Chapter 77 - CEO, please let me go!

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“Let go of me! Let go! I won’t run, okay?! I’ll follow you, alright?! Just let go of me now!”

Since leaving the lift, Pei Ge was unable to extricate herself from Ji Ziming’s tight grip. Thankfully, it was lunchtime and no one was at the office lobby.

“Hmph! Can’t you understand me?!” Pei Ge stared at the stone-cold face of Ji Ziming, who was refusing to let go of her hand.

Pei Ge used to think that Ji Ziming’s handsome features were good to look at but, today, at such proximity, she could only feel frustration.

Ji Ziming glanced at Pei Ge and responded to her words by tightening his grip on her wrist even more.

He could not explain why but he did not want this woman to disappear again now that she had finally appeared in front of him.

The two struggled like this with each other all the way from inside the elevator and within the lobby to outside the company building.

Once the two exited the first floor lobby through the glass doors, Liu Yue emerged from her hiding place.

“Pei Ge…” Liu Yue’s face that had exquisite makeup was contorted with rage.

She was feeling slightly moody today, so she was slow in going for lunch. Never did she expect to witness such a scene of Pei Ge and Ji Ziming tangled together, though.

“I won’t let you get smug over this….”


Pei Ge, who was flung into the car, could only stare daggers at the taciturn Ji Ziming, who had shut the car door.

“What do you want from me?!” Pei Ge was now full of regret for being unable to hold back and inadvertently revealing herself to Ji Ziming.

“Explain.” Ji Ziming, who was now elegantly reclining on the car seat beside Pei Ge, ordered this in a calm voice as he regarded her with a blank stare.

He sat there with a straight posture, yet his presence oozed with freezing dominance.

Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming in this state and rubbed her lips together before responding softly, “…I don’t have anything say.”

“Really?” Ji Ziming arched one of his eyebrows, yet his eyes softened when he saw Pei Ge bow her head.

“Why are you at my office?”

“I’m working there, of course!” Pei Ge racked her brains and said this matter-of-factly.

“Working, huh…” Ji Ziming nodded. When Pei Ge’s eyes lit up because of his words, he could not resist but tease her, “So why haven’t I seen you there before?”

“Please. You’re the company’s big boss, and I’m just a small employee. Why would you notice me?” Pei Ge bluffed with a grin.

“Were you intentionally hiding from me?” Ji Ziming said humorously at the sight of Pei Ge trying her best to mislead him.

“How could that be?! Why would I be hiding from you?!” Pei Ge blinked her eyes. Her guilty conscience caused the pitch of her voice to rise.

“Mhm.” Ji Ziming nodded again. Seeing the person sitting next to him feeling guilty, he asked, instead, “What is your name? Which department are you from?”

I’m done for! The important question has been asked!

Thinking of how her image was like whenever she appeared in front of Ji Ziming, her whole being was devastated.

“My – My – My name is…” Unable to think of any pseudonym to introduce herself as, Pei Ge slipped out her best friend’s name. “My name is Tang Xiaoyu. I’m just a small fry in the company.”

Tang Xiaoyu? Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge with suspicion. His gut was telling him that this woman’s name should not be that.

“Then – Then, Big Boss… If you are done asking, I – I can go now… right?” Pei Ge asked haltingly as she cast Ji Ziming a wary glance.

Ji Ziming felt unhappy at Pei Ge’s cautious look. Was he that scary for her to be so afraid of him?

In the car’s quiet ambiance, before Ji Ziming could respond to Pei Ge, he was interrupted by the sound of knocking on the glass window from the outside.

Dong, dong, dong!

Pei Ge looked at the woman, who was pounding at the car window from the outside, with widened eyes. This woman is quite bold , she thought.

“CEO Ji… is the woman outside looking for you?”

Ji Ziming glanced at the woman outside the car unhappily, his forehead creasing with lines and his expression darkening.

Seeing the unhappiness in Ji Ziming’s eyes, Pei Ge began to feel curious about the woman outside.

“Hey, aren’t you going to talk to her? That woman seems to have something urgent to say.” Looking through the glass window and seeing the woman’s persistent knocking, Pei Ge could not resist but ask this.

The woman standing outside was very beautiful – a modern type of beauty. Is she Ji Ziming’s girlfriend? That can’t be right. This annoying person’s reaction does not seem like it….

“No need,” Ji Ziming replied coldly and, thereafter, took out his phone.

“…Get rid of her. I don’t wish to see her again.”

Hearing Ji Ziming’s last sentence, Pei Ge frowned.

This woman… Could she be….

“Let me go! I want to see CEO Ji! Let me go!”

Pei Ge looked at the struggling woman outside the car and, in that instant, her eyes widened.

Her stomach?!

Pei Ge’s palm could not help but hover over her own stomach.

That’s the woman carrying Ji Ziming’s baby!

“Ji Ziming, you idiot! You’re not human!” Pei Ge stared angrily at Ji Ziming when she saw the pregnant woman being dragged away by the two security guards and felt empathetic toward her, as though she were the one experiencing that kind of harsh treatment.

“What are you getting worked up about?” Ji Ziming asked, not understanding why Pei Ge was getting angry.

“What ‘worked up’?! Get those people to let go of that woman now! She’s pregnant, you know?!” Pei Ge said fiercely.

“So what?” Ji Ziming asked flatly as he gave Pei Ge a cold look.

‘So what’?!

Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming in disbelief, unable to understand why he could utter such inhumane words.

“Do you think that the child in her stomach should not appear?” Pei Ge looked at the woman still struggling outside the car, and although her voice was calm, her eyes were filled with suppressed anger.

“That has nothing to do with me,” Ji Ziming replied coolly with one of his brows raised.

“Heh heh… Nothing to do with you, huh?” Pei Ge gave a soft laugh as her eyes filled with sarcasm.

It was then that Ji Ziming found that something was amiss with the woman next to him.

“You dare say that it has nothing to do with you? How did she get pregnant, then! If you could control your lower half, would she be pregnant now, you jerk?!” Pei Ge yelled angrily at Ji Ziming and stared at him with eyes like daggers.

Hearing Pei Ge’s words, Ji Ziming frowned. “What are you trying to say—”

Before he could finish his question, he was interrupted.

Pak! A clear, sharp sound echoed in the car and, following this, the atmosphere inside it became suffocating.