Chapter 54 - The Return of Liu Yue

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“Pei Ge, have you heard? Liu Yue is back in the company!”

The moment Pei Ge reached the Planning Department’s office, a colleague dragged her over to a corner.

“Ah?!” Pei Ge’s eyes widened in shock when she heard this news.

Liu Yue was back in the company?

“Didn’t she already get fired?” Pei Ge asked, confused.

The CEO was the one who had fired her even!

“That’s right! She did get fired, but she’s now back. Also, she is now the assistant in the CEO’s office!” the female colleague replied, feeling exasperated.

“Who would’ve thought that she would be able to return and even get a promotion?”

Hearing the colleague’s words, Pei Ge was reminded of that abnormal time Liu Yue had come to see her.

Was that related to her coming back to work now?

Although she felt perplexed, Pei Ge still did not care much about Liu Yue’s case. After all, to her, they were already strangers. Liu Yue might be back, but she no longer had anything to do with Pei Ge.

With that thought in mind, Pei Ge placed all her attention on her work the whole morning. However, she might not care about a certain someone, but how would that someone just let her off the hook?

Pei Ge was about to head to the canteen with a few female coworkers to eat lunch when she saw Liu Yue standing just outside their office doors.

“Hello, my beloved colleagues! It’s been a while.” Liu Yue greeted them with a broad smile. She used to be part of the Planning Department, so she obviously knew those who were walking together with Pei Ge.

Although these female colleagues did not really like Liu Yue, but since she was rumored to be the CEO’s assistant now, they repressed their dislike of her and returned her greeting with a smile as well.

“Hi, Liu Yue! Congratulations on returning to work.”

“That’s right. Congratulations.”

Liu Yue beamed at these few female colleagues who were trying to curry favor with her.

“Let’s chat again next time. I came here to find Ge Ge today.” Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge with a smile.

As it was not a secret, these ladies from Planning Department naturally knew of how Liu Yue had made use of Pei Ge to do translation work to get a promotion and a pay raise.

“Alright.” These few colleagues did not want to create trouble for themselves, so after nodding their heads, they left Pei Ge alone with Liu Yue with pity in their eyes.

Pei Ge frowned the moment Liu Yue appeared before her. She could really not understand why Liu Yue kept harping on to her.

“Ge Ge, you didn’t expect me to be able to return here, right?” Liu Yue triumphantly beamed at Pei Ge.

“I’ve already said it before; we are not that close, so stop calling me Ge Ge.” Pei Ge looked at Liu Yue in displeasure as she mumbled to herself, That whatever CEO; how could he not keep his promise?! He already fired someone, yet he let the person return to work. Hur hur! How irresponsible, you stupid CEO!

A certain someone, who was looking through the contract in the CEO’s office, felt his eyelids twitch.

“Ziming, I’ve heard about your mother putting lots of pressure on you.” Mu Heng leaned on a sofa in a carefree way as he chuckled over the misfortune of his best buddy, Ji Ziming.

Despite him feeling lazy to bother with Mu Heng, Ji Ziming still cared about his friend’s words.

“Tsk. Who’d have thought that such coincidences could really happen? For the employee you fired to have helped your mother before, could this be fate?” Mu Heng laughed out loud. He felt like laughing every time he thought of how the big CEO Ji, who was unafraid of anything, was helpless in front of his mother.

“That still needs to be confirmed.” Ji Ziming put down the document in his hand and narrowed his eyes.

Was that woman called Liu Yue the type to eagerly help others? No matter how much he thought about it, Ji Ziming was really unable to imagine that such a woman with low morals would be willing to help strangers.

Unless… She knew of the person’s identity and had helped with an ulterior motive.

A certain CEO, who had the tendency to overanalyze things, made this incident more complex than it really was in his mind. He was certain that Liu Yue had ulterior motive, so he temporarily decided to let her come back to find out about her intention.

“That’s true. Auntie is someone who has face blindness, after all. If a woman ties her hair today and lets it down tomorrow, Auntie won’t be able to recognize her. Ha ha ha!” Mu Heng thought of how amusing it was to see those women from rich families curry favor with Mother Ji.

Mu Heng’s eyes widened in shock as he thought of something. “That’s not right! How did Auntie recognize the lady who helped her at that time? That doesn’t make any sense with her special trait!”

“Because of a pair of shoes,” Ji Ziming remarked dryly and with a raised eyebrow.

“Shoes? There are so many pairs of shoes everywhere! Auntie is unable to recognize faces but is able to recognize shoes?!” Mu Heng was totally dumbstruck. The more he thought about it, the more he found this incident to be rather absurd.

“I suddenly feel that this matter is like a fairytale…”

Pei Ge’s cold treatment made Liu Yue tug at her lips in displeasure as she mocked, “Pei Ge, I hope we can still be friends in the future.”

“Liu Yue, did you turn silly or am I hallucinating?” Pei Ge rolled her eyes. Not wanting to listen to Liu Yue’s nonsense anymore, she moved to leave.

However, Liu Yue seemed to be hell-bent on achieving her goal, as she blocked Pei Ge’s way.

Just as Pei Ge was thinking of pushing this detestable woman away, she felt a weight on top of her head.

Pak! A lunch box smacked Pei Ge’s head.

“Ah!” When Pei Ge frowningly turned around, she saw Bi Zheng standing behind her. He was the one who had knocked his lunch box on her head.

“Don’t block the way,” Bi Zheng calmly told Pei Ge this.

The hell?! Who is actually blocking the way?!

As Pei Ge was about to talk some sense into this eccentric colleague of hers, she saw something so shocking that her eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

Bi Zheng, who had walked past her, seemed to not notice Liu Yue’s presence as he proceeded toward her direction. Liu Yue did not dodge him since she never expected Bi Zheng to do that.

Hence, the comical scene happened. Bi Zheng bumped into Liu Yue head-on – or rather, Bi Zheng pushed Liu Yue aside with his hand.

With a pak! sound, Liu Yue fell onto the ground rather unladylike.

Pei Ge was speechless from shock.

“Bi Zheng, are you crazy?!” Liu Yue angrily bellowed as she regained her senses quickly after falling down.

Bi Zheng did not bother about Liu Yue, and he just calmly waved his hand to Pei Ge.

Seeing Bi Zheng’s hand signals, Pei Ge blinked her eyes and walked toward him in a daze.

Bi Zheng raised the hand that was holding the lunch box toward Pei Ge’s chest.

“Huh? Carry the lunch box?” Pei Ge dazedly looked at the hand in front of her chest.

Bi Zheng gestured to the lunch box again before Pei Ge finally received it.

What is he doing? Am I his maid or something? Pei Ge complained inside.

What happened next made Pei Ge feel that Bi Zheng was someone capable of angering others to their deaths.

Using the hand he used to carry the lunch box, Bi Zheng took out a white handkerchief from his pocket. He then wiped the dirt off of the hand he used to push Liu Yue away with a disgusted look on his face.

He proceeded to also calmly throw the handkerchief onto the floor. However, whether it was done on purpose or purely coincidental, the handkerchief landed right on Liu Yue’s face just as she was getting up.

“Bi Zheng, you stupid eccentric guy!” Liu Yue furiously roared at him. In her agitation, she lost her balance and fell down to the floor again.

“Puh!” Pei Ge burst into peals of laughter at this.

For the first time, she found her tablemate to not be annoying!