Chapter 62 - You must be beautiful barefaced.

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“What’s your name?” Even as Pei Ge resolutely got off the golf course buggy once they reached their destination, Mu Heng’s long, narrow, tender-looking eyes continued to follow her every movement with interest.

However, toward the flirtatious man, Pei Ge did not feel even a shred of amiability, especially since she was really pissed at how he had toyed with her just now.

Hence, although she knew that the man’s identity was not simple, she still did not pay any attention to him. Without answering Mu Heng’s question, she resolutely turned around and walked toward the crowd.

Mu Heng was not angered by Pei Ge’s abrupt attitude at all. Rather, he felt a smile creep across his face. “I already know your name even if you don’t tell me. You’re called Pei Ge!”

Although he had heard others call the woman ‘Pei Ge’ earlier, he still wanted to hear the woman personally introduce herself to him.

Tsk. She seems to still be angry at me. Indeed, women are petty…

Pei Ge rolled her eyes at Mu Heng’s words.

The man really had nothing better to do.

“Little Ge Ge! I hope to see you barefaced the next time we meet! I think you’ll look very beautiful without makeup!” Mu Heng waved his hands at Pei Ge as he spoke this cringe-inducing line, seemingly unwilling to part with her.

Little Ge Ge…

Pei Ge almost tripped over herself at that. Turning around, she glared daggers at the man.

We will definitely not meet again! The next time she saw this lunatic again, she would definitely take the longer route back!

Once Pei Ge made it back to her colleagues, they all surrounded her and, either out of concern or nosiness, inquired over what had happened.

Pei Ge painstakingly sent this group of women away. And since she was no longer in the mood to play golf, especially after that incident earlier, she went to sit at the resting area.

Pan Xinlei, who had no interest in golf and did not know how to play it, also sat with Pei Ge.

The duo sat side-by-side and watched their energetic colleagues play golf as they drank iced beverages in a carefree manner.

It had to be mentioned that this company-organized group activity was really not bad. In the past, everyone just apathetically sat in the office and did not have many opportunities to friendlily interact or build a closer relationship with one another.

Today, however, these white-collar workers were behaving much younger than their actual age and were playing together so happily without showing any signs awkwardness. From their smiles and laughter, one could tell that they were currently feeling very relaxed – a total contrast to their usually fatigue-filled faces when in the office.

“Did anything happen when you went with that guy because of that earlier incident?” Pan Xinlei swallowed a mouthful of her drink and looked concernedly at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge acknowledged the other’s question with a nod of her head and replied with a smile, “Sister Xinlei, nothing happened to me when I went with him. That man was just playing a joke on me.”

“Sigh… I am more worried about whether that woman, Liu Yue, will retaliate on you for this.” Worry filled Pan Xinlei’s eyes when she said this. “After all, she’s now under the protection of the big boss’s mother. What if—”

“Sister Xinlei, you really don’t need to worry. I think nothing will happen. After all, I did not do it on purpose…” Pei Ge tugged at her lips. She really did not want to talk about Liu Yue at all.

Nothing good ever happened every time she associated herself with Liu Yue.

Not only did she encounter that annoying fellow at Bar Vista after being dragged over there by Liu Yue, Pei Ge also got that guy’s attention due to Liu Yue taking advantage of her.

“We can only hope for the best, then.” Pan Xinlei was still very worried. She felt that that woman, Liu Yue, would not let this matter rest easily. However, she did not voice this concern of hers upon seeing Pei Ge’s positive outlook.

The duo peacefully passed the time with casual talks on the patio chairs until 11 A.M. when the crowd got in the company vehicle again and departed from the outer golf course.

However, the vehicle was not driven for long before stopping once more.

At this moment, many of the more well-informed colleagues realized that the golf course that they were at before was not just that. Instead, it was a golf course located in a hot springs valley.

Hot Springs Valley Golf Course. The suburb was located deep within a majestic and beautiful forest. In this place, there were not only topnotch hot springs but also rare resources for playing golf.

This place, having been reconstructed, became the perfect holiday getaway for people.

The crowd got off the company vehicle and enjoyed a more breathtaking view than what could be seen at the outer golf course that they had just departed from.

The dense trees, the lush grass field, and the peaceful-looking river amid the green patches seemed to naturally draw out an area suitable for building single bungalows and villas. The scenery was as pretty as an oil painting.

Light mist seemed to hang in the air and the occasional gentle breeze carried the fragrance of flowers, bringing a soothing feeling surging through one’s body.

“Wow! So pretty!” Many people gasped in wonder as they explored the beautiful scenery with their eyes.

Pei Ge’s eyes also darted around, trying to take in the scenery around her.

The crowd did not walk for long before they reached a place that resembled a dining area.

The dining area was unlike a canteen. Rather, it was as glamorous as a banquet hall.

The number of tables arranged within the enormous venue was enough to make one unable to exactly tell how many people the place could hold.

“Oh, my gosh! The company is really generous this time…”

“It really is so good to have changed to a rich boss!”

Listening to her colleagues’ worshipping words, Pei Ge, on a rare occasion, thought that that annoying fellow was actually not too bad. At least, he cared a fair bit about his employees.

However, although food was provided in this glamorous hall, they did not get full from it. It was not that there was too little food prepared. Rather, it was because—

“Wow! I can’t wait to go to the hot springs of this Hot Springs Valley!”

Upon hearing that not much food was prepared at the moment because they were going to the hot springs, many of her colleagues were elated.

Their elation was not because going to the hot springs was super enticing to them but because the hot springs of Hot Springs Valley were really famous. The entrance per head already cost over 2000 yuan, and that excluded the room, food, and hot spring fees.

Hence, upon hearing that they could freely order any refreshments and use the hot springs facilities today, the employees of Chenguang Real Estate were all thrilled.

“Xiaoyue, can you really manage to go to the hot springs in this state?” Mother Ji looked worriedly at Liu Yue, whose face was still a little ghastly, as they sat inside a car.

She felt a little perplexed over Liu Yue’s persistence to go to the hot springs today when she could go there at another time.

With her pale lips, Liu Yue gave a slight smile as she gently replied, “I asked Auntie Ji to come with me today, so I can’t possibly spoil your fun just because of my condition.” Even when she saw Mother Ji’s confusion dissipate, she still continued explaining, “Also, going to the hot springs is good for the body.”

“You, child, are really kind-hearted…” Mother Ji fondly looked at Liu Yue as she held her hand.

Liu Yue’s eyes shone with triumph when she saw the smile in Mother Ji’s eyes.

He he… Who would’ve thought that CEO Ji’s mother is this gullible?

She insisted on going to the hot springs despite her current state not because of Mother Ji… Naturally, it was because of that high and mighty man!

Hmph. She had spent a lot of money in this, alright? Therefore, no matter what, she must capture that man for herself!