Chapter 63 - Turn Left, Turn Right

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“Pei Ge, hurry! You’re the only one left!”

Pei Ge pursed her lips at the hurried sounds of people outside. Pulling at the bright red bikini she was wearing, she replied to the people outside with a blush coloring her cheeks, “Alright, I’ll be out soon!”

Pei Ge, don’t think too much about it! Everyone is wearing something similar! Since you’re going to the hot springs, you obviously have to wear lesser clothing… much lesser.

Although Pei Ge consoled herself like this, the longer she looked at herself in the mirror, the more stifled she felt.

The super sexy, red microkini barely covered the three important points of her body. It was really Pei Ge’s first time wearing such a revealing bikini.

Hence, she had stayed in the changing room for so long and could not muster up the courage to walk out of it.

Damn it! Why am I the only unlucky one? Pei Ge depressingly thought to herself as she walked toward a bathrobe that was hanging on a hook by the door.

Honestly speaking, it was really a depressing matter for Pei Ge. Although quite a few of her colleagues were also wearing sexy bikinis, theirs were relatively more conservative than hers.

However, she got this sexy bikini in the end because she was too slow in choosing.

This bikini was honestly not ugly at all, but she was a person who had a little more flesh than the others! She was also such a conservative person that all the swimsuits she had ever worn were one piece. How could she bear to wear such a revealing bikini now?

She really would never change into this bikini if not for the fact that she wanted to enter the hot springs.

“Pei Ge, why are you not out yet?” Once more, her colleagues impatiently called out for her from the outside.

Pei Ge hastily reached for the bathrobe to put it on but, in her anxiety, she only managed to grab it slightly before…

Plop! The bathrobe fell toward a bucket filled with water that was right below where it was hung. The bathrobe was soaked in an instant.

“…” Pei Ge speechlessly looked at the now wet bathrobe with a blank expression.

“Pei Ge!” Anxious calls sounded from the outside again as Pei Ge picked up the already soaked bathrobe.

“You guys, go on ahead first. I’ll look for you later,” Pei Ge helplessly said to the ones calling for her in the end.

“Alright. We’ll go ahead first, then.” The outside of the changing room turned silent after these words were spoken.

Pei Ge picked up the bathrobe from the bucket. Drip, drip drip! Sounds of dripping water echoed about as droplets of water dripped out from the bathrobe and into the bucket.

How can I be so unlucky… Pei Ge helplessly muttered to herself as she returned the bathrobe into the bucket.

“There should be other bathrobes here, right?” Pei Ge mumbled and left the huge changing room to look for a new bathrobe.

After painstakingly looking around at every nook and cranny, Pei Ge finally found a clean bathrobe.

However, this bathrobe was not white but black. The size seemed to be a little big, too.

Pei Ge did not pay any heed to these minor details, though. Instead, she happily put the oversized bathrobe on.

Seeing that her exposed flesh was now entirely covered by the bathrobe from the mirror, a happy smile blossomed on her face.

“Okay!” She was now ready to enter the hot springs!

“Xiaoyue, are you not done changing yet?” Mother Ji, who was wearing a bathrobe, politely knocked on a cubicle in the changing room and asked this gently.

“Not yet. Auntie Ji, you can enter the hot springs first. I’ll be there in a jiffy.” A sweet and pleasant female voice sounded from within the cubicle.

Hearing Liu Yue’s words, Mother Ji perplexedly knocked on the door again.

“Xiaoyue, are you alright?”

“Auntie Ji, I’m fine.” Liu Yue became anxious when Mother Ji did not move to leave.

“Are you really alright?” Mother Ji asked again in a worried voice.

“I’m really fine. Auntie Ji, you can go there first. I just want to trim my nails a little,” Liu Yue replied abashedly.

After finally managing to send Mother Ji off, Liu Yue opened the door to the cubicle and, when she saw that no one was around, left the changing room.

That old woman, really. She almost spoiled my plans.

Liu Yue pursed her lips in displeasure at Mother Ji’s performance just now.

If Mother Ji had insisted on waiting for her to come out and enter the hot springs together, her plan would have really gone to waste.

Patting down her bathrobe, Liu Yue walked along the corridor and quickly reached a remote area.

Liu Yue waited on one spot in the area for a while until an approaching silhouette made her lips curl into a triumphant smile.

“What took you so long?” Liu Yue complained to the woman wearing the uniform of Hot Springs Valley Golf Course.

“Excuse me, Miss Liu. It is still the working hours right now, alright?” the woman in uniform replied exasperatedly.

Did she not only give her that bit of money? Although the amount given was slightly more than usual, it was still not worth it for her to get fined for her job delays.

“Alright, alright. Have you prepared the thing I asked you for?” Liu Yue’s eyes shone with light as she excitedly asked the woman this.

“Yes, I did.” The woman nodded her head, a look of contempt flitting through her eyes.

Liu Yue was not a naïve person and could naturally see the contempt reflected in the woman’s eyes.

However, she did not care about the woman’s opinion at all. When she got together with the ultimate tall, rich, and handsome bachelor, Ji Ziming, these people could only look at her in envy.

“Walk along this road… then turn left. The security personnel around the private VIP hot springs have all been called away. You can just enter through the back door near the bamboo walls.” The woman explained the way to get there to Liu Yue and then warned her about the public hot springs for male being on the right side before hastily departing.

When the woman was out of sight, Liu Yue walked out from that secluded corner. In a cheerful mood, she followed the directions the woman had just given her.

Soon, she reached the intersection with the signs for turning left and right that the woman had mentioned.

This was also when Liu Yue spotted a familiar silhouette.

Pei Ge? Why is she here? There’re only the private hot springs and male’s public hot springs here. There shouldn’t be any female’s public hot springs here…

Observing Pei Ge who was enjoying the scenery with a carefree smile on her face, Liu Yue’s eyes first darted around and then focused on the direction indicator beside her.

[←Public Hot Springs | Private Hot Springs→]

A scheming look flitted through Liu Yue’s eyes as she stared at the direction indicator with the left and right directions.

Pak! Liu Yue quickly turned the direction indicator around.

The indicator was now pointing in the opposite directions.

Liu Yue clasped her palms together in satisfaction and happily walked toward the [Public Hot Springs→] direction while thinking of how it was such a pity that she could not appreciate Pei Ge’s look when she walked into the male’s public hot springs later.

“Ah! I forgot to tell that woman just now that the direction indicator is broken and to not follow it but just turn left!” The woman in uniform exclaimed this as she was cleaning a portion of the hot springs facility.

“…On second thought, I did tell her to just turn left at the intersection. She probably won’t walk in the wrong direction. And if she goes the wrong way still, that is already her fault for not properly listening!”

With that said, the woman hummed a tune under her breathe while she performed her duty.