Chapter 50

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The next day, Pei Ge came to the office in a refreshed mood. Her heart was full of curiosity and anticipation over the item that Tang Xiaoyu had said she would send to her.

Although Tang Xiaoyu had been overseas for a long time now, their friendship had remained as strong as ever.

They would always send presents to each other during festivals or their birthdays.

Moreover, they would frequently contact each other via the phone. It was only because she had been busy changing jobs that they did not contact each other as often.

Tap, tap, tap, tap! Just as Pei Ge was absorbedly encoding the data from a document into the computer, the telephone on her desk rang.

“Hello,” Pei Ge automatically answered the phone.

“Is this Planning Department’s Pei Ge? You have a parcel here at the front desk. Please come down to collect it.”

Pei Ge’s eyes shone brightly upon hearing this. After thanking the person, she promptly got up from her seat and hastily left the office.

Pei Ge was soon inside the elevator traveling down to the first floor where the front desk was located.

“I am Planning Department’s assistant, Pei Ge.” Pei Ge showed her work pass to the receptionist. “Where is my parcel?”

After checking Pei Ge’s work pass, the receptionist smiled and took out an almost 60cm-long box.

“Please sign here.” The receptionist passed the parcel to Pei Ge along with the registry book.

Pei Ge quickly signed the registry book and happily carried the parcel in her arms.

“It’s huge. What could be inside this?” Hugging the parcel, Pei Ge happily mumbled this question.

Ding! After the elevator doors parted open and everyone got off it, Pei Ge carefully carried the parcel and stepped inside the elevator.

Inside the elevator, Pei Ge looked expectantly at the parcel as she wondered about what could be inside it.

Ding! The elevator doors opened again on the second floor.

“CEO, please get in first. I will go park your car by the company entrance.”

Before the elevator doors could fully open, and although Pei Ge heard an unfamiliar voice, the title uttered by the speaker was definitely familiar to her.


Pei Ge was thinking that she would not be so unlucky as to coincidentally meet the annoying CEO, but this curt reply of Ji Ziming effectively shattered that wistful thinking of hers.

Damn it! Why am I encountering this unlucky guy again?!

In a state of despair, Pei Ge suddenly recalled the words of her best friend, Tang Xiaoyu.

“Stop hiding from him! The fate between you two is strong. Since God wants you guys to be together, you should just give in!”

Pui! Pui! Pui! Be together, my foot! Give in, my foot!

When the elevator doors opened, Pei Ge frantically turned to face the wall. With her back facing Ji Ziming, she did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Lucky for her, Ji Ziming’s full focus was on the tablet PC in his hand.

Pei Ge could barely breathe as she fervently prayed that many people would take the lift… take the lift…

The unlucky thing for her was that the elevator steadily climbed up with only the two of them inside it.

Pei Ge’s heart pounded as the elevator slowly rose up. Today, she was not wearing any makeup and her hair was even neatly resting on her shoulders and in front of her chest.

If Ji Ziming saw her now, she might really be recognized.

Pei Ge snuck a peek at Ji Ziming who was already eye-catching even when only his back could be seen. He was standing in the middle of the elevator with his back straight. Seeing that Ji Ziming was unlikely to raise his head to scour his surroundings, Pei Ge lightly sighed in relief and involuntarily swallowed.


Although this sound was not loud and could even be said to be very light, it was amplified in this quiet, small space.

Seeming to have heard this sound, Ji Ziming suddenly raised his head.

Ahhhh! Pei Ge widened her eyes in fright and fervently prayed internally, Don’t turn around; don’t turn around…

What is that sound? Ji Ziming lightly furrowed his brows as he wondered, Am I not alone in the elevator? What was that sound just now, then?

Pei Ge turned Sparta when Ji Ziming seemed to be about to turn around.

I’m dead; I’m dead! He’s going to turn around! What should I do?! Maybe, I can knock him out with my parcel?! Why are the lights in the elevator still on?! It’d be great if there’s a power outage right about now!

Alright, she was really daydreaming now. Knocking this annoying fellow out with her parcel was a more reliable method!

Pei Ge, who was already in a desperate state, had nonsensical thoughts running through her head as she incessantly muttered preposterous stuff inside her heart.

Just as Pei Ge decided to really knock Ji Ziming out with the parcel in her hands and run away from the scene, the elevator lights started flickering.

In the next instant, the elevator halted its upward movement and the lights went out.

Within the small space of the elevator, it was suddenly so dark that people would not even see their fingers if they raised them in front of their eyes.

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?! Pei Ge’s eyes widened in shock. What the hell?! A power outage really happened the moment I thought of it! So lucky!

As Pei Ge was rejoicing, a sound pulled her back to reality.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! A series of panting sounds of someone backing up and banging against the metallic wall echoed through the elevator.

Pei Ge looked directly at the stream of light shining from the tablet PC to her face. Through the weak light, she saw Ji Ziming’s face.

Ahhh! I’m done for! I still got recognized in the end! Pei Ge roared inside her. Before she could explain to Ji Ziming what she was doing here, she saw him drop the tablet PC to the floor.

With the sound of an object meeting a solid surface, the only source of light in the elevator disappeared.

The moment the elevator was once more engulfed in total darkness, Pei Ge regained her senses.

What the hell?! It was not what she was thinking, right?!

Pei Ge pulled at her hair as she felt that she had chanced upon the truth of the matter.

This CEO, who was afraid of the dark, could not have mistaken her for a ghost, right?!