Chapter 56 - Attending the Company's Gathering

Chapter 57 of 200 chapters

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In the morning of this particular weekend, Pei Ge woke up earlier than usual.

She was already up and about before the clock even reached 6 A.M. After washing up, she changed into a pair of loose-fitting sports clothes and started preparing breakfast for her mother and herself.

At 6:30 A.M., when Zhang Manhua heard the ruckus in the kitchen, she came out from her bedroom and saw breakfast already laid on the dining table.

“Isn’t today a weekend?” Zhang Manhua looked at Pei Ge in shock. “Why are you up so early in the morning?”

“There’s a company activity today.” Taking a sip of her soybean milk, Pei Ge smiled. “Mom, quickly wash up. Let’s eat before the food gets cold.”

“What kind of activity is it that you have to get up this early?” Zhang Manhua mumbled as she went to the toilet to wash up.

Pei Ge smiled at her mother’s muttering. She originally did not want to participate in this activity. However, since it was a company’s group activity, Director Yang especially requested her attendance.

Hence, she could only follow her order.

Actually, it was not that bad to participate in the company’s group activity. She had not played golf for a long time. To be precise, she had not touched golf ever since her father’s death.

Would she still be able to hit the golf ball with her swing?

After breakfast, Pei Ge got on a bus. Instead of heading to the company, she went to that shop she had her makeup done the last time.

After spending a lot of effort, the salesperson finally agreed, albeit reluctantly, to help Pei Ge put on makeup mainly because there were hardly any customers this early in the morning.

Before she left, Pei Ge observed her final look, which was uglier than the last time, and nodded her head in satisfaction.

She then made payment for today’s service and that last time they had waived off her bill. Telling them that she would be back in the future, she departed from the makeup store, with the promoter and makeup artist looking as though they were suffering from constipation.

Since it seemed that time was running short for her, Pei Ge grudgingly took a cab to the company and managed to arrive there before 8 A.M.

“Pei Ge, your face…” Pei Ge’s arrival was punctuated by a large group of people’s appalled gasps.

“How is it? Not bad, right?” Pei Ge smiled at her colleagues who were also in loose-fitting sportswear.

Compared to those wearing thick and exquisite makeup, Pei Ge’s was undoubtedly the most eye-catching.

Of course, she had also successfully embellished the nearby female colleagues’ looks, making them appear prettier than usual.

Hence, in today’s group activity, Pei Ge became the most sought-after companion of her female colleagues.

“Ge Ge, come sit with us!”

“Go away! Ge Ge is our Planning Department’s!”

“Pei Ge, come here! My place is the most comfortable! All sorts of snacks and drinks are even provided!”

Seeing her colleagues’ eagerness, Pei Ge involuntarily swallowed. In the end, under their passionate gazes, she sat beside Pan Xinlei.

“You lass, what has gotten into you that made you wear makeup resembling that of a ghost?” Pan Xinlei felt frustrated at Pei Ge and strongly wanted to remove the horrendous makeup on her face.

“He he…” Pei Ge merely laughed sheepishly at her question.

“Others are desperately trying to make themselves look prettier, while you are striving to become similar to a ghost.” Pan Xinlei got angrier as she said this. “Hurry and remove this hideous makeup now! You’re definitely ruining our city’s beautiful appearance!”

“Er… Sister Xinlei, it’s really not that bad. You’ll get used to it the more you look at me…” Pei Ge shook her head fervently. How would she be willing to remove this makeup that had cost her 50 yuan?

She herself did not want to put on such a look, but she had no choice. Today was the company’s group activity, and it was rumored that that annoying CEO would attend it, too.

Even if the chance of him coming was slim, she still must make sure that that scene in the elevator would never happen again.

If I hadn’t gotten lucky that time, I would’ve definitely been found out… Pei Ge muttered to herself.

Soon, their company’s vehicle reached the golf course by the suburb.

Reaching the golf course, those colleagues that were originally complaining about having to get up early on a weekend readily discarded this thought in their excitement.

Pei Ge alighted from the vehicle, took a sniff of the morning air, and felt a refreshing feeling surge through her body.

The euphony of bird songs and smell of newly trimmed grass could make one feel relaxed and refreshed… if not for the din her colleagues were currently making. Their chattering really spoiled the tranquil, peaceful atmosphere of the golf course.

Chenguang Real Estate’s employees split into different batches and got on the electric buggies to head to their designated portion of the golf course.

Perhaps because it was still morning, but the golf course looked especially scenic. The green grass, blue skies, and gentle wind gave one a special and joyous feeling.

Pei Ge got off a buggy and felt contentment settle in her heart as she stepped on the ground carpeted with grass.

She no longer regretted coming here. Rather, Pei Ge was glad that she had come.

Upon receiving an average golf club from a caddie, Pei Ge immediately tried swinging it.

Although she was slightly unfamiliar with using it at first, she eventually found that familiar feeling again.

Meanwhile, in the private area of the suburb golf course…

“Puh! Ji Ziming, I have bad news for you.” Mu Heng laughed at a certain someone’s misfortune as he watched him swing a golf club.

“…” Frowning, Ji Ziming put down the golf club and received a face towel from a male caddie.

“Auntie brought that ‘Cinderella’ over.” Mu Heng grinned.

Ever since he heard about what had happened between Liu Yue and Mother Ji, Mu Heng, who was fond of giving people nicknames, started calling Liu Yue that.

Ji Ziming tightly pursed his lips when he heard this piece of news, his gaze turning cold.

At Ji Ziming’s expression, Mu Heng happily muttered to himself, Looks like this Cinderella is going to get unlucky soon. Tsk, tsk, tsk…