Chapter 35

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A meeting that, in Pei Ge’s opinion, was held for a long time finally ended. Just as she, who was sitting near the exit to the conference room, was about to get out of her seat and leave, Sister Li grabbed her wrist.

“We have to wait for the CEO to leave first.” Sister Li frowned. Pei Ge was usually someone whom she was very satisfied with when it came to her efficiency and ability to produce high quality works. However, for some unknown reason, this young lady would become careless whenever it was related to the CEO.

“I’m sorry, Sister Li. I forgot about it for a moment there,” Pei Ge apologized immediately, hanging her head when she saw Sister Li’s frown.

“Alright, just pay more attention to this next time.” Seeing that Pei Ge was repentant, Sister Li was satisfied.

“Yes.” Pei Ge obediently nodded her head as she noted down another cause for revenge toward a certain CEO in her heart.

Only when almost everyone had left did Sister Li and Pei Ge leave the conference room.

Once she was back in the office, Pei Ge finally relaxed. Although she was no longer as panicky as she was the first time she saw a certain CEO, she was still unwilling to see that annoying fellow often.

This was especially the case since he had actually criticized her during the meeting today! To think she had even ‘saved’ him just a few days ago… What an annoying person, indeed!

Pei Ge sat on her seat angrily, her ire increasing the more she thought about it.

“Ge Ge, did you take down the minutes of the meeting?” Upon seeing that the Pei Ge, who had just returned from the meeting, was in a bad mood about something, Pan Xinlei quickly distracted her by asking this question.

“Yes, I recorded it all down.” Pei Ge returned to her senses and quickly handed over the booklet containing the minutes of the meeting to Pan Xinlei with a grin. “Sister Xinlei, here it is.”

Once Pan Xinlei received the booklet and thanked Pei Ge with a smile, she promptly flipped it open. Upon seeing its content, she received quite the shock.

She had only realized now that Pei Ge actually had such an elegant handwriting that was totally not congruent with her image.

The most surprising thing here was that not only were the records written beautifully, they were also clear and concise.

“You’re so good at this, Ge Ge. Did you specialize in recording meeting minutes?”

Listening to Pan Xinlei’s words, Pei Ge shook her head in puzzlement. “No, I didn’t.”

In the past, how would she be able to do such a ‘high-class’ job? The work she had in her previous company merely consisted of performing clerical works and encoding documents.

“Your meeting minutes are done so well that I feel like bringing you along to every meeting,” Pan Xinlei praised Pei Ge sincerely.

“Really? Can I take a look at it, too?”

Hence, a booklet that only recorded a few pages of meeting minutes was passed around the whole Advertising Department’s office.

“Ge Ge’s meeting minutes are really of high quality.”

“Indeed. I also want to bring Ge Ge along to my meeting next time.”

Hearing all her colleagues’ praises, Pei Ge could only look on at them in puzzlement.

Huh? She only recorded the gist of the meeting’s discussion as per instruction… Did they really have to rain praises at her like this?

However, when even the Advertising Department Head Li Qin also joined the crowd in looking at her meeting minutes, Pei Ge came to know that recording the meeting’s discussion well was also considered as a skill.

“Ge Ge, as long as there are company meetings, you will accompany me to them to record the minutes.” Sister Li smiled at Pei Ge with an expression that seemed to say: “Young lady, I’m expecting a lot from you.”

When she received this order, Pei Ge was, for a moment, unsure whether she should celebrate or mourn.

Although it was a good thing to gain the company higher-ups’ attention, whenever she thought of her getting to see that annoying man at every meeting, Pei Ge was unable to find happiness in this privilege at all.

With such a conflicting issue in her mind the whole day, it was soon time to get off work.

Pei Ge finished packing her things and left the office together with her colleagues.

Since Liu Yue did not come to the Advertising Department’s office to get her, Pei Ge went to the Planning Department’s office to get Liu Yue, instead.

“Xiaoyue, have you not finished your work yet?” Pei Ge asked this question once she saw that the Planning Department’s office only had Liu Yue, who was currently facing her computer, in it.

Hearing Pei Ge’s voice, Liu Yue quickly raised her head. She then bobbed her head with a crying face and complained, “I haven’t! My work has actually all been completed, but those colleagues of mine who have no conscience threw me lots of documents just when I was about to clock out.”

Taking a look at the mountain of documents on Liu Yue’s desk, Pei Ge blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Yue with pity. “That’s quite a lot. Will you have to work overtime today, then?”

“If you are working overtime, then I’ll take my leave first.” However, before she could say this sentence, Liu Yue’s next words stopped her.

“Ge Ge, I know that you work really efficiently. Can you please help me with some of these? Please, please, please! Pretty please?” Liu Yue earnestly looked at Pei Ge while acting cutesy.

This was the first time someone had acted cutesy toward Pei Ge. At Liu Yue’s hilarious look, Pei Ge laughed out loud.

“Sigh… Okay. I will help you do some beside you.” Pei Ge smiled at Liu Yue as she muttered in her heart, It feels kind of nice when someone acts cutesy toward me.

“Er, that… Ge Ge, can you go do the work back in your office?” Liu Yue requested as she blinked her eyes, abashed.

“Hm?” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue in confusion, unsure why that was required.

“There’s no choice. The computers in our office are all password protected. The person sitting next to me is a Virgo. He is fussy about everything. If he finds out that someone has touched his computer…” Liu Yue tugged at her lips as she looked at Pei Ge, her face filled with a ‘You understand, right?’ expression.

Pei Ge nodded her head in understanding and smilingly said, “Alright. I think I’ll help you complete them in my office.”

“Yay! You are really the best, Ge Ge!” Liu Yue said in a sweet voice as she jumped to her feet and happily hugged Pei Ge.

Honestly, since she was young, although she had made many friends, the only person she could consider to be very close to her was Tang Xiaoyu.

And among the many friends she had, Liu Yue was the first to have a cutesy personality. With her petite body, cute look, and sweet voice, the way she acted cutesy toward her gave Pei Ge an intriguing feeling. It felt as though she had suddenly gained a younger sister that she needed to take care of.

“This much is fine. These are my work originally; I can’t let you help me with a lot of them.” Liu Yue shyly took a third of the documents from her desk and passed them to Pei Ge.

Pei Ge received the files from Liu Yue without a complaint. “Alright, I’ll come to look for you when I’m done with them.”

“Thanks!” Liu Yue grinned and said gratefully to Pei Ge, “I’ll treat you to a hot pot after work!”

“Alright!” Pei Ge happily agreed and left the office.

Placing the stack of documents on her desk, Pei Ge switched on the computer, worked her wrists and neck, and started dealing with the files at hand.


“Get me a cup of coffee.” Ji Ziming pressed the button and ordered this through the intercom.

However, he did not receive a response even after a long while. Ji Ziming frowned in displeasure and got up from his swivel chair.

Taking large strides out of the CEO office, he saw that there was no one at all in the secretarial office right outside his door.

At this, Ji Ziming’s originally handsome and cold face turned even colder. Just as he was about to whip out his hand phone to make a call, he faintly remembered that his secretary seemed to have entered his office to ask him if she could get off work early. As he was busy and engrossed with his work then, he offhandedly waved his hands at her.

Thinking of this, the displeasure in Ji Ziming’s eyes dissipated a little, although he remained unhappy about it.

Without a secretary to order around, a helpless Ji Ziming moved to make a cup of coffee for himself in the pantry, yet…

“Damn it!” Ji Ziming looked at the tightly locked door to his personal pantry and narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

After searching around and not finding the key to his pantry, Ji Ziming could only head to the common pantry a floor below to make his coffee.

Getting on the elevator, he quickly reached the floor that that had the common pantry.

Ding! The elevator doors opened and Ji Ziming walked out of the lift.

“…He he! Indeed…” Just as Ji Ziming reached the pantry’s entryway, he heard a woman talking and laughing over the phone.

Ji Ziming did not react to this at all, but just as he was about to push open the double doors of the pantry and enter, he heard…

“The assistant from the Advertising Department is really dumb and stupid. Every time I don’t want to do all those trivial tasks, I will throw them to her. Ha ha ha!”