Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of 200 chapters

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Beads of water wetted Pei Ge’s black hair, but this did not make her look repulsive and, instead, just made her look even more beautiful.

Pei Ge’s eyes closed slightly, her black hair cascading on her shoulders.

Because of the water, the snow-white chiffon dress had already stuck on to Pei Ge’s skin, tightly hugging her body and giving the illusion of her possessing a perfect body curve.

Soft light shone on her. The beads of water reflected Pei Ge with golden gleams, causing her whole body to glisten.

The Pei Ge right now was even more beautiful than before, as the combination of light and water made her look seductive – sacred even.

Ji Ziming lowered his head and found the sight to be somewhat repulsive, causing his cold eyes to darken and be filled with unknown anger.

His fingers softly brushed away the strands of hair on Pei Ge’s face and gently tucked them behind her ear.

“Open your eyes.” The man’s voice was coarse and he looked at Pei Ge darkly.

Hearing Ji Ziming’s firm tone, the dizzy Pei Ge struggled to wake up.

Ji Ziming felt himself turning hard as he looked at Pei Ge’s moist eyes that were filled with confusion and concentration.

“Tell me who I am.”

The man’s voice, full of enchantment, caused Pei Ge to only hear and see him.

“He he… You are my male host; you are mine…” Pei Ge gave Ji Ziming a silly look, speaking as though she was giving an announcement. With a smack of her lips, she kissed Ji Ziming’s bare chest.

“Uhhh!” Ji Ziming groaned, his voice full of insatiable desires.

The kiss from earlier landed exactly on the red dot on the man’s right chest and, just as perfectly, Pei Ge’s warm tongue gently swept across it….

Under such powerful stimulation, the usually rational Ji Ziming threw all reasons to the wind, his eyes’ color deepening.


Pei Ge’s already soaked-through chiffon dress was torn open by a pair of strong hands. This drenched skirt that once clung tightly on to her skin now lay to her sides in pieces.

No longer supported by bra, her breasts now hung freely, exposing herself completely to Ji Ziming’s probing eyes.

Seeing her breasts jumping free like tempting little rabbits, Ji Ziming could feel dryness in the back of his throat when he swallowed; his slender hands started exploring Pei Ge’s back in quick motions.

“Itchy!” Feeling a pair of hands on her back, Pei Ge began to fidget. She clung on to Ji Ziming tightly and began to rub against him.

This unintentional action of Pei Ge only heightened Ji Ziming’s desire, causing his hands to move faster.

“Hot… unbearable….”

The scent was getting stronger and Pei Ge’s body was getting hotter.

Ji Ziming was not in a better state; his whole body, as though it was steel being sharpened in a big fire, grew hotter and hotter….

The sound of running water gently echoed through the bathroom.

A man and a woman, intertwined indecently in a transparent bathroom, evoked a suffocating smell.

Ji Ziming looked at the woman, who seemingly had no care in this world, cradled in his arms and could not resist caressing and kissing her incessantly.

He left his mark on her pearly, white skin, and this filled him with unspeakable euphoria and satisfaction.

The woman was nothing special, yet she seemed to possess an allure that evoked all his desires, making him unable to control himself, and all he could think of was pressing her down and conquering her.

“Uhhhh!” The woman’s cat-like moan made Ji Ziming feel numb all over.

Ji Ziming held Pei Ge tightly in his embrace; he was about to conquer this deadly, little woman fully when the unthinkable happened.

The woman, who was initially leaning on Ji Ziming rather submissively, pushed him away with great force.

Unguarded, he was really pushed away by the petite Pei Ge.

The emptiness of his hands reflected the same emptiness he felt inside. Dissatisfied, he prepared to pull the woman back when—


The sound of vomiting filled the air, and the once sweet-scented smell of the bathroom was now replaced by the stench of alcohol.

The alcohol, perfume, and heat of the bathroom caused Pei Ge to vomit again.

Her vomit made the naked Ji Ziming regain his senses.

Seeing Pei Ge squatting on the floor and vomiting, Ji Ziming furrowed his brows together.

Despite his desires not fully dispersing, he had his rationality back.

Ji Ziming’s eyes had a dark expression as he looked at the indecent woman on the floor. Why would this woman, who was a stranger to him, act so indecently?

Shwash… shwash… The sound of water echoed through the bathroom as it flushed Pei Ge’s vomit down the drain. Except for the faint alcohol scent, there was no other evidence that Pei Ge had just vomited.

“Whoo… So comfortable…” Having vomited, Pei Ge remarked in a confused state.

Seeing Pei Ge’s ridiculous state, Ji Ziming suppressed his heart’s desires and snorted. This was but a drunk and senseless woman.

Drying himself with the towel from the towel rack, he donned on a bathrobe from the cupboard and moved to exit the bathroom. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom, Ji Ziming turned to look at Pei Ge, who was lying on the floor.

His eyebrows knitted together and eventually re-entered the bathroom.

The curled up Pei Ge on the floor seemed awfully cold, so he took the shower head and splashed warm water all over her body.

“So warm… so comfortable…” Pei Ge’s eyes remained tightly shut, yet her lips had a silly smile when she murmured these words, as though she was speaking in her dreams.

Ji Ziming looked at her and snorted softly, his heart somewhat unsettled.

This woman was really not cautious at all!

Once he finished rinsing her, Ji Ziming wrapped a big towel around Pei Ge and carried her out of the bathroom.

Casting a glance around the suite, there was really no other place to sleep except for the king-sized bed. Ji Ziming had no choice but to dump the woman in his arms onto the bed.

Once she landed on the bed, Pei Ge instinctively reached for the blanket and pulled it over herself, hugging the blanket and drifting off to dreamland.

“Heh…” Seeing Pei Ge’s silly self and total disregard for her image, Ji Ziming smiled. He even felt his initial dissatisfaction and unhappiness dissipating.

He lowered his head, and the sight of Pei Ge’s head buried in the bed made him chuckle.

What an interesting woman.

Tonight, Ji Ziming slept next to Pei Ge for the first time and dreamed a very absurd dream….