Chapter 57 - The Daydream of Fake ‘Cinderella’

Chapter 58 of 200 chapters

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Liu Yue did not originally intend to drag Mother Ji along with her to the golf course today, but knowing that she could only stay at the outer golf course with all the normal employees and would be unable to stay with Ji Ziming, she could only bring Mother Ji over.

Hence, ignoring the off-chance that Pei Ge might spoil her plans, she called Mother Ji and dragged her to the golf course.

Lucky for her, they did not go near the golf course where the normal employees were at.

“Auntie Ji, today’s weather is really suitable for going out!” Liu Yue smiled sweetly at Mother Ji who was sitting on a buggy with her.

Mother Ji looked at the greenery around them and nodded her head with a smile. “It’s really not bad to come out occasionally.”

Seeing Mother Ji’s gentle smile, Liu Yue tightened her arm around the latter as she lowered her head to hide her triumphant smile.

Never in Liu Yue’s wildest imagination did she think that the pair of slippers Pei Ge had given her would let her meet the person who could turn her life around.

Really… Humans should rely on petty schemes every now and then.

When the buggy stopped, Liu Yue immediately saw Ji Ziming’s tall, suave figure in the distance. Just his back view was enough to let her fall into a daze from infatuation.

“Auntie Ji, let’s get off now.” Liu Yue alighted from the buggy first before helping Mother Ji get off it by holding her hand. She then hooked her arm around Mother Ji’s rather intimately and walked toward Ji Ziming’s direction.

At this moment, when a few of the company higher-ups saw Liu Yue guide a beautiful madam over rather familiarly, they felt slightly shocked, and when they heard Ji Ziming call that beautiful madam ‘Mom’, they were completely dumbfounded.

They all tried guessing Liu Yue’s identity that let her have such a close relationship with CEO Ji’s mother.

“Mom, why are you here?” Ji Ziming regarded Liu Yue, who was sticking close to his mother, with narrowed eyes.

“What’s wrong? Is mom not allowed to come?” Mother Ji glared at her cold-faced son and pouted.

Mu Heng, who was standing beside Ji Ziming, grinned. “Auntie, there’s no such thing. We are 100% welcoming your arrival! Ji Ziming is just telling me about you earlier…”

“He he… Really?” Mother Ji smiled until her eyes became slits at Mu Heng’s coaxing words. She then regarded Ji Ziming and Mu Heng with motherly affection.

It was only now that Liu Yue, who had all her attention placed on Ji Ziming, finally noticed that there was a very suave and handsome man standing beside Ji Ziming.

Although this man did not look as handsome as Ji Ziming, he seemed to be more affectionate than the latter.

“Auntie, this lady is?” Mu Heng pretended to not know anything as he looked at Liu Yue with a pair of curious eyes.

At Mu Heng’s question, Mother Ji smilingly introduced, “This is Liu Yue. She saved my Love before. She’s a really good girl who likes helping people.”

“Ohhh…” Mu Heng dragged that syllable as he turned his electrifying eyes on Liu Yue in earnest. “That’s really very kind and nice of Miss Liu…”

His voice was full of seduction, causing Liu Yue’s heart to itch.

Pound! Pound! Liu Yue felt her heart thump fast, especially when Mu Heng’s tender-looking eyes focused intently on her.

Although CEO Ji was without flaws, he was cold and uninteresting. It was really hard to earn his affection.

Actually… She could totally change targets!

This man, who was smiling affectionately at her, should be from a good family as well if he could hang around Ji Ziming like this.

“Heh…” Mu Heng looked on as Liu Yue’s eyeballs darted between him and Ji Ziming. As someone who had played around so much, he could obviously tell Liu Yue’s little, petty scheme.

With his lips turned up in mockery, he turned to look at Ji Ziming. His expression was of one that said, Do you need this young master here to settle this for you?

Ji Ziming disregarded Mu Heng’s teasing expression and coldly looked at Liu Yue’s reddened cheeks before saying to his mother, “Mom, I’m currently working.”

“I know that you’re working. I only came to visit you, so you don’t need to mind me. I will just take a stroll around with Miss Liu.” Mother Ji waved her hand and said this with a gentle smile.

“Auntie, I don’t have any work. Let me take a stroll around with you!” Mu Heng spiritedly walked toward Mother Ji and intimately hooked his arm around her other arm.

Liu Yue was originally thinking of what she should do to be able to stay here. However, when she heard Mu Heng’s words, her eyes immediately shone with light.

Mother Ji looked at Mu Heng with amusement as she teased, “You little rascal, what kind of stupid ideas are you entertaining now?”

“You wound me, Auntie. Since when have I been like that? I just missed Auntie terribly after not seeing you for so long!”

Despite already being a mature man, when he acted spoiled, it did not look detestable at all. Mother Ji was especially susceptible to Mu Heng’s teasing.

Hence, the threesome, with Mother Ji in the middle and a man and a woman holding each of her arms, strolled on the grassy landscape of the golf course amid smiles and laughter.

The more they chatted, the fonder Liu Yue became of Mu Heng. Her heart, which was originally dead set on Ji Ziming, quickly switched over to Mu Heng.

After finding out Mu Heng’s name, Liu Yue, who was well-informed on economics, entertainment, and gossip, immediately identified him.

Once she identified Mu Heng, Liu Yue became even more enamored of him.

Of course, she knew that Mu Heng was a Casanova. However, the key point here was that every woman who had ever been with him never lived a bad life afterward.

The reason was that this man was very generous and had never been stingy toward his ex-girlfriends.

Liu Yue was not dumb and never had any daydreams of being a Cinderella. She was already contented to have a whirlwind romance with any tall, rich, and handsome guy before getting a huge sum as payment for breaking up. That was all.

Hence, after Liu Yue met this Casanova, she readily changed target from Ji Ziming to Mu Heng.

One had the heart and the other had the intention.

As a result, the two people quickly clicked and had a harmonious time together.

Unwittingly, the three of them that were sitting on the buggy strayed in the area of the outer golf course.

This golf course was more crowded and lively than the one Ji Ziming was at.

It was only now that Liu Yue, who had been very engrossed with Mu Heng, realized that they actually entered the outer golf course. She could even easily spot Pei Ge’s ‘unnatural’ face among the huge crowd.

Although Pei Ge’s face was painted with heavy makeup to the point of those who knew her having difficulty recognizing her, Pei Ge’s voice… and the fact that she would easily recognize Mother Ji…

“Turn back!” Liu Yue unhesitatingly ordered the golf course staff to drive the buggy around.

Mu Heng, who was sitting on the side, raised his eyebrows at Liu Yue’s odd action.

There’s something really fishy about this woman…

“Why turn back? Go straight.” Mu Heng countered as he grinned at Mother Ji. “Auntie, those are the employees at Ziming’s new company. Let’s go there to take a look!”