Chapter 36

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“The assistant from the Advertising Department is really dumb and stupid. Every time I don’t want to do all those trivial tasks, I will throw them to her. Ha ha ha!”

When Ji Ziming heard the phrase ‘the assistant from the Advertising Department’, his footsteps halted. Subconsciously, Ji Ziming stood still and did not enter the pantry.

“Last time, I merely treated her to a few drinks at a bar. This time, it’s even simpler; I’ll just bring her directly to eat hot pot. It’s super worth it!”

Listening to the words that were getting increasingly hurtful, Ji Ziming coldly frowned.

Was she talking about that unkempt woman?

For some reason, the memories from that night when she pulled him by his wrist and brought him out of the dark resurfaced.

Ji Ziming turned around and started walking toward the Advertising Department.

“Hah…” Pei Ge yawned and stretched her aching neck. Looking at the pile of documents that was slowly being completed, she felt quite satisfied.

“I wonder how much Xiaoyue has completed…” Pei Ge mumbled as she lowered her head again. Tap, tap, tap, tap! The tapping sound resumed.

Ji Ziming stood outside the Advertising Department and looked at the only lit-up lamp in the office.

For some unexplainable reason, he felt slightly unhappy.

Kachak! With that sound, all the lights in the office lit up instantly.

Pei Ge, who was so engrossed in her work, was shocked by the sudden flood of light. Just as she was about to inquire if it was Liu Yue who had opened the office lights, she once again received another shock.

“The company isn’t so poor that we can’t even afford to switch on the lights of an office.” The man’s low and imposing voice sounded.

“…” Pei Ge almost went Sparta when she heard this voice, screaming endlessly in her heart, What the hell?! What is this annoying fellow doing here again?!

He even said some ridiculous and baffling words! Did he have something against her?! Was she wrong to save on electricity for the company? An employee like her who thought so much for the company should be China’s best employee, wanted by all bosses across the country!

Just as Pei Ge was in the midst of breaking down from his sudden appearance, Ji Ziming was already taking one step at a time toward her.

When she heard his footsteps getting closer, her nonsensical thoughts instantly evaporated as she stared at herself in horror through the computer screen. From the fuzzy screen, she could see that her neatly combed hair was not covering her face from sight.

Ping! In her haste to squat down, she carelessly knocked her knee to her head. The pain was so bad she was unable to hide under the desk to ruffle her hair into such a mess it looked like a chicken coop.

“Wuuu!” It hurts – it hurts – it hurts! Pei Ge kept screaming inside as her face scrunched up from the pain.

She knew it! Nothing good ever happened whenever she met this man! Unlucky person! This bastard!

When Ji Ziming heard the ruckus, he quickened his steps and saw a pitiful Pei Ge squatting on the floor with her head down and rubbing her knee.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Ziming’s beautiful forehead was scrunched up as he thought to himself, This weird unkempt woman has never stood confidently before me or looked me straight in the eye whenever I meet her.

“Report, CEO! I bumped into my knee! It is so painful I can’t stand up!” Pei Ge used a voice that was rougher and lower by a few octaves to reply to him.

Seeing Pei Ge’s look, Ji Ziming almost agreed to the words of that woman in the pantry just then.

This unkempt woman was really quite dumb. She could even bump her knee on to her head even when she was properly sitting down. He had never seen someone dumber than her.

If Pei Ge could hear Ji Ziming’s thoughts, she would really not care about anything anymore and stand up to bellow at him, spewing his face with her saliva.

“Is it serious?” Ji Ziming asked concernedly – a rare occasion where he actually bothered to care about an employee.

“No – not serious. I will just squat here for a while and recover soon. CEO, you don’t need to bother about me.” Having heard Ji Ziming’s words of concern, Pei Ge depressingly muttered in her heart, Hurry and leave quickly…

“Mhm,” Ji Ziming lightly replied. Sweeping his eyes over to Pei Ge who was still squatting on the floor, he realized at this moment that her hair was actually not as messy as a chicken coop today.

Noting the smooth hair that was neatly combed backward and worn in a bun, Ji Ziming, who usually never cared about whether a woman’s hairstyle was nice or not, actually thought that Pei Ge’s was really very pleasing to the eye.

When she only heard silence, Pei Ge, who had her head lowered, depressingly thought, What is this annoying male host just standing here for without speaking?! My legs are about to go numb from squatting!

“Your hair is much neater now,” Ji Ziming commented indifferently.

“…” Pei Ge tugged at her lips when she heard this sentence.

Big brother, I know that my hair is very neat, so you can leave now!

“Cough!” Ji Ziming coughed as he perceived the awkwardness pervading the air. He then pursed his lips when he saw that Pei Ge had remained squatting on the floor with her head bowed.

“Be more careful next time. Learn to look through people and see their true colors.” Ji Ziming’s voice was cold, so although his words were meant to be a piece of advice, when he said them, they seemed to sound like a rebuke.

“…” F*ck! Have I ever offended you?! What kind of words are you spouting?! How ridiculous!

“Take note of it next time.” After saying what he wanted, Ji Ziming turned around and left the brightly lit office without taking another look at the woman who was still squatting on the floor.

Once she saw Ji Ziming leave, Pei Ge heaved a sigh of relief and stood up.

“That was really uncalled for!” Pei Ge muttered under her breath.

However, why did he suddenly come over to say such baffling words to her?

“Ge Ge, have you finished them?” Liu Yue walked in with a grin.

When Pei Ge saw that Liu Yue had come, she threw Ji Ziming’s weird actions to the back of her mind. “Almost done with it.”

“I am also almost done. Thank you so much for today!” Saying that, Liu Yue passed one of the cups of coffee in her hands to Pei Ge.

“Here, drink some coffee. I just went to the pantry to make it especially for you.”

Pei Ge received the coffee from Liu Yue and happily said, “Thank you.”

“Let’s strive on after finishing this cup, so that we can leave the office before 8 P.M. and eat hot pot!” Liu Yue said as she looked at Pei Ge eagerly.

Pei Ge looked at the clock. It was only 7:30 P.M. Half an hour should be enough time for her to finish all the work, so she kindly nodded her head in agreement. “Sure.”

After finishing her coffee, Pei Ge continued her battle with the documents. However, when she encountered a document in a yellow file, she furrowed her brows in confusion.

“Hm… Weird. Why is this in English? Does it need to be translated?” Just as Pei Ge was about to open the company’s chat window to ask Liu Yue about it, she saw the word ‘translation’ plastered on the white space at the top of the paper.

Pei Ge decided not to bother Liu Yue with the matter, thinking that the latter should still be busy with her share of work.

Tap, tap, tap, tap! Pei Ge then resumed tapping on her keyboard.

Meanwhile, a certain someone at another place was unable to concentrate on his work. That dumb woman should be able to understand what he said, right?

Ji Ziming’s hand tightened around his fountain pen and froze. He appeared to be in deep thought.

To someone unaware of the situation, they would probably assume that the Great CEO Ji was thinking about a big project related to the company.

No. That woman was so dumb. He had said it so vaguely, so she probably did not understand it…

Ji Ziming’s hand phone rang just as he was feeling conflicted.

Ji Ziming returned to his senses at this moment and realized that he had actually been thinking about that eccentric, unkempt woman’s issue. It was as though he deeply cared about the woman the way he thought of her matter.

Ji Ziming’s expression darkened as his eyebrows knitted in slight displeasure.

That woman can die of stupidity for all I care! I don’t care anymore…