Chapter 47

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Ji Ziming’s behavior earlier made Pei Ge feel uncomfortable even after the meeting.

She could not understand why that annoying person would nod at her.

“What’s wrong, Pei Ge?” Yang Aoyun asked when she saw Pei Ge still in a daze and not moving from one spot.

Although she was relieved at not being embarrassed in front of the big boss, this makeup was truly terrifying.

“Director, why did the CEO nod at me earlier?” Pei Ge asked suspiciously. Could it be that he found out who she was?

That was not possible! She did not believe that he could recognize her from all this makeup.

“You probably saw wrongly,” Yang Aoyun said after some thought. She did not see Ji Ziming make any special gesture toward Pei Ge.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes as suspicions began to float in her mind. Could it be that she had seen wrongly and he had not actually nodded at her?

Following Yang Aoyun out of the conference room, Pei Ge placed her laptop and the meeting booklet on her desk before approaching a female colleague for the makeup remover and face wash.

If she brought this face home, her mother would definitely faint.

Pei Ge removed her makeup rather cheerfully.

Hwash, hwash, hwash! Pei Ge thoroughly washed her face with the cleanser, revealing her real face again.

Without the hideous makeup, Pei Ge’s face was more comfortable to look at.

Perhaps, it was because she had washed her face too hard, but her cheeks were now tinged with an unnatural shade of red.

She gave her face a thorough inspection in the mirror before sighing in relief when she saw that not a trace of the makeup remained.

“It’s really hard to wash off…” Pei Ge whispered as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She applied the makeup remover three times and the facial cleanser twice before her face could be completely cleared of the makeup.

With her clean face, she returned to the office and began to receive compliments from those around her. Even the weird colleague who sat next to her turned to look.

This made her feel special yet crept out.

The workload was not heavy this afternoon as the company had successfully acquired the contract.

Having gone through the tougher period at work, the rest of the day went by in a breeze for Pei Ge.

Pei Ge bid the colleagues she was closer with goodbye and left the office.

“See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Leaving the office, Pei Ge sighed in relief when she saw the smiling crowd of people in suits.

Today was another day that ended in a happy note!

Pei Ge stretched her back and her mood improved.

She was also an assistant in the past, but all she did was meaningless work. Presently….

The corners of her mouth curled up in a smile that reached even her eyes.

Presently, she could live her life fully. Despite the heavy bulks of work, her bosses respected her, and this gave her the motivation to go to work every day.

Pei Ge whistled a tune all the way to the bus stop, her smile remaining on her face. Suddenly, someone called her from behind.

This voice was one she was familiar with.

“Ge Ge.”

Pei Ge frowned slightly, and when she turned, she indeed saw a familiar face.

“Liu Yue,” Pei Ge softly called when she saw Liu Yue in a sleeveless, white dress.

Not knowing why, she always felt that the white dress looked similar to the knee-length, white dress that the bar had given her.

Moreover, the Liu Yue today looked unlike her previous self.

“Long time no see; let’s find a place to sit and talk.” Liu Yue smiled a smile that was no longer sweet, and perhaps because of the way she was dressed, but she emitted a certain elegant disposition.

Pei Ge looked at the approaching bus and shook her head, saying, “I think we have nothing to talk about.”

Besides using her to do translation works, Liu Yue did not even call her once to explain anything after she was fired and just disappeared for a long time.

From the looks of it, this woman did not really treat her as a friend.

Now, after some time had passed, she suddenly reappeared and requested to talk. Heh….

Liu Yue did not think that Pei Ge would refuse. Her lips curled up into an unhappy smile as she sarcastically said, “Pei Ge, you’ve changed.”

“Whether or not I’ve changed, you know it yourself.” Pei Ge could no longer bear to talk to this unrepentant woman.

This person always thought that she was right, and it seemed to never cross her mind that some things were a result of her mistakes.

She was so kind and generous toward her before, too. Thinking about it now, she found the whole situation absurd.

The bus heading to her house arrived at the bus stop. Pei Ge took out her transit pass and was about to board the bus when she heard Liu Yue’s voice again.

“Pei Ge, I am, after all, the one who recommended you to this company. Even if you don’t want to be my friend now, you can at least give me some face. I just want to have coffee with you; it won’t take up much of your time.” Liu Yue’s tone softened and showed a weak front just like before.

With her back to Liu Yue, Pei Ge lowered her head as her lips curled down.

“Sorry, Mr. Bus Driver, I won’t be boarding.” With that, Pei Ge turned to regard Liu Yue with a blank look.

She wanted to see just what Liu Yue was looking for her for.

Since she knew of her true colors, Pei Ge did not think that she, an employee who was already fired by the company, would come all this way just to find her for coffee.

Liu Yue sighed in relief when Pei Ge did not board the bus.

If Pei Ge had left, she would not have known what to do.

“Let’s go, Ge Ge. I’ll treat you to Blues Coffee,” Liu Yue offered, grinning at Pei Ge in a bid to get on her good side once more.

“No need; let’s just have a drink nearby,” Pei Ge rejected firmly.

Hearing Pei Ge’s cold tone, Liu Yue felt like someone had thrown a pail of cold water over her. When she saw Pei Ge’s expressionless face, she knew that the latter was no longer a pushover.

“He he, sure. Let’s go somewhere nearby,” Liu Yue agreed with a dry laugh.

Since Liu Yue had no opinion, Pei Ge directly walked toward the nearest coffee house. However, before she turned, she looked at the shoes Liu Yue was wearing.

The shoes were in fact the very slippers that Pei Ge had given Liu Yue. The latter had been picky about them previously.

“He he!” Pei Ge laughed as anger boiled within her. She remembered how Liu Yue had been fussy about this pair of slippers.

Was she currently wearing them to make her go soft on her?

Seeing Pei Ge’s eyes on her slippers, Liu Yue consciously tried to cover her feet.

Pei Ge frowned at the retreating legs. Was it not for her to see?