Chapter 97 - You dare to resign?!

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The relaxing weekend quickly passed. On Monday, Pei Ge put the resignation letter into her bag. After she had breakfast, she boarded the bus going to Chenguang Real Estate.

Upon reaching the company building, she greeted the colleagues she saw on her way to the Planning Department.

“Morning, Pei Ge.”


Pei Ge sat on her seat after she was done with the morning greetings.

She powered up the computer but did not promptly start working as per usual. Instead, she dazedly observed her colleagues who were either sipping their caffeinated drinks or already working on their daily agenda. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness to part.

Sigh… Pei Ge lightly sighed inwardly. She truly liked the working environment of this company and did not want to part with her newly acquired friends and kind superiors.

The more she thought of this, the more depressed she felt. Why did that annoying fellow have to appear before her when she finally found herself a nice job?

Pak! In her agitation, she pressed the mouse in her hand rather strongly.

The sound caught the attention of her seatmate, Bi Zheng.

Bi Zheng stoically eyed the frustrated Pei Ge, but before he could say anything, she beat him to the punch. “What? Are you going to reprimand me for being noisy again?! Fine with me! I won’t be bothering you for long, anyway!” She then turned her head to scrutinize Bi Zheng with her round eyes.

“…” He stared at the fuming woman before him and, pausing a little, asked, “Are you resigning?”

Pei Ge visibly deflated when Bi Zheng did not get angry or speak bitingly at her.

“I’m sorry. I’m just feeling a little anxious,” she apologized, feeling abashed.

“…Are you resigning?” he repeated his question with a straight face.

As this was no secret, she did not hide it. “Yes.”

“Why?” he pressed on.

Looking at this kind Bi Zheng, Pei Ge suddenly had an epiphany that perhaps he did not bother responding to people in the past only because no one was willing to enter his world and understand him. He was not actually as cold-hearted and eccentric as everyone thought him to be. In fact, he was even showing concern for her now.

“There’s no particular reason, really. I just want to resign.” Pei Ge was unable to speak of her reason for resigning. She was very certain that she would receive the hatred of many if they learned that she was resigning to avoid being promoted as the CEO’s assistant.

Bi Zheng did not insist on knowing her reason once he heard her evasive reply. Instead, he slightly pursed his lips, turned his face away from her, and did not glance at her again.

Pei Ge was at a loss over his reaction, but thinking of how eccentric he was, she did not take it to heart.

This fellow was someone who looked cold on the outside but was passionate on the inside. Nevertheless, he was still eccentric.

Pei Ge then started her work after casting aside all her nonsensical thoughts.

“Pei Ge, come to my office for a while.” Yang Aoyun called just as Pei Ge was starting to focus on her work.

She raised her head and only saw the back view of the director who had already turned around.

Pursing her lips, she stood up and walked toward the director’s office.

Knock, knock, knock! Pei Ge rapped her knuckles on the door.

“Come in.”

Receiving permission to enter, she took a deep breath before she walked inside the director’s office.

“Director…” Pei Ge was a little afraid to look directly at Yang Aoyun. She knew why the latter was looking for her, and it was because of this reason that she did not dare to look at her superior directly.

“Raise your head and look at me.” Yang Aoyun seemed to be fuming as her voice was not as affectionate as it used to be.

Pei Ge pursed her lips and looked up apologetically at Yang Aoyun.

That was right. She was apologetic. After all, Yang Aoyun had given her many opportunities to improve her career and had even taught her a lot. She seemed to always be helping her out, yet her efforts were for naught as Pei Ge was resigning.

“I heard you went to the HR Department to get a resignation form last Friday.” Yang Aoyun looked at Pei Ge with a complicated gaze. Honestly speaking, she had always been developing Pei Ge into her right-hand man, yet the latter had decided to resign without giving her any concrete reason.

Oh, no. Her reason is that she doesn’t want to be the CEO’s assistant. Is she kidding me? Yang Aoyun’s heart burned with inexplicable anger.

“Yes…” Pei Ge nodded her head powerlessly.

“The reason is you don’t want to be the CEO’s assistant?” Yang Aoyun asked.

“That’s not exactly right…” Pei Ge did not know how to explain to Yang Aoyun the real reason behind her resignation.

“What is the reason, then?” Yang Aoyun frowned.

“I don’t know how to explain it to you… Anyway, it is my personal problem. Director, I’m really very sorry!” With that said, Pei Ge apologetically bowed her head toward Yang Aoyun.

Yang Aoyun could only lightly sigh at this before helplessly replying, “Alright, I understand. Although I really want to keep you here, I know that you are already dead set on this. I shouldn’t hold you back any further. You can go out now. At least, work properly for the rest of this month.”

“Yes! Thank you, Director! Also… Sorry,” Pei Ge whispered, feeling guilty.

“Alright, I understand. If you ever change your mind, you can always go back to the HR Department to retrieve your resignation letter.” Yang Aoyun smiled and solemnly told her this.

“Yes, I understand.” Pei Ge was really touched by Yang Aoyun’s words. The latter was really the best superior she had ever met.

It was a pity that she could not continue working under such a nice superior because of a certain someone.

Meanwhile, in the CEO’s office…

“Why is Pei Ge not here yet?” Ji Ziming sat in the swivel chair and swept his dark, cold eyes over to the secretary who had just brought a stack of documents into his office.

Although the secretary was already used to her boss’s domineering aura, she still became nervous when her eyes met his cold ones.

“Oh. Planning Department Director Yang just informed us of Pei Ge’s decision to resign.” The secretary stuttered her reply.

“Resign?” Ji Ziming immediately frowned. The cold air he was emitting seemed to multiply in his anger.

“Tha – That’s right.” The secretary nodded and shivered a little.

“You can go out now.” Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes and coldly ordered. His handsome face was so dark that one could not see through his emotions from it.

After receiving his order, the secretary quickly fled from the CEO’s office.

“Pei Ge…” A cold voice muttered. Although the voice sounded pleasant, its tone was so cold that it made one shiver in fear.

Heh… You dare to resign?!