Chapter 68 - What is there to like about that annoying person?!

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“Pei Ge, good morning!”


Perhaps, it was because of the company retreat over the weekend, but everyone was full of energy on a Monday when they would normally look worn out on this particular day of the week.

Pei Ge arrived at her desk shortly after greeting a number of people on her way over.

There were few people in the office at the moment as it was still early.

“Morning, Bi Zheng,” Pei Ge cheerfully greeted her tablemate when she saw him doing his morning routine of reading a book.

She initially thought that Bi Zheng would ignore her like usual but, for some unknown reason, he actually responded this time.

Although it was just him raising his head and expressionlessly nodding, the action still astounded Pei Ge.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes at Bi Zheng, whose head was now buried back in his book, and her mouth curled up slightly.

“Pei Ge, come out now.”

Pei Ge had only sat down and was just about to switch her computer on when a voice that made her unhappy rang out.

She looked up and saw Liu Yue standing by the office doors in a body-hugging black dress. The latter was regarding her with fuming eyes.

Pei Ge’s mouth turned down. Disregarding Liu Yue entirely, she began to organize her desk.

“Pei Ge, I’m talking to you! Are you deaf?!” Liu Yue yelled angrily when she saw Pei Ge ignore her.

At her scandalous voice, the people present in the office stopped what they were doing and shifted their eyes between Pei Ge and Liu Yue.

“Liu Yue, this is an office. If you want to throw a tantrum, please do it outside,” Pei Ge coldly said this to Liu Yue.

“Come out now; I have something to talk to you about.” Liu Yue looked at Pei Ge with eyes like dagger. It was evident in her tone of voice that she was repressing her anger.

Pei Ge was no fool. Seeing the look on Liu Yue’s face, she knew that this opportunistic woman was probably here to get her payback.

She was also aware that if she did not go out and just continued to ignore Liu Yue, the woman would not let the matter rest….

Although she could not care less about Liu Yue, she could also not let the latter continue with this ruckus. Thus, Pei Ge reluctantly stood up from her seat and walked out of the office with a cold face.

“What is it? Spit it out now,” Pei Ge said coolly as she stood opposite of Liu Yue.

When Pei Ge walked over, Liu Yue tried to drag her somewhere else for this talk, but the other managed to evade her grasping hand.

“If you want to talk, just talk; keep your hand to yourself,” Pei Ge indifferently said this to Liu Yue.

Liu Yue was enraged by Pei Ge’s attitude and, with a rude tone, said, “This is not the place to talk.”

“Oh? If that’s the case, then I’ll go back to my seat.” Pei Ge was not about to follow whatever she wanted. Just this act of her walking over to talk was already pushing it.

Not mentioning that Liu Yue wanted to talk to her in private, who knew if this scheming woman had something planned for her?

“Hey, you stay right there!” Liu Yue was even more enraged now at Pei Ge’s act of turning around.

She had planned everything and spent a fortune for this weekend getaway, but she had ended up paving the way for someone else.

That someone was not just any passerby, too, but the eyesore Pei Ge.

Thinking of the hot-spring fiasco and how Pei Ge had stolen her chance to have a passionate encounter with Ji Ziming in his private hot spring, she really wanted to suffocate Pei Ge right there and then.

If it had not been for her appearance at that place back then, she would not have made that huge blunder and would have successfully attracted Ji Ziming.

If Pei Ge knew what Liu Yue was currently thinking, she would spit at her face; after all, not every woman had this mentality of fishing for a rich husband.

Moreover, this rich husband was one that she had no interest in.

Pei Ge did not study psychology and Liu Yue’s darkening expression only made her want to ignore the latter more. She was very much not interested in putting Liu Yue in her place, too.

“You did it on purpose, right?! You want to snatch him for yourself!” Liu Yue hissed as she threw Pei Ge a suspicious look.

When Pei Ge heard Liu Yue’s accusation, she only rolled her eyes and retorted, “Sorry, I don’t have the slightest clue on what you’re on about.”

Indeed, she should not have reasoned with this unsound Liu Yue.

“Don’t play dumb! I know you want him, too, but I definitely won’t let you have your way!” Liu Yue clenched her hands tightly when she said this.

Pei Ge rolled her eyes at Liu Yue’s threatening words. “Crazy!”

With that, she did not bother with Liu Yue anymore and walked back to her seat.

When Pei Ge just left, Liu Yue bit her lips in anger. With no other choice, she also departed.

“What did that Liu Yue want from you?”

“Is she crazy? You don’t owe her anything. What attitude is that?”

“Exactly. I saw the way she looked at you just now. So scary….”

Pei Ge had just sat down when the other ladies in the office surrounded her and began to gossip about Liu Yue.

“It’s nothing much.” Pei Ge was too lazy to talk about Liu Yue. To her, Liu Yue was a self-absorbed and scheming woman. The words Liu Yue had said were absolutely ridiculous as well.

Simply assuming that everyone had the same intention as her….

Moreover, what was there to like about that annoying person?!


What an annoying person, indeed! Spoiling her good mood this early in the morning after that terrible encounter they had last time!

Pei Ge marked Ji Ziming in her heart again.

“Director Yang, this is the document you wanted.” Pei Ge walked into Yang Aoyun’s office after she finished this document that was given to her this morning.

“Mhm-mhm. Put it here.” Yang Aoyun hung up the phone and nodded at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge had just placed the file on her desk when she heard Yang Aoyun add, “I have a parcel down at the reception; help me retrieve it.”

“Sure.” Pei Ge nodded her head with a smile before walking out.

Ding! The lift doors parted open and Pei Ge exited it.

She was about to reach the reception desk when she noticed the familiar tall and straight back of a man beside it.

She then saw the blushing faces of the surrounding female employees in their infatuation.

Pei Ge’s eyes widened as she recognized who the man was.

Isn’t he that annoying person?!