Chapter 78 - Why did you not wear a condom?!

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As he was unguarded, Ji Ziming’s handsome face was inked with a red mark in the shape of a palm.

Anyone who saw his face would be able to tell that Pei Ge had exerted colossal force in that slap.

“…” Ji Ziming’s handsome face darkened as though a gloomy cloud hung over him. His eyes that were as cold as a freezing storm could make one tremble in fear.

The look on Ji Ziming’s face right now did not scare Pei Ge, though.

The Pei Ge at this moment was furious beyond reason and could not even feel the imposing aura Ji Ziming was emitting. In fact, his current stance only made her more furious.

“Are you done?” Ji Ziming looked with steely eyes at the flushed Pei Ge.

Very well. This was the first time someone had dared to slap him.

“No!” Pei Ge refused to be intimidated.

If there were a third person in this conversation, that person would praise Pei Ge for being heroic.

Despite the man’s aura and disposition, Pei Ge was not daunted and continued to anger the man. Was that not heroic?

“You jerk! Never mind that you couldn’t control your body’s lower half, but why didn’t you wear a condom?!”

Ji Ziming’s face blackened at this, and his pair of cold eyes became frostier.

As for Pei Ge, the more she spoke, the more pathetic she felt inside.

Not only did a conservative lady like her lose her virginity to this handsome pervert due to a bout of drunkenness, but she even got herself knocked up!

All because this annoying person did not wear a condom!

“You damn woman, what nonsense are you spouting?!” Ji Ziming could feel his patience wearing thin as Pei Ge continuously challenged him.

“You know what I’m talking about! Do you think you are great just because you are handsome and rich?!” Pei Ge’s bright, black eyes were ablaze. “Do you think, just because you have the money, you can get anybody pregnant with your child and shirk off responsibility by paying for abortion? You big jerk! Only caring about your pleasure and not knowing….”

Ji Ziming’s patience was at its limit by then, and he eyed the mouth that continued to yak on.

His palm grabbed Pei Ge’s chin fiercely and he leaned in to smack his cold lips on to Pei Ge’s still talking lips, effectively interrupting her mid-sentence.

This kiss caught Pei Ge by surprise, but she quickly recovered from her daze and began to struggle fiercely.

Wu! Wu! Pei Ge’s palms repeatedly pounded the man’s chest with much force.

Ji Ziming seemed to be numb from her struggle as he steadfastly held Pei Ge in his embrace, his lips and tongue not letting go of hers.

Slowly, Pei Ge stopped struggling and her palms hung loosely by her side.

Seeing that Pei Ge had calmed down, Ji Ziming reluctantly released her from his embrace. His cold gaze, as though touched by the summer sun, thawed.

When Ji Ziming saw Pei Ge’s flushed cheeks and tear-filled eyes, his heart could not help but beat faster.

An unknown ache in his heart….

Pak! A sharp sound echoed about once more, as Pei Ge fiercely slapped Ji Ziming’s face for the second time.

“Ji Ziming, you jerk!” As she said this, pearl-like tears rolled down from her eyes.

“You jerk…” Pei Ge’s voice softened into a whimper as she felt wronged.

The initial shock and subsequent series of events had caused her frightened emotions to burst out.

Before Ji Ziming could express his anger at being slapped again, he saw beads of tears rolling down Pei Ge’s cheeks. The anger he felt diminish at this.

“Don’t cry.” Ji Ziming frowned at Pei Ge.

“I want to cry!” Pei Ge pouted.

Pei Ge thought about how unlucky she was. Her first love was a jerk, all her blind dates were jerks, and even her one-night stand was a mega jerk! Worst of all, she was pregnant!

Wu wu! Why was her life so terrible?

Ji Ziming actually found the sniffling Pei Ge cute. This was even more so when her pair of watery eyes widened in tears.

Ji Ziming, who had always hated crying women and children, found himself not at all hating this crying woman beside him.

Unable to hold himself back, Ji Ziming’s lips that were pressed in a cold, hard line curled up in the corner; the smile in his eyes lightened the cold expression on his face.

“Smile?! What are you smiling at?! You’re not allowed to smile!” Pei Ge, who had been crying pathetically, said this fiercely when she saw Ji Ziming smiling. “You are so shameless! It’s all because of you, yet you dare still smile?!”

“Because of me what?” Ji Ziming asked as he looked playfully at Pei Ge.

“Because you couldn’t control your lower half and impregnated someone!” Pei Ge yelled angrily as she wiped her tears away.

“…” Ji Ziming was slightly stunned by Pei Ge’s words, causing his beautiful forehead to crease. “Whose stomach?”

“That woman earlier!” Pei Ge’s eyes looked as though they were capable of releasing fiery darts as she glared at Ji Ziming.

“Not mine.” A streak of hate flashed through his eyes at this.

“Not yours?! I can’t believe you are so much of a jerk that you can even deny this!” Pei Ge fumed when Ji Ziming did not admit to his sin.

“Fine! You say that that woman wasn’t impregnated by you, then what about mine?!” Pei Ge shouted. She took a deep breath and, with blazing eyes, looked intently at Ji Ziming.

“…” Total silence. Other than the two people’s breathing, the inside of the car was devoid of any sound.

“What about yours?” Ji Ziming’s cold gaze was full of suspicion.

“You! You actually have the audacity to ask me that?!” Pei Ge, who was about to lose her mind, yelled in anger, “You jerk, why didn’t you wear a condom back then?! Now I’m pregnant, too!”