Chapter 43

Chapter 44 of 200 chapters

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Liu Yue’s leaving did not change much in the office. Other than the discursive voices on the day of her leaving, no one else mentioned her after.

While Liu Yue’s leaving made little impact on the company, it had a rather large influence on Pei Ge’s world.

From a small assistant in the background with jobs that had low requirements, she took over Liu Yue’s position and became Yang Aoyun’s mentee. Simply put, she was promoted to Yang Aoyun’s assistant in the Planning Department.

Following her transfer, Pei Ge’s salary increased by $1500.

“Ge Ge, convert this document to a PPT format for me.”

“Sure.” Pei Ge nodded her head as she received the file from Yang Aoyun.

Seeing the standing Pei Ge’s straightforward attitude, Yang Aoyun smilingly said, “CEO Ji is very pleased with the recent meeting documents you’ve prepared.”

“…” Pei Ge blinked her eyes as her heart started beating fast.

“I want you to join me in this afternoon’s meeting. Prepare well,” Yang Aoyun kindly ordered with a smile.

Although Yang Aoyun felt angry at Pei Ge when she first learned of the incident, at her good friend’s advice, she decided to give Pei Ge a second chance.

That decision did not give Yang Aoyun any regrets.

This no-nonsense woman had strong working capabilities and, from the work she had submitted so far, one could tell that she was very diligent and constantly improving.

Thus, slowly, she began to rely on and have a positive impression of her.

“Director, can – can I be excused from this meeting?” Pei Ge asked weakly, her face had an expression of bitterness.

Yang Aoyun frowned and replied firmly, “No can do. The CEO even mentioned you in the previous meeting, so you will have to go this time.”

This assistant of hers was good at everything except for one, and that flaw was fatal in the corporate world.

That flaw was her fear of the company’s big boss. Like a mouse at the sight of a cat, she was deathly afraid of him.

When she initially heard of this from her good friend, Yang Aoyun did not take it to heart. However, after Pei Ge became her assistant, Yang Aoyun came to know the meaning of someone truly fearing their company’s big boss.

Each time there was a company meeting, as long as the CEO was also attending, Pei Ge would find an excuse to miss it.

If not for Pei Ge’s strong working capabilities, Yang Aoyun would definitely fire her from the company or, at least, from her department.

“Ah… Why would the CEO mention me?” Pei Ge asked with plea in her voice as she became filled with dark thoughts.

“Of course, it’s because of your capabilities!” Yang Aoyun could not understand this. While every female employee was dying to interact with the CEO, Pei Ge was striving hard to remain invisible and far from his sight.

If not for the fact that the company’s big boss had especially mentioned her, Yang Aoyun would not force Pei Ge to attend this meeting.

Seeing the resolute look on Yang Aoyun’s face, Pei Ge knew that she could not avoid attending the meeting this time. Pei Ge pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. She was just thinking of messing her hair to resemble a chicken coop when Yang Aoyun effectively put a stop to it.

“Take care of your appearance for the meeting, and don’t let me here CEO Ji criticize your image like last time.”

Seeing Pei Ge’s miserable look, Yang Aoyun merely laughed and continued, “The CEO is actually a nice person and not at all the terror that you paint him as, so don’t be scared of him.”

“…” I’m not scared of him! I just don’t want that annoying person to recognize me!

“Do your makeup for the afternoon meeting and give the CEO a good impression of you.”

Eh?! Pei Ge’s eyes widened and then suddenly sparkled. Makeup?

A plan took shape in her mind in that instant, and the corners of her mouth curled up in a smile.

Aiya! I’m so smart.

“Okay, Director Yang. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first.”

Yang Aoyun eyed Pei Ge suspiciously at the latter’s sudden change in mood. Why did her mood suddenly improve? Could it be that she was ready to delve deeper into that negative image?

With a plan up her sleeve, a smiling Pei Ge returned to her desk with Yang Aoyun’s file.

She had just switched on her computer when the male colleague sitting next to her started his daily rant. “Pei Ge, your sticky note dropped on my desk.”

Pei Ge smirked.

This male colleague was exactly as Liu Yue had described: a turtle.

Another point worth mentioning was that this turtle colleague was given the perfect name – Bi Zheng, which meant ‘must fight’.

If he did not fight for an outcome, he would not shut up.

“Ah, so sorry. I’ll make sure not to let it fall on your desk next time,” Pei Ge apologized sincerely. She then carefully removed the yellow sticky note from Bi Zheng’s desk without saying anything else.

Bi Zheng glanced at Pei Ge, took out a piece of white cloth from his drawer, and quickly wiped the area where the sticky note had originally landed at.

“…” Damn it! I’ll persist!

Pei Ge could not be bothered with the clean freak that shared the office desk with her. Ignoring his actions, she channeled her attention into the document that Yang Aoyun had given her.

It was not that Pei Ge’s fiery personality was gone, but ever since her promotion and after all those weird experiences, she became tamer.

Since Pei Ge wanted to maintain her good mood, then she decided to ignore the turtle-like and quarrelsome Bi Zheng.

In truth, besides him, the atmosphere in this office was harmonious.

“Pei Ge, have you completed the application for me?”

Harmonious, my foot!

Pei Ge looked at the demanding female colleague standing before her and internally rolled her eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you clearly this morning that I don’t have the time to help you?” If this woman’s attitude were better, Pei Ge would most likely help her in the pockets of free time that she had, but with this attitude, Pei Ge would not help her even if she were free.

“What kind of attitude is this?! You were transferred here to be an assistant! If you’re not doing this, then who will?!” The short-haired woman glowered at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge could not resist it any further and openly rolled her eyes at her female colleague. “Oh, please. It’s true that I’m an assistant in this department, but I’m certainly not YOUR assistant.”

“You’re so dramatic! Let me tell you, if you don’t finish this document by today—” Before the short-haired woman could finish her threat, a male voice interrupted her.

“As Director Yang previously said, Pei Ge is her personal assistant. Before the new office assistant arrives, we have to finish all the tasks assigned to us on our own. If you have an issue with that, you can talk to Director Yang about it,” Bi Zheng said flatly, not even sparing the female colleague, who was trying to pick a fight, a glance.

If it was not for the fact that Bi Zheng had mentioned her name, Pei Ge would really think that he was talking about his computer screen.

“You…” Their female colleague was rendered speechless by Bi Zheng’s words. After glaring at Pei Ge and Bi Zheng, she left their desk in her seven-inch heels – the pai da, pai da sound of the heels echoed after her.

Once the short-haired woman was gone, Pei Ge turned to look at Bi Zheng in confusion. She did not expect this weird colleague to help her. After all, they were not close to each other.

“Thank you,” Pei Ge expressed her gratitude to Bi Zheng as she looked at him with gratefulness.

However, Bi Zheng merely remained focus on his computer screen as he flatly replied, “No need to thank me. I just find her annoying – you included.”

“…” Fine! I take back my ‘thanks’! Indeed, I’m just attaching more importance into this!