Chapter 65 - You don’t know who I am?

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The leaves of the surrounding trees softened the radiant rays of the sun that were shining on the hot spring.

Ji Ziming was in a daze over a woman suddenly emerging from the water but, in the next instant, his eyes darkened at the clear sight of her countenance.

Crystal clear water droplets rolled from Pei Ge’s hair to her skin. The soft sunlight glistened on the surface of the water around her, reflecting her body in golden gleam and making her look especially radiant and beautiful.

Although Pei Ge was slightly plumped, her figure was well-proportioned. Furthermore, the curvature of her breasts made her look sexier when drenched.

The fiery red points, pearly white skin, and sexy figure caused the man’s eyes to burn with intense desire.

Pei Ge laughed in a carefree manner as she casually wiped the beads of water off her face. This was when she realized that a naked man was standing near her.

“Ahhhh!” Pei Ge promptly screamed without seeing the man’s face.

Ji Ziming, who was initially aroused by Pei Ge, now knitted his sword-like eyebrows together at her piercing scream.

Why was it that this damn woman would always scream every time he met her?

“Shut up!” Ji Ziming took a step toward her.

Seeing the man stride over, Pei Ge not only screamed louder but also began to swing her hands forward.

Shwash… shwash….

Ji Ziming laughed at the sight, finding the whole situation hilarious.

The warding-off motion of the woman’s hands in the hot spring made many splashes in the water. If not for the woman’s scream and weird expression, the scene would strongly resemble a couple having a water fight.

“Pervert! Get away from me!” Pei Ge yelled angrily as she splashed water at Ji Ziming.

Ji Ziming frowned at Pei Ge’s words and said coldly, “Open your eyes and take a good look at who I am.” Pausing slightly, he added, “Also, this is my private hot spring.”

How did this woman enter? He remembered that the place was fully booked, so there should not be anyone else. Could it be that she was an employee of the Hot Springs Valley Golf Course?

At Ji Ziming’s voice, Pei Ge’s hands stopped moving.

Wait a damn minute! This voice sounds too familiar! Moreover… Private hot spring?!

Pei Ge widened her eyes and lifted her head. In the instant that she got a good look of the man’s face in front of her—

“Annoying male host?!” Pei Ge cried out in shock, her face paling.

Why was this annoying person here?!

Hearing the words that escaped Pei Ge’s lips, Ji Ziming shot her a dangerous look; his expression darkened as he stretched his arm out.

His strong arm pulled Pei Ge into his embrace, pressing her whole body against his chest.

“Annoying male host?” Ji Ziming lightly lifted Pei Ge’s chin and regarded her darkly.

Pei Ge’s body could not help but slackened when she found herself in an extremely dangerous position.

“Let – Let go of me this instant! Get your hands away from me!” Pei Ge then began to struggle relentlessly, her palms pushing against Ji Ziming’s flawlessly sculpted chest.

Ji Ziming eyed Pei Ge, who was struggling in his embrace like a cornered kitten, and the sides of his mouth could not help but curl into a smile.

“Assh*le! You let go of me now! Otherwise, I will call the police!” Seeing that she could not loosen his embrace, Pei Ge glared at Ji Ziming, who had lowered his body, with fuming eyes.

“Oh? You sure you want to call the police?” Ji Ziming looked at the wide-eyed Pei Ge and said sarcastically, “This is my private hot spring, and you are an employee who crept in without the owner’s permission.”

Employee? Wait a minute!

Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming with a confused look, her heart beating with trepidation. Could this annoying person have figured out who she was?!

Impossible! Every time she saw him, she would always act fierce….

“Why? Afraid now?” Ji Ziming asked softly when he saw Pei Ge’s sudden stillness.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes at Ji Ziming with an uneasy heart. She wanted to ask him how he had found out her identity, but she was afraid that her question would only bring further bad luck.

The water temperature and earlier exertion caused Pei Ge’s body to heat up which, in turn, made her look even more alluring.

The wet hair, the moist eyes, the pitiful appearance, all of these appealed to Ji Ziming and gave him the strong urge to bite her blushing cheeks.

Of course, the Ji Ziming, who never wronged himself, did just that.

He lowered his head and nibbled at one of Pei Ge’s warm cheeks.

“Ah! Why did you bite me?!” The initially dazed Pei Ge yelled in anger at Ji Ziming’s bold action.

Seeing the woman’s liveliness in his embrace, Ji Ziming laughed softly. With a hint of joy in his voice, he asked, “Woman, say, what is your name?”

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?!

Pei Ge’s eyes widened with suspicion and elation when she heard Ji Ziming’s question.

“You don’t know who I am?” Pei Ge asked carefully as she nervously swallowed her saliva.

“Woman, do I need to know who you are?” Ji Ziming furrowed his brows and looked at Pei Ge in amusement.

This was the first time a woman had dared to speak to him in such a manner.

“You really don’t know who I am?” At Ji Ziming’s confused expression, the pitch of Pei Ge’s voice rose as she felt excited.

“Tell me, who are you?” Ji Ziming’s slender palm gently cupped Pei Ge’s cheek.

Since he met this woman, she surprisingly always had a way to attract him.

Ha ha ha! This annoying person doesn’t know who I am! Yay! Pei Ge did a victory fist in her heart and was absolutely elated. I no longer have to be worried!

“Why are you suddenly laughing?” Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge’s laughing face and could not help but break into a smile as well.

“You want to know?” Pei Ge blinked her eyes mischievously as she waved at Ji Ziming with a smile, saying, “Lower your head.”

Perhaps, it was the heat or the effect of the woman on him, but the strong Ji Ziming yielded to Pei Ge’s order and lowered his head closer to her.

“I am laughing….” The initial mirth in her eyes was instantly replaced with one full of slyness.

“Oomph!” A sudden stroke of pain caused Ji Ziming to instinctively hold his nose and involuntarily step back.

“I’m laughing at you, idiot! Ha ha!” Pei Ge laughed hysterically at Ji Ziming’s involuntary retreat.

Pei Ge hastily got out of the hot spring as she laughed, her hand swiftly reaching for her robe.

“Damn woman!” Ji Ziming’s eyes fumed with irrepressible anger as he watched the woman move to leave the hot spring.

He had never met a woman who would dare mess with him like what she just did!

“Annoying person, see you!” Pei Ge childishly made a face at Ji Ziming and sprinted out of the hot spring with a smug smile.

Ji Ziming closed his eyes coolly at Pei Ge’s departing figure.

Damn woman, you just wait and see!