Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of 200 chapters

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The soft rays of the sun filled the sky at dusk, yet they could not shine through the thick curtain hanging on the suite’s glass window, causing the room to remain in darkness.

Despite the rough night Pei Ge had, her body clock still woke her up at 6:30 A.M.

Feeling hungover from the amount of alcohol she had had last night, Pei Ge’s head throbbed dully and her body felt sore.

“Ohhhh…” Pei Ge moaned, her face revealing discomfort.

My head hurts.

Pei Ge was just about to rub her aching temple with her fingers when she realized that her arm was resting on to something solid!

“?!” The initially dazed Pei Ge was jolted awake by this realization, and her eyes flew open in shock.

Before Pei Ge’s eyes was a man’s muscular chest; her left hand was currently resting on that chest, while her head was intimately tucked inside the man’s embrace.

Pei Ge’s right hand rested gently on the man’s waist, and both her legs hooked on to the man’s body carelessly.

Shocked from the sight, Pei Ge choked on her saliva. She carefully untangled herself from the man and removed the blanket. When Pei Ge saw that she was naked, she screamed in horror.

“Ahhhh!” The piercing scream broke the romantic atmosphere in the couple suite.

“Don’t be so noisy.” Pei Ge’s scream did not wake Ji Ziming, though, and he remained asleep next to her.

Without opening his eyes, Ji Ziming reached out his strong arm and pulled Pei Ge back into his embrace, even softly patting her back.

Stunned by the strange man’s response, Pei Ge was dazed at first before letting out another scream.

“Ahhhh!” Mom! Who was this man that lay beside her?! Why was she naked?!

Hearing yet another scream, Ji Ziming furrowed his brows before opening his eyes. However, in his sleepy state, his eyes were only half-opened.

“Shut up.” Ji Ziming’s voice was steely, revealing his unhappiness.

Pei Ge had been scared out of her wits at this point, so the man’s act of opening his eyes only made her scream louder.

Ji Ziming finally lost his patience. The woman looking at him with fear made him feel really unhappy inside.

With his free hand, he reached for Pei Ge’s chin and kissed her in mid-scream, silencing her.

“Ohhhh!” Pei Ge’s eyes widened in shock. Seeing his handsome features up close, Pei Ge lost her focus momentarily. She blinked a few times before she regained her senses and realized that she was being kissed.

She began to struggle intensely.

Men had always been more impulsive in the morning.

After last night’s suppressed desire and subsequent fantasies, Ji Ziming could feel himself reacting to Pei Ge’s movement that rubbed against him.

Soon, his erection became evident as it tented the thin blanket, grazing against Pei Ge’s skin.

Pei Ge was a conservative woman, and she had done nothing else besides kiss and hold hands with Zhou Zhuoyang in the past.

However, even if one had yet to taste it, one would know of it.

Pei Ge was well-aware what the hardness was.

In that instant, her pale face turned red just like ripe nectar.

Seeing the woman in his embrace staring wide-eyed and blushing shyly yet indignantly at him, Ji Ziming felt himself get even harder.

Ji Ziming took advantage of her shyness to roll over and pin her under him.

Her stunned expression made Ji Ziming feel unsatisfied with just a simple kiss, and he began to entangle his tongue with hers, exploring every part of her mouth.

Just like a delicious morsel, he thoroughly savored and explored every corner of her mouth. Pei Ge’s cheeks reddened more and more and her breathing shortened with every passing moment.

“Ohhhh!” Pei Ge struggled to take in air.

Seeing her gasping for air to this extent, he chuckled in amusement and said, “Ahhh, silly woman, have you never been kissed before?”

At his words, Pei Ge fumed with anger.

This – this bastard!

“Go and die, you pervert!” Pei Ge took advantage of the man’s unguarded position to kick him right in his vulnerable spot with her knee.

“Oomph!” Ji Ziming groaned. His face went pale as though he were suffering from a serious injury.

Pushing herself away from him, Pei Ge quickly grabbed the blanket to cover herself.

“Die! Die! You idiot! Pervert! What did you do to me?!” As though it was not enough, she kicked Ji Ziming, who was already in pain, again.

Ji Ziming could no longer feel any pain except for the pain searing his lower half, and hearing her yell just added on to the frustration he was feeling.

He, Ji Ziming, could have any woman he wanted. At the snap of his fingers, a whole city of women would line up for him.

However, this idiotic woman was still picky about him! She even called him a pervert!

“Damn it! What are you going crazy about?!” Ji Ziming cast an angry look at her, fuming on the inside.

Ji Ziming’s icy stare scared Pei Ge and triggered many memories in rapid succession.

“It’s you! Last night, I wanted to hug you….”

“He he. You are that male host I booked for one night….”

“…” Pei Ge’s initial anger subsided.

Damn it! What exactly did she do last night?!

Remembering the shameless bathroom episode….

“Ahhh!” Pei Ge covered her face with her hands as she felt herself collapsing inside.

The pain-filled expression of the man in bed caused Pei Ge to bite her lips as she thought of what was appropriate to say in this sort of situation. After much consideration, she chose to not say anything.

This was just… too embarrassing, after all.

Pei Ge had thought that the man was a pervert but, in fact, she was the real pervert here.

Ashamed, she looked at her bare feet and eventually decided to just leave the place quickly.

In quick motions, she jumped off the bed and dashed to the transparent bathroom.

Pei Ge’s heart sank when she saw her torn clothes on the bathroom floor. Such bad service! How could they tear their guest’s clothes?!

However, her dissatisfaction quickly disappeared when she spotted the two sets of clothes – a blue suit and a simple, decent dress – in the wardrobe outside.

Quickly putting the clothes on, Pei Ge picked up the golden handbag that was haphazardly thrown to the ground last night.

With no tears to cry, Pei Ge counted a few red notes as she chastised her drunken self from yesterday.

“Well – well, then. The money… I’ll just put it in the cupboard.” Without a care for what the man on the bed had to say, Pei Ge quickly left the suite.

Having just recovered, Ji Ziming was stunned to hear Pei Ge’s words.

He came back to his senses just in time to see the woman’s fleeing figure.

“Damn it! Is that woman blind?!” In what way did he look like a male host?!