Chapter 73 - You have got be kidding me!

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The next morning, when Pei Ge woke up, she did not skip to the washroom to wash up as per usual. Instead, she caressed her tummy and carefully got up from the bed.

Next, she, again, carefully wore her slippers and walked slowly to the washroom to wash up. By the time she finished all these in slow motion, it was already much later than the time she would usually have her breakfast.

Luckily, Pei Ge had risen earlier. Thus, even if she was later than usual, she still had the time to eat breakfast.

“Ge Ge, why do you keep touching your tummy with your hand? Do you have a stomach ache?” Zhang Manhua asked perplexedly when she saw her daughter placing her left hand on her belly the whole duration of their breakfast.

Pei Ge guiltily put her hand down and nodded her head, replying softly, “A little.”

“Did you catch a cold? Why didn’t you cover yourself properly with your blanket yesterday?” Zhang Manhua reprimanded Pei Ge, “How many times do I have to tell you? Even if the weather recently is hot, you should still properly cover yourself with a blanket at night.”

Hearing her mother’s concerned nagging, Pei Ge felt that she should totally not let her know about the pregnancy.

“Mom… I’ll just drink some soybean milk.” Saying this, Pei Ge held up the bowl with the soybean milk to her mouth and gulped half of its content.

Zhang Manhua’s worries mostly dissipated when she saw Pei Ge ingesting her food properly. She then shook her head with an affectionate expression on her face. Already 26, yet she’s still like a child.

After breakfast, Pei Ge walked to the doorstep and promptly picked up her black leather kitten heels from the shoe cabinet. However, the moment she picked it up, she unwittingly looked at her tummy again.

Er… I heard pregnant women shouldn’t wear shoes with heels… Thinking of this, Pei Ge picked up a pair of flats from the shoe cabinet, instead.

She then slowly walked toward the bus stop. There, she did not wait long before the bus going straight to her company arrived.

The bus stopped and Pei Ge carefully got on it. As she always went to work in the early hours of the morning, the bus was still pretty empty.

Sitting down on an empty seat, Pei Ge dazedly stared out the window in boredom.

Sigh… I really don’t want to look for that annoying fellow. Sigh, sigh… Why did I have to be pregnant? Sigh, sigh, sigh… Why am I this unlucky? Just as Pei Ge was complaining inside, the bus announcement sounded for passengers to give up their seats to the elderly, children, sick, handicapped, and those with children.

Pei Ge swept her gaze around and only realized then that the bus was already full. A young mother was carrying a baby by the front of the bus.

Perhaps, it was because they had just boarded the bus, but the little baby, who was not yet used to the bus’s atmosphere, started wailing.

As the young mother had no seat, she could only hold on to the handrail with one hand while she used her other hand to frantically console her child.

However, the passengers around her apathetically remained in their seats, as though they could not see the plight of the young mother with her child.

At such an apathetic scene, Pei Ge frowned, quickly got up from her seat, and called to the young mother by the bus’s front.

“Come sit here.” Pei Ge smiled and beckoned the woman carrying a child to her seat.

The woman gratefully walked toward Pei Ge at this.

“Thank you!” the woman sincerely expressed to Pei Ge as she sat on her vacated seat.

After the woman had properly sat down, Pei Ge sighed in relief and directed her attention to the child in the mother’s embrace.

The child seemed to be less than a year old. With chubby cheeks, soft white skin, and large round eyes, the baby looked really adorable.

“Hello!” Pei Ge teased the child in the woman’s embrace with a big smile.

It was really weird. The child, who was crying nonstop, suddenly quieted down the moment he saw Pei Ge. He then stared at Pei Ge unblinkingly with his black, round eyes.

He even smiled widely when Pei Ge teased him.

“Hah…” Hearing the baby’s delightful laughter, Pei Ge unwittingly placed her palm on her tummy again.

“Sister, are you pregnant?” Seeing Pei Ge’s action, the woman asked amicably.

Pei Ge was a little embarrassed at the woman’s question and did not know how to answer it.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. I am someone who has experienced the same thing,” the young mother smilingly said when she saw Pei Ge’s abashed look.

“Giving birth is something every woman has to go through. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Mhm…” Pei Ge hung her head low in embarrassment.

I’m not really embarrassed because I’m pregnant. Sigh… Pei Ge sighed inwardly. Now that she had seen this adorable little baby, she felt really guilty and ashamed of herself.

The little life in her tummy was going to lose its right to live all because of her thoughtless action. It would not even have the chance to take a look at this world…

“Sister, don’t worry. Giving birth is not as scary as you think it to be. Although it can be a little difficult for the nine months you are pregnant, when you finally give birth to your child, you will feel that all these hardships are worth it.” Mistaking the distress look on Pei Ge’s face to be fear of childbirth, the woman said these reassuring words.

A ridiculous idea took form in Pei Ge’s mind at the woman’s gentle and affectionate smile. How about… I give birth to this child?

No, no. You are already having trouble providing for yourself, so how will you have the time and extra money for a child? Besides, how will you explain this to your mother?

It was as though there were two people quarreling inside Pei Ge’s mind on whether to give birth or abort the child.

Pei Ge got off the bus in this muddle-headed state once it reached the stop in front of her company building.

Only after alighting from the bus and seeing the bright sunlight, did Pei Ge regain her senses.

Pei Ge, don’t think too much about these little nothings! There’s an important meeting today! Do your work properly today and only worry about the child tomorrow!

Having adjusted her emotions, the troubled expression on Pei Ge’s face was replaced by a calm one before she stepped into the company building.



Pei Ge greeted her colleagues with a smile.

Ding! Two women entered the elevator Pei Ge was in when it stopped on the second floor.

“Let me tell you; there’s going to be a good show to watch today.”

“Hm? What good show?”

The two women seemed to not have noticed Pei Ge’s presence in the elevator as they chatted away happily.

“The CEO got a woman pregnant….”

Boom! It was as though something had exploded in Pei Ge’s mind, and she went totally still.

I’ll be damned! I only learned of my pregnancy yesterday, so how did it spread throughout the company this fast? Other than me and Xiaoyu, how did a third person find out about it? You’ve got be kidding me!