Chapter 55 - I'm not close with her.

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“Thanks for just now!” Pei Ge thanked Bi Zheng with a smile as the latter took his lunch box from her hand.

However, Bi Zheng did not even spare Pei Ge a glance, as though he did not put anyone in his eyes, and merely said, “No need to thank me. I wasn’t helping you. She just happened to be blocking the way.”

“Puh!” Pei Ge burst out laughing once more when she heard Bi Zheng’s reason.

She finally figured out her tablemate’s personality. He was the type whose bark was worse than his bite.

Although he would often say that he was not doing something to help a person and could not be bothered with anyone, he was actually a nice person who would willingly help others.

“Still, I want to thank you!” Pei Ge looked at Bi Zheng with a smile that reached her eyes.

Bi Zheng did not reply to Pei Ge this time and merely took large strides toward the pantry.

When she saw Bi Zheng go in the pantry’s direction, Pei Ge followed after him out of curiosity.

As she seldom came to the pantry, Pei Ge only found out now that there was a microwave in it.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes when she saw Bi Zheng heat up his lunch box with practiced movement, muttering in her heart that she could also bring a lunch box next time!

Just as Pei Ge was done making herself a cup of coffee and was about to leave, Bi Zheng’s lunch box also finished heating up.

Pei Ge curiously looked toward Bi Zheng’s direction and felt shocked when she saw that his lunch box was filled to the brim with only white rice. There was not one side dish at all.

Er… That was not quite right. There was still an egg.

“You… are eating only this?” Pei Ge stared at Bi Zheng in shock.

As though in response to Pei Ge’s question, Bi Zheng retrieved a packet of preserved vegetables from a cabinet in the corner.

“…” Pei Ge really felt defeated this time.

Seeing this tall, refined-looking man eat only preserved vegetables with white rice, Pei Ge truly felt endless pity for him!

Could it be that his family is so poor that he’s trying to cut down on expenses?

Pei Ge’s empathy exploded from within her heart as she filled in the gaps between all the signs she had disregarded before with her imagination.

No wonder he never ever joined the crowd. It turned out that he was just too poor! Sigh. To think she had always been thinking of him as an eccentric person… She was really too insensitive!

“Tha – That… Bi Zheng, I’ll be off first!” Pei Ge looked at Bi Zheng guiltily as she muttered this softly before hastily leaving the pantry.

Bi Zheng did not even raise his eyelids at Pei Ge’s departure and just calmly started eating his preserved vegetables and white rice.

Just as she had her lunch with a heavy heart, and before she could take a power nap, Pei Ge was dragged over to a corner by her gossipy colleagues.

“Did you guys notice today? Liu Yue is wearing branded items from head to toe. It’s all Chanel!” One of the better-informed colleagues about luxury goods asked the others this in a voice filled with envy.

“It couldn’t be! Chanel is so expensive. Would Liu Yue even be able to afford it?”

“It really is Chanel. I saw that set of clothes she’s wearing on a fashion magazine before. It is this year’s new design!”

“Could it be a fake?”

“The fakes for this year’s new designs are really bad. The set Liu Yue is wearing is truly authentic.”

“No wonder Liu Yue seems different today and appears to be more elegant than usual.”

“He he… Wearing so much money on her person, it would be more of a wonder if she did not appear elegant.”

Listening to their comments, Pei Ge felt zero interest to participate in their discussion as she was not the least bit curious about Liu Yue’s outfit today.

Just as Pei Ge was falling asleep from listening to them, someone called out to her. “Pei Ge, aren’t you very close to Liu Yue? Is her family rich?”

Pei Ge raised her head when she heard this question. Shaking her head, she lightly replied, “I don’t know. I’m not really close with her.”

“I think her family is not rich. If she were rich, given her personality, she would long flaunt it to us.”

With the gossipy colleagues’ focus no longer on her, Pei Ge gradually felt her eyelids drop.

Just as her vision was blurring from sleepiness, a certain question woke her up with a jolt.

“Do you guys think our CEO is Liu Yue’s sugar daddy?”

“Cough!” Pei Ge was instantly wide awake from this.

That annoying fellow and Liu Yue?! It couldn’t be, right?

“That definitely wouldn’t happen!” Before Pei Ge could reject that conjecture, someone else beat her to the punch.

“That’s right! The CEO is so outstanding. How can Liu Yue even enter his eyes?! With Liu Yue’s looks, I think it’s even hard for her to find a sugar daddy in the first place!”

“Then, how will you explain those expensive clothes of hers?”

In this way, Liu Yue’s return garnered the attention of the entire female population in this office building.

However, their focus was not on how Liu Yue managed to get her job back and instead—

For her to be able to afford such expensive clothes, who was Liu Yue’s sugar daddy?!

As for Liu Yue, she was unaffected by all the rumors flying around. Her utmost concern at the moment was on how to utilize this rare opportunity to capture Ji Ziming’s heart.

With a smile on her face, Liu Yue held a pearly white nail polish and carefully applied it on her nail.

A certain sexy secretary in the CEO’s office glared daggers at Liu Yue upon seeing this detestable action of hers.

With how she was grinding her teeth in anger, she seemed to have a blood debt with Liu Yue.

Liu Yue could obviously sense the intense gaze on her. However, she paid no attention to this person whom she considered to be beneath her notice and coldly harrumphed.

Sigh… Too bad Ji Ziming doesn’t come to the office often. After the company stabilizes, he hardly comes here anymore, Liu Yue thought to herself in dismay.

After painting her last fingernail white, Liu Yue blew on all her nails in satisfaction.

Still… Even if that man would not come, she still had Mother Ji, this trump card.

He he! That pair of Camellia slippers is really my lucky item! Pei Ge is truly a stupid and undiscerning woman…