strong that terror gripped her heart.

When she heard Pan Xinlei’s pleading, Pei Ge felt even more panicky.

Ahhh! I’m dead! I’m so dead! What should I do?! If this man were to see me… Scenes of unbearable torture flashed through Pei Ge’s mind.

“You damn woman! How dare you appear in front of me again?! You are fired!”

“Pei Ge, I am very disappointed in you! You actually went to a bar to mess around! You even slept with a man! What am I supposed to say to your late father?!”

“He he… I always knew you are such a vain woman. Disgusting. Luckily, I saw through your true colors and broke up with you long ago.”

No, no, no! She could not be found out by this darn man! She finally found herself a job and her colleagues were all friendly and nice to her. Everything was so beautiful and perfect here.

Most importantly, her mother’s only wish was for her to have a stable job. She had just started working at this company not so long ago. No matter what, she could not lose this job and make her mother worry again.

Gritting her teeth, Pei Ge made two firm decisions. One, she could not let CEO Ji, or whatever names he was called, see her. Two, she could not be fired from this company.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Although the man’s strides should not have any sound, Pei Ge’s mind imagined that loud pounding sounds were being produced by the man’s shiny, black leather shoes as she watched him take one step after another on the tiled floor of the office toward her desk.

The footsteps seemed to stomp on her heart.

Audibly gulping, Pei Ge balled up her fists.

I don’t care anymore!

Seeing the palms lying flat on the floor ball up into fists, Ji Ziming’s curiosity grew even more. Ji Ziming could not explain why he, who usually had little interest in anything, was highly attentive to things today.

For some reason, something seemed to be attracting his attention and urging him to walk toward this direction.

Stopping in front of the office desk, Ji Ziming’s slender fingers lightly knocked on the tabletop.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Everyone in the office nervously gulped the moment the soft knocks sounded.

Those who were closer with Pei Ge felt especially nervous and broke out in a cold sweat as they thought, What’s wrong with Pei Ge today?

“Ah! So – sorry!”

At the height of everyone’s nervousness to the point of speechlessness, a slightly manly low voice sounded from the direction of the office desk.

Following this, a disheveled woman emerged from under it.

When Ji Ziming finally saw the owner of the palms from under the desk, his brows lightly knitted together at her unkempt and meek appearance, and an inexplicable sense of disappointment rose from his heart.

Meanwhile, the other employees of the Advertising Department gawked at Pei Ge’s new look.

Oh, my gosh! What the hell is Pei Ge doing?! Did her brain get fried?! Also, what the hell is up with her voice?!

Pei Ge’s hair that was usually coiled up without a single stray strand, after being released by her from its coils, now hung so messily around her face that it was just too unsightly.

Forget the messy hair; the least she could do was make her face visible!

That unkempt hair covered Pei Ge’s facial features so much so that if one did not look close enough, Pei Ge’s pearly white face would not be seen.

Seeing such an unsightly Pei Ge appear in front of Ji Ziming, the few people from the top management that were accompanying Ji Ziming on his inspection stared daggers at her.

“Why were you hiding under the desk?” Ji Ziming looked at the unkempt-looking Pei Ge with confusion. Somehow, he felt that the clothes worn by this woman were familiar.

“Report! CEO, I have a stomach ache! That’s why I was squatting on the floor! May the CEO please allow me to go to the toilet? I cannot hold it in anymore!” Pei Ge maintained a manly voice when she replied with this. If not for Pei Ge’s body proportions and female hairstyle, one would really think that she was a man.

Hearing Pei Ge’s words, everyone in the office was dumbstruck.

Is this still a woman?! This is definitely a man! A man!

“…” Ji Ziming was speechless for a moment upon receiving this sort of reply. Glancing at the blond-haired woman for the last time, he quietly left the Advertising Department.

Seeing Ji Ziming leave, the crowd followed after him.

However, before they left the Advertising Department, Pei Ge felt their vicious glares being directed at her.

Pei Ge did not care at all about their anger, though. Once Ji Ziming was out of her sight, she heaved a sigh of relief and feebly returned to her seat.

Great. That darn ‘male host’ shouldn’t have recognized me! I have already spoiled my image to such an extent!

“Pei Ge, are you alright?” Seeing that the big shots of the company were gone, her colleagues in the Advertising Department worriedly looked at her.

“If your stomach really hurts that much, then you should hurry to the washroom.”

“Yes. The big boss has already left. Don’t hold it in. Holding it in for too long is bad for your body.”

“Okay. Let me go to the washroom first.” Pei Ge nodded her head, deciding to take a trip to the washroom to calm down a bit.

The moment Pei Ge left the office, soft mutterings from the Advertising Department could be heard.

“Poor thing. She’s holding it in so much that her voice changed.”

“Indeed. Look at that ruffled hair. It must’ve felt so bad.”

“Could she have contracted an illness?”

“Is it because her workload is too heavy?”

Pei Ge, who had sharp ears, wordlessly tugged at her lips when she heard their discussions.

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