Chapter 60 - Go meet the CEO with me.

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Mu Heng looked at the woman who had been knocked out on the ground and his lips curved up in a mocking manner.

Wanting to scheme on Mother Ji right in front of me? Dream on!

He, Mu Heng, was no fool. This woman really thought too little of others!

When the ball flew over just now, he saw no trace of panic in Liu Yue’s eyes. Rather, he saw a smile in there. With only that, he saw through her ugly, dirty scheme.

She merely wanted to capitalize on Mother Ji getting injured to get more benefits. Hur hur…

“Xiaoyue! Xiaoyue!” The naïve Mother Ji was naturally not attuned to this sort of thing. Stooping down, she started fussing over the unconscious Liu Yue.

It had to be mentioned that Pei Ge’s ball was really accurate. The golf ball hit Liu Yue dead center on the head. Luckily, as Pei Ge had sneezed back then, the force she had used to swing at the golf ball was not that great.

Hence, there was only a slight, red bump on Liu Yue’s head.

When the perpetrator saw this scene, she was totally stunned.

How could Pei Ge ever imagine that on her first swing, she would really manage to hit the ball, but that it would hit someone!

Once she regained her senses, Pei Ge rushed over to the area surrounded by people.

Squeezing through the crowd, a nervous Pei Ge only then realized that the person her golf ball had hit was actually Liu Yue.

When she felt the anxiety of the woman beside Liu Yue, Pei Ge hurriedly apologized, “I’m really sorry! My – My hand slipped just now. Really very sorry!”

Upon seeing that the ‘perpetrator’ was actually Pei Ge, those in the crowd who knew of the bad blood between the two could not help but think, The fate between these two is really deep.

Of course, some petty people were also thinking, Did Pei Ge do it on purpose?

“How is Liu Yue doing right now? Should I call the emergency hotline?” Pei Ge looked on worriedly at the knocked out Liu Yue. Although she no longer shared friendship with her, Pei Ge still felt guilty for unintentionally knocking her out with a golf ball.

Mother Ji, who was fussing over Liu Yue, upon hearing Pei Ge speak, thought that her voice sound familiar.

Raising her head and seeing the face bathed by sunlight, Mother Ji actually felt an inexplicable sense of closeness and familiarity toward Pei Ge.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Young lady, don’t worry too much. There’s usually a private doctor here.” At Pei Ge’s frantic look, Mother Ji assured her in a gentle voice.

Hearing Mother Ji’s reassurance, Pei Ge immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Subconsciously, she used her palm to wipe her face. Perhaps it was because of the abundant sweat on her face, but the makeup at the corner of her eyes was actually rubbed off a little.

Mu Heng, who was originally spooked by Pei Ge’s face, immediately became interested when that bit of eye makeup got rubbed off.

He stared at Pei Ge fervently in hopes of seeing past the ugly makeup to her real face underneath.

Once Pei Ge relaxed, she felt a certain someone’s intense gaze.

Her heart pounded as she thought nervously, This flirtatious man couldn’t have recognized me, right?! It can’t be! My face is already this appalling; how could he recognize me still? That’s definitely not possible! Pei Ge was on the verge of breaking down from the anxiety.

Just as Pei Ge was at a loss on what to do, the medical staff of the golf course arrived and, with great efficiency, whisked Liu Yue away in a stretcher.

“Cough! I – I will follow, too. After all, I’m responsible for knocking her out with the golf ball,” Pei Ge said this rather sincerely.

Mother Ji was about to nod her head in acceptance of Pei Ge’s offer when Mu Heng, who had quietly been observing everything, stopped her.

“There’s no need for so many people in the first aid station. You don’t need to go, Miss. However, since you did knock her out, you will have to accompany me to the CEO.”

Mu Heng had encountered many women and had always liked to challenge the harder ones. Right now, at the sight of the interesting Pei Ge, his desire to conquer was at a very high level.

Having played around for so long, he rarely met anyone who was as interesting as Pei Ge, so how could he let her leave just like that?

Mother Ji glanced at Pei Ge and then at the knocked out Liu Yue, who was being whisked away. Although she wanted to help Pei Ge say a few good words, it could not be helped that the medical staff was very undiscerning – they promptly carried the stretcher away.

As such, Mother Ji could only hurry after the medical staff without managing to say anything, leaving behind the two who were in a standoff.

“Huh? Why do I have to see the CEO?” Pei Ge was flabbergasted when she heard that she had to meet the CEO.

Did she not only accidentally hit someone? Did such a small incident really have to be reported to the CEO?

Pei Ge’s thoughts were exactly what the crowd was thinking.

The employees, who were watching the show unfold, also looked at Mu Heng in confusion.

“Cough, cough! I heard you have some disagreement with Miss Liu, so you could’ve done it on purpose, right?” Mu Heng lightly coughed upon perceiving the crowd’s gaze on him and pretended to be calm.

“Me? Purposely?” Pei Ge pointed at herself, feeling absurd. Rolling her eyes, she said in utter exasperation, “Was I so full of energy that I’d do that purposely?! Also, how could I be so good at this to the point of accurately hitting someone when it was my first time playing golf?”

To have met with such an unpleasant situation at her first time playing golf, the employees of Chenguang Real Estate really felt pity for Pei Ge.

Pei Ge really felt that she was going to be angered to death by this man. No matter how much she disliked Liu Yue, she would not do that kind of petty thing!

Seeing the woman in front of him burning with anger, Mu Heng’s lips could not help but curve up with a hint of a smile.

He of course knew that she had not done it on purpose, but he needed a reason to bring Pei Ge away.

“I really don’t know if you did it on purpose. But since Miss Liu is Mother Ji’s ‘benefactor’, you will have to go with me to report this incident.” Mu Heng had a solemn look on his face when he gave this reason to Pei Ge.

“…” Seeing Mu Heng’s serious look, Pei Ge finally understood what it meant for one to encounter an unexpected calamity!

Indeed, that annoying fellow’s friend is also annoying – no, more annoying!