Chapter 64 - You again!

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“Hah!” Pei Ge took a deep breath and her face showed fascination.

Not only is the scenery here so breathtaking, the air is also refreshing. Next time, when I receive my salary, I must bring Mom here to relax, Pei Ge resolved to herself as she continued walking onward.

“Did the staff give me the wrong direction? I’ve walked for so long, yet I haven’t seen the direction indicator,” Pei Ge muttered under her breath as she scoured the empty walkway.

Just as she was thinking of going back the way she had come from, Pei Ge spotted a direction indicator not too far from her.

Her eyes shone with light as she hastened her footsteps toward it.

After walking closer, Pei Ge raised her head to look at the worn-out indicator. “Private Hot Springs… Public Hot Springs…”

Pei Ge blinked her eyes as she turned toward the direction of the public hot springs.

“It should be this side…” Having said this, Pei Ge walked on the walkway leading toward the indicated direction for the public hot springs.

A gentle breeze blew past and, with a screeching sound, the direction indicator changed directions again.

Of course, this change was not seen by anyone.

As Pei Ge continued walking, the temperature in the surroundings started to rise. When Pei Ge finally reached the end of the walkway, mist hung in front of her. Through the mist, she could vaguely see a fresh green color.

The mist around the fresh green color only lightened when Pei Ge walked closer.

It turned out that a bamboo forest was located in front. The way the bright green bamboo vertically stuck against one another made everything look like a unique decoration. In addition, the mist wafting in the surroundings made people feel as though they were in a heavenly area.

Pei Ge, whose cheeks had become rosy either from elation or the steam, appreciatively looked at the paradise-like scenery before her.

“This place looks really awesome!” Pei Ge exclaimed lightly as she continued walking along the green bamboo walls. Soon, she reached an exquisite-looking small bamboo door.

“It should be here!” She pushed the door open with a smile and walked into the hot spring pool area.

Passing through the bamboo door and getting a good look at the scenery within, Pei Ge could not help but think that this public hot spring was a little too exquisite.

There were even many beautiful plants and tables for playing chess on the side.

Of course, the most important thing Pei Ge noticed when she walked inside was this place’s emptiness. No one was actually inside this huge hot spring.

Hm? Did I come to the wrong place?

Pei Ge blinked her eyes. The empty hot spring made her feel that something was amiss.

However, she soon put the uneasy feeling at the back of her mind and smiled happily, instead.

“Being alone is not bad, too!” Pei Ge smilingly mumbled this.

She was wearing a very revealing bikini today. Pei Ge was really reluctant to enter the hot springs with the colleagues that she was not that close with while in this kind of outfit.

More importantly, this hot spring looked so nice and comfortable that dipping in it alone must be very enjoyable.

Hence, Pei Ge unhesitatingly took off her bathrobe. With her white and smooth feet out in the open, she took careful steps into the hot spring.

“Hah…” The moment her body was submerged in the hot spring, Pei Ge felt so comfortable that it seemed to her as though she had reached the heavens.

Taking a deep breath, Pei Ge cupped some spring water into her hands and splashed it on her exposed shoulders and arms, looking totally at ease.

Shwash, shwash, shwash! Sounds of water echoed within this enclosed hot spring, making the paradise-looking place feel more lived-in.

After playing alone in the hot spring pool, Pei Ge recalled that time she had gone to the hot springs with her family in the past. She always liked playing that game where she would hold her breath under the water with her father. Her father would even always lose to her on purpose…

“Our family’s Little Ge Ge is really good at this! Even daddy can’t win!”

Daddy… Her father’s face resurfaced from Pei Ge’s memories. Although her lower eyelids began to fill with moisture, she still had a heartfelt smile on her lips.

“Heave!” Taking a deep breath, Pei Ge’s upper body vanished from the surface of the hot spring pool.

Other than the slight ripples of water from where Pei Ge was standing just now, the area returned to the state before Pei Ge had entered it, as though there were no one inside at all.

Shwash, shwash, shwash! Water from the shower splashed against the flawlessly sculpted body of an Adonis.

Ji Ziming rinsed himself in a slipshod manner and turned off the shower. He then walked barefoot out of the shower stall. Taking down and wearing the black bathrobe that hung on a hook by the wall, he walked outside.

The lapels of the black bathrobe were left carelessly open, revealing his sculpted chest. The wet black hair, white skin, and stoic but handsome face gave off an aesthetically pleasing sense of detachment.

Pat, pat, pat! Footsteps sounded when he walked as his feet were still wet.

The sound of footsteps stopped when he reached the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Ji Ziming gazed at the beautiful scenery outside for a bit. He then opened the windows and wore the wooden clogs that were placed right outside them.

Tac, tac, tac! The wooden clogs knocked against the stone flooring, resulting in a light knocking sound to echo in the area.

Reaching the hot spring pool area, Ji Ziming spotted a black bathrobe on the side when he scanned his surroundings.

With his brows furrowed, he thought in displeasure that the staff must have mistakenly left the bathrobe here.

Ignoring the piece of offending clothing, Ji Ziming tugged off his bathrobe’s tie and subsequently took it off. He then placed it on the clothes rack specially prepared for customers.

His muscular and sculpted figure was once again revealed in all its glory.

Ji Ziming slowly walked down the steps and into the hot spring below. The water level gradually rose up from his calves, his thighs, his waist…

Swash! A sound of splashing water suddenly resonated throughout. From within the tranquil spring pool, a seductive silhouette appeared in Ji Ziming’s sight, not far from where he was.

The glaring sun filtered through the small cracks between the bamboo walls. As the golden sunlight shone on the woman, who had suddenly emerged from the water, Ji Ziming, for an instant, thought of the term ‘mermaid’.