Chapter 59 - The fake Cinderella gets her karma.

Chapter 60 of 200 chapters

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“Auntie Ji, don’t take off your sunglasses since the sun is too bright.” Seeing Mother Ji move to take off her sunglasses, Liu Yue frantically stopped her. “The sun is too bright. It’s better to continue wearing your sunglasses to avoid harming your eyes.”

Although Mother Ji owned many pairs of sunglasses, as she seldom wore them, she was not really used to wearing one, but at Liu Yue’s advice, which was teeming with goodwill, she decided against taking off her sunglasses.

“Alright, Auntie shall listen to Xiaoyue.” Mother Ji affectionately looked at Liu Yue while praising the latter inside, This lady is really kind.

“Mhm!” Liu Yue smiled in happiness.

Mu Heng, who was standing by the side, observed the duo’s interaction. At Liu Yue’s good pretense, his lips secretly turned up in a mocking manner.

Inside, he was anticipating that moment when the truth would get revealed and he would find the real Cinderella.

“Let’s stop here,” Mu Heng suddenly declared with a smile.

Liu Yue had her heart in her mouth again at Mu Heng’s words.

“Why – Why are we stopping?” Liu Yue asked as she looked at Mu Heng uneasily.

“Er… Aren’t we strolling around to sightsee? I brought Auntie here to do just that!” Mu Heng gave this answer as he innocently smiled at Liu Yue.

Seeing the man’s innocent smile, Liu Yue pursed her lips together and thought,Is this man doing it on purpose?

“Auntie, let’s get off here to walk and take a look at those people playing golf! For me, people who play golf as recreation are more interesting to watch than professionals!” Mu Heng grinned at Mother Ji.

Mother Ji nodded her head in agreement as interest filled her eyes.

She was someone who liked to hang out with the crowd. Thus, the sight of many people playing together a short distance away really enticed her to go over.

When the two people got off the buggy, Liu Yue could only reluctantly follow suit. Her face wore a rather uneasy expression as she walked abreast with Mother Ji.

Worried that Mother Ji would suddenly take off her sunglasses, she paid special attention to her from the side.

“Wow! They’re walking over now!”

Audible gasps were heard when the trio disembarked from the buggy and proceeded toward the gathered crowd.

Two of the three were people Pei Ge detested, so she did not pay the slightest attention to them and merely continued to practice her swing.

“Ge Ge, I really wonder what kind of dog-shit luck that Liu Yue has for her to be able to return to our company.” Pan Xinlei, who was standing beside Pei Ge, expressed her distaste upon seeing Liu Yue’s triumphant look.

“I heard others saying that Liu Yue has gotten together with the big boss’s friend, and that’s why she was able to come back to work and even became the assistant in the CEO’s office.”

Listening to Pan Xinlei’s indignant voice, Pei Ge said with a carefree smile, “Let’s not care about her business. She’s unrelated to us, so we don’t need to mind her every action.”

“You lass! Why are you speaking like an old woman?” Pan Xinlei rolled her eyes at Pei Ge. She could really not understand how Pei Ge managed to cultivate such a personality.

Pei Ge nonchalantly swung her club again. Feeling that she should have this familiar feeling for golf down pat, she happily muttered to herself, I can go for the real thing now!

“…Ge Ge, were you even listening to me at all?!” Pei Ge’s act of smiling nonchalantly earned her Pan Xinlei’s indignant glare.

“Huh?” Pei Ge perplexedly blinked her eyes at Pan Xinlei. She was so absorbed in practicing her swing just now that she failed to hear the latter’s exact words.

“I was saying that that Liu Yue seems to always be staring at you.” Pan Xinlei looked at Pei Ge in exasperation.

“Oh.” Besides a perfunctory nod, Pei Ge did not display any reaction.

Pan Xinlei could only wave her hands at Pei Ge’s nonchalant look, saying exasperatedly, “Forget it, forget it; you can continue with what you’re doing…”

Pei Ge grinned when she heard Pan Xinlei’s words. “Sister Xinlei, don’t think too much about it. Today is a weekend and it’s such a rare opportunity for us to come here and play. Let’s just enjoy this experience and not care about other things! Relax! Relax!”

Pan Xinlei stared at Pei Ge’s smiling face. Although she really wanted to be influenced by Pei Ge’s enthusiasm, but with the latter’s ghost-like appearance, she could only find her hilarious.

“Puh! You little lass, don’t laugh anymore! It’s really too ugly!”

Whereas Pei Ge was currently filled with enjoyment, Liu Yue was presently filled with anxiety.

“Miss Liu, the friend who was shopping with you that night should also be an employee of Chenguang Real Estate, right?” The stiffer Liu Yue’s smile got, the wider Mu Heng’s smile became.

“That friend of yours should be here too, right? How about—” Before Mu Heng could complete his words, Liu Yue interrupted him.

“No, my friend isn’t an employee in the company. She isn’t here now, too.” Liu Yue’s hands were tightly clasped together when she vehemently denied his assumption.

She really could not fathom why this man was so adamant on this issue and was showing so much interest in finding Pei Ge among the crowd.

“Oh. Not here, huh…” Mu Heng nodded his head in understanding, yet the way he dragged that last syllable caused Liu Yue to feel a little uneasy inside.

Liu Yue felt a little regretful now for coming out with Mu Heng. She should have just stayed beside Ji Ziming, then she would not have to be in this kind of sticky situation right now.

The distance between Pei Ge and Mother Ji was not far and the man beside her was showing interest in Pei Ge all this while.

This really tired her out.

As she watched Pei Ge smile so happily, she was filled with ill will, If only Pei Ge didn’t exist!

If Pei Ge did not exist, she would not be worrying about many things right now…

“Achoo!” Pei Ge sneezed again. The hands, which were just about to swing the club again, wobbled, and her direction slanted a little.

As a corollary, the small golf ball’s trajectory also changed.

The small, white golf ball flew toward the three people nearby in a beautiful arc…


“Be careful!”

Amid loud gasps, the small golf ball continued its unerring flight toward the threesome’s direction!

Good chance!

There was no franticness in Liu Yue’s eyes at all. Instead, with her lips curling up in a scheming smile, she moved to grab Mother Ji’s hand and pull the latter behind her.

In the end, she grasped nothing but air.

Hm? Where is she?

Liu Yue turned to look backward, only to see that Mu Heng had already dragged Mother Ji to one side without her noticing it.

Seeing this situation, before Liu Yue could think of anything else, she felt a huge ache on her head…