Chapter 52 - You are forbidden from looking at me!

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The two people’s hands tightly held each other’s in the dark, small space of the elevator as they stood face to face. The distance between them seemed to be a little too close.

Soft breath fanned and tickled Pei Ge’s ears, making her feel slightly awkward and have an inexplicable emotion.

She felt somewhat self-conscious as her heart pounded fast for some unknown reason.

What’s wrong with this person?! Why is he holding my hands tightly and refusing to let go?!

Just as she could no longer stand the weird atmosphere and was about to shake off Ji Ziming’s hands, the man unexpectedly flung her hands off himself.

Her hands were flung off in a way that made her feel like some germ.

The force behind his abrupt action also caused Pei Ge to involuntarily shriek, “Ahhh!”

Moreover, this sudden gesture of his cleared up Pei Ge’s mind and her originally slightly blushing cheeks gradually returned to a normal color.

What the hell is he thinking?!

Pei Ge glared daggers at the silhouette standing across her as anger boiled within her.

The person who had forcefully gripped her hands just now was him! The one who had flung her hands off with such force was also him!

F*ck! He must be insane!

“…” Within the elevator’s small space, everything once more grew quiet.

However, compared to the silence from before, awkwardness now hung in the air with a hint of weirdness.

As Pei Ge was scolding a certain someone in her heart, the taciturn Ji Ziming suddenly spoke up, “…Sorry.”

The cold voice softly echoed in the dark, small space of the elevator.

“Huh?” Pei Ge was a little dumbfounded at Ji Ziming’s apology. He’s apologizing to me?

Ji Ziming’s lips moved slightly in the darkness, but he did not speak in the end.

The corners of his mouth turned up in a mocking smile, as he thought of how laughable he was for mistaking someone for another.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and carefully looked at the man across her. She could vaguely see the man stretching his hand…

“The elevator on the sixth floor has stopped working.” Ji Ziming coldly informed the people on the other end after pressing the emergency bell in the lift.

“Are you stuck inside the elevator?” They soon received this response.

“Obviously! If not for being stuck in the elevator, why would we be pressing the emergency bell?!” Pei Ge said this in exasperation while rolling her eyes.

“Alright, alright. Give us a moment. We will be there soon!”

The moment the security personnel’s voice disappeared, the elevator fell into an awkward silence once again.

“Oh, no! The elevator truly broke down again! The lights went off, so it’s totally dark inside the lift!” exclaimed the security personnel in the security office as he looked at the CCTV footage.

“Luckily, there are two people in there. If not, the stuck person would be scared out of their wits.”

The repairmen complained as they packed their tools and rushed toward the elevator lobby on the sixth floor.

When these men reached the location, they swiftly started repairing the elevator.

“The people inside, don’t worry. We will bring you out of there soon.”

Hearing the ruckus outside, Pei Ge secretly sighed in relief. However, just as she began to relax, tightness gripped her heart again.

That’s not right! When the elevator doors open later, won’t I be recognized by this annoying fellow beside me?!

Would all those things she did not be for naught, then?!

Pei Ge’s breath halted as she started wide-eyed at the elevator doors, afraid that they would open without her noticing and she would get found out by the annoying fellow beside her.

Time ticked by slowly. In the dark, other than the noise that the repairmen were making outside, there was no other sound.

Pei Ge and Ji Ziming, the two who were trapped in the lift, silently stood still.

Ji Ziming might be maintaining his silence, but he was actually paying attention to the woman next to him.

Although the woman’s figure could not clearly be seen in the dark, he felt that her silhouette was familiar, as though he had met her before.

Pak! The noise made the two inside look toward the elevator doors.

I’m dead; I’m dead! The elevator doors are opening! What should I do now?!

Pei Ge was so frantic that her eyebrows closely knitted together and her heart palpitated.

Following the sound, a little crack appeared between the doors and a stream of light illuminated the inside of the elevator.

This stream of light caused Pei Ge to feel flustered. Without caring for anything anymore, she lodged the parcel under her right arm and snuck her left arm from behind Ji Ziming’s head to cover his eyes.

“?!” Ji Ziming was spooked by Pei Ge’s sudden nearness.

Before he could question her action, Ji Ziming felt a soft and seemingly boneless palm lightly rest against his eyes.

The fragrance emanating from the palm wafted into his nostrils, causing him to be slightly dazed.

Pei Ge originally thought that the man would struggle, yet when the man merely stood still despite her bold action, she could not help but mutter inside her, A pervert, indeed!

Bang! The doors opened at this moment and bright light chased away the darkness within the elevator.




The repairmen, who were standing outside, gawked at the position of the two people inside the elevator.

Within the elevator, a long-haired woman was covering the eyes of a man with her palm. As the man was very tall, the woman had to tiptoe to cover his eyes. The scene looked somewhat ambiguous.

The – The man in the elevator seemed to be their newest CEO?! Did – Did they open the elevator doors too early?!

Ji Ziming, whose eyes got covered, returned to his senses with the sudden flood of light. This was when he felt that something was amiss.

His eyebrows lightly knitted together. Raising his palm and resting it on top of Pei Ge’s, he was just about to remove her hand that was covering his eyes when…

Pak! Pei Ge swatted Ji Ziming’s palm away. She then quickly removed her palm from blocking Ji Ziming’s view as she rushed out of the newly opened elevator doors.

The moment he could see again, Ji Ziming’s eyes subconsciously chased after Pei Ge’s back view. However, as his eyes were enclosed in darkness just now and were still adjusting to the sudden brightness, he could only see a blurry figure when he looked at her direction.

Seeing only the very blurry back view of the woman, Ji Ziming closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his vision already regained its original clarity.

He took large strides out of the elevator and felt an inexplicable urge to chase after the eccentric woman.

However, he only took a few steps toward her running direction when—