Chapter 90 - I heard your boyfriend's family name is Ji.

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“Madam, the guests have arrived.”

While Pei Ge and Zhang Manhua knew that Pei Zhenghui had made a fortune, they were not aware that his family had hired maids and caretakers.

Upon entering the villa, the two felt overwhelmed by the grandeur they saw inside.

“Sister-in-law, Ge Ge, you have arrived.” Liu Yan, who was sitting on the living room sofa, welcomed the two with a smile. There was not a trace of the fussy attitude she had displayed yesterday on her face.

The mother-daughter pair politely returned her greeting.

“Xiaoyan, your house is really big!” Zhang Manhua gushed as her eyes admiringly swept through the living room.

Pei Ge saw Liu Yan’s smug smile and casually agreed with her mother’s observation, “Second Auntie, your house is really pretty!”

“He he! Of course, you get what you pay for. Do you know how much this house cost us? We even spent a lot on its renovation,” Liu Yan boasted as she stood up from the sofa and raised her chin domineeringly. “This house of mine….”

Pei Ge good-naturedly trailed after Liu Yan and watched the latter drag her mother around the house to boast about it and their family car. At that moment, she thought, No matter how rich Second Auntie becomes, she is always the same.

With or without money, she always loved to boast, especially to her family, about everything.

Following Liu Yan around, Pei Ge actually thought deep down that nothing was worth admiring about Pei Zhenghui’s house. She never found houses this big to be desirable, nor did she appreciate fancy decorations.

Her Second Auntie’s house happened to be overly gaudy. Although it looked expensive, its design and architecture were actually rather… amateurish.

The house’s refurbishment style very likely came from her second auntie.

If it were up to her cousin, this house would not be like this.

Because of the house, the three were able to have a good conversation in the living room and maintain a pleasant atmosphere among them.

However, at half past 11 A.M., Pei Zhenghui and Pei Shishi were still not home.

“Second Auntie, where is Second Uncle and Cousin? Why are they not here yet?” Pei Ge asked, slightly confused.

“Hai! Your second uncle has started collaborating with Zhuoyang’s family on a project recently, so he is pretty overwhelmed with work. Even Shishi and Zhuoyang are busy, too. They are still at the office.” Liu Yan had a particularly sweet smile on her face when she spoke of Zhou Zhuoyang. She then looked meaningfully at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge was aware of the meaning behind her second auntie’s look; she was warning her against clinging on to her good son-in-law, Zhou Zhuoyang!

“He he… Busy is good.” Zhang Manhua, who was oblivious to the meaning behind Liu Yan’s look, sincerely said, “This means that the company is progressing well.”

“I agree! Second Auntie, Second Uncle is really brilliant!” Pei Ge pretended to not have noticed the meaning behind her look and followed along her mother’s sentiment.

Liu Yan saw no unusual expression on Pei Ge’s face at the mention of Zhou Zhuoyang, so the corners of her mouth curled up. “Exactly, others used to look up to Big Brother and look down on our Zhenghui. Look at how things turned out.”

Hearing Liu Yan mention her deceased father with a smug look on her face, Pei Ge felt slightly uncomfortable. She did not mind Liu Yan boasting about her second uncle, as he really did have capability, but if her second auntie was doing so while stepping on her father – this, she could not accept!

However, since her second uncle’s family had been helping theirs for so long, she could not just shame her second auntie and make her unhappy.

Thus, she simply changed the subject to prevent her second auntie from speaking more unpleasant words about her father.

“Second Auntie, I remember that Cousin studied art overseas. How come she’s working at the company as well?” Pei Ge good-naturedly asked.

“Your cousin is really multi-talented! Although she enjoys painting, it is just one of her many hobbies. Now that she is done with her studies, she of course has to help out with the family business. Let me tell you this; our Shishi has strong business acumen. After she came back from her honeymoon, she stayed in the company for a few days and your second uncle is full of praise for her.” Liu Yan smiled brightly, her voice filled with pride and smugness.

Zhang Manhua nodded her agreement. “Shishi, that child has always been smart.”

“Yes, my sister is really awesome!” Pei Ge smiled. Her cousin had always been studious and competitive. In fact, she always strove to be number one in whatever she did.

However, after studying abroad, her cousin had somehow become a different person, and this made her feel depressed.

Her cousin used to be such a gentle person, but ever since her return from studying overseas, her every word and action only made Pei Ge uncomfortable.

As they took turns lavishing Pei Shishi with praises, the three arrived from work, and as Zhang Manhua had previously anticipated, Zhou Zhuoyang really did come.

“Auntie, Ge Ge, did you wait long? I’m so sorry. There were many things we had to finish today.” Pei Shishi apologized to the mother-daughter pair the moment she stepped inside the house.

“We didn’t wait long. You child, why are you being so courteous to your auntie?” Zhang Manhua asked with a smile.

Pei Ge also smiled and said, “Yes, Cousin. Why are you being so formal? We are one family!”

“He he! Alright, alright. Food is ready. Let’s go to the dining area to eat lunch; it’s almost 12 P.M.” Liu Yan directed everyone to the dining area.

At the dining area, everyone saw that the table was already set with a variety of steaming hot dishes.

After everyone sat down, Pei Ge realized that Zhou Zhuoyang was actually sitting opposite her.

She lowered her face and pursed her lips. She decided not to look at the opposite direction, or else she risked losing her appetite.

“I don’t know what Sister-in-law and Ge Ge like to eat, so I asked Mother Wang to just whip something up.” Liu Yan smilingly said as she took a seat beside Pei Zhenghui.

“Second Auntie, I’m not picky. These dishes looked delicious.” Pei Ge giggled when she said this.

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a voice whisper with ridicule, “Hypocrite.”

He he! Hypocrite, your head! Such bad table manners!

Pei Ge laughed coldly internally and ignored the jerk opposite her completely as she continued to smile at her second auntie.

Although Zhou Zhuoyang had said it softly, Pei Shishi still heard it.

The initial smile on her face faded for a moment as her eyes revealed a streak of cold.

“Oh, right, Ge Ge. When are you bringing your boyfriend over for us to see?” Pei Shishi lightly asked while she looked at her intently.

Her cousin’s question effectively attracted everyone’s attention toward Pei Ge.

“Eh? What boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. Cousin, I think you’re mistaken.” Pei Ge looked at her cousin in confusion, not knowing what she was talking about.

“Aiya, Ge Ge, we are one family. There’s really no need for you to hide the existence of your boyfriend from us. I saw you and your boyfriend at the maternity hospital last time. The nurse even said that your boyfriend is rather handsome. I heard… his family name is Ji.”