Chapter 84 - Yo, Little Chili!

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“Ji Ziming, what are you planning to do with me?!” Pei Ge glared at the cold man, who was driving the car that she was currently in, with displeasure.

This man seems to have gone crazy. Without explaining it, he dragged me out of the hospital and pushed me into his car.

If this car were not traveling fast, she would really risk jumping out of it just to stop seeing his cold face.

“Quiet!” Ji Ziming had been feeling an inexplicable anger since earlier. No woman had ever scolded him like her…

She, who had been chattering nonstop all this while, instantly quieted down at his angry admonition. However, it did not take long before her temper flared up again.

“Why are you venting your anger on me?!” She glared daggers at his flawless side profile, her anger burning more fiercely. “The incident today isn’t my fault! I really didn’t think that it would all just be a big misunderstanding! I am feeling frustrated, too, alright?!”

The inexplicable anger he was feeling inside him immediately extinguished at her pitiful-sounding voice.

“That child really isn’t mine.”

Pei Ge was not even expecting Ji Ziming to say anything at all, so she was slightly surprised when he did.

“What do you mean that child isn’t yours? Are you talking about that lady we’ve seen earlier today?” Pei Ge thought with a frown. That pregnant woman was all she could think of that would fit the bill.

“Mhm-mhm,” he lightly agreed.

He really could not understand why he felt the need to clear his name to Pei Ge, this woman whom he still did not know much about, when he was someone who never explained his actions to others.

“Hur hur… You, don’t make me look down on you too much! She has come right at your doorsteps, yet you’re still denying that the child is yours?” Pei Ge sneered when she saw his indifferent face while talking about that pregnant woman from before. She glared at him with a contemptuous look.

When he detected her contemptuous gaze, his rage, which had just been extinguished moments ago, started boiling once more.

He looked at her with narrowed eyes and curtly said, “Quiet, you stupid woman.”

“You!” Pei Ge glared at Ji Ziming fiercely upon hearing him address her that way. However, before she could say anything in retaliation, his next words made her speechless.

He whipped out his hand phone and dialed a number. Following this, he coldly said on the phone, “Bring that woman you provoked to Royal Cuisine Kitchen at this very instant.”

Without waiting for the person’s reply, he promptly hung up the call.

Eh? What in the world did he mean? C – Could it be that I have misunderstood this annoying fellow?

She blinked her eyes and felt slightly guilty for some reason. Did she really misunderstand him?

With this thought in mind, Pei Ge remained silent for the rest of the journey. Amid the silence, the car reached a five-star hotel called the Royal Cuisine Kitchen, which was located in the most prosperous part of the capital.

Pei Ge stared at the faux-ancient design of the hotel after she had alighted from the car and exasperatedly thought of how it was indeed the best hotel in the capital. Just its exterior alone was not something any normal hotel could compare to.

“Get in.” Ji Ziming passed his car keys to the valet and issued this command on Pei Ge, who was standing beside him.

Pei Ge, who was jolted out of her reverie, softly asked, “Why should I go in there with you?”

“Get in and you’ll know.” Ji Ziming raised one of his sword-like eyebrows as he grabbed Pei Ge’s wrist and forcibly pulled her inside the hotel.


The moment the pair entered the glamorous hotel, plenty of good-looking staff greeted them with a bow. This made Pei Ge, who had come here for the first time in her life, feel a little uncomfortable.

“CEO Ji, you’re here. Young Master Mu is waiting for you upstairs in Room Cloud Nine.”

“Mhm.” Ji Ziming acknowledged with a nod of his head.

Pei Ge observed the man guiding them to the private room. His height was average, but he was lively. He did not come off as a waiter despite him wearing a black suit, and the way he carried himself spoke volumes of his high position.

The man seemed to sense her probing gaze and turned to smile at her friendlily.

When she saw the name tag pinned on the man’s chest, she realized that he was actually the hotel’s manager.

“We are here, CEO Ji. Please enter.” The man opened the door and respectfully ushered them inside.

Pulling her along, Ji Ziming entered the private dining area of Room Cloud Nine.

“Ziming, why did you suddenly…” Mu Heng immediately started speaking the moment Ji Ziming entered the room, but when he saw him dragging along a woman, he forgot his next words in his shock.

Hm? Isn’t he that Casanova?!

Upon entering the private room, Pei Ge first saw the Casanova, who was dressed in eye-catching attire, and then the pregnant woman, who was sitting in a corner.

“Yo, if it isn’t Little Chili!” Mu Heng stared at Pei Ge with shining eyes before volleying his gaze between Ji Ziming and her.

Ptooey! What ‘Little Chili’?! Pei Ge inwardly spat at Mu Heng. She really hated people like him who freely gave nicknames to others as though they were their close friends!

“Ziming, where did you meet Little Chili?” Mu Heng asked excitedly.

Ji Ziming merely glanced at Mu Heng briefly before completely ignoring him. With his cold gaze on the pregnant woman sitting on the sofa, he pulled Pei Ge toward her.

“Tell her whose child it is in your stomach.” Ji Ziming regarded the woman with a cold, cutting gaze. His face, which exuded a domineering pressure, made one tremble with fear.

The woman shivered as she looked at Ji Ziming with panicking eyes before stammering, “It – It – It is Young Master Mu’s…”

Hearing this reply, Ji Ziming turned his stoic, handsome face toward Pei Ge. Although he remained silent, his proud expression was, at this very moment, exuding this vibe: “Look; I’ve already said it many times. That child isn’t mine!”

Pei Ge was totally dumbfounded by the woman’s reply.

She dazedly looked at Ji Ziming’s cold and handsome face and then abashedly rubbed her nose. When she recalled her actions today, she only felt like breaking down right about now!

Oh, my gosh! Heavens! Earth! I really lost too much face this time! Let’s forget that I made my big boss take responsibility for my nonexistent pregnancy, I even misunderstood him big time to the point of cursing and shouting at him…

Wu wu wu… I have no more face to continue staying in the company!