Chapter 109 - I Have To Take It From You (2)

Chapter 109 of 371 chapters

Chapter 109 – I Have To Take It From You (2)

Duke Elgy leaned down to rest his arms on his knees, and he whispered conspiratorially to her.

“Now imagine it. Your parents were looking for a lost baby. Then, when you became the Emperor’s concubine and rumors of your beauty spread, they came to see you.”

“It’s like a fairy tale…”

“It is a fairy tale. That’s why people like it, right?”

A gleam entered into Duke Elgy’s eyes.

“Miss, do you have family?”


“That doesn’t matter. There are plenty of poor nobles who can serve as your parents.”

Duke Elgy gave a chuckle of satisfaction.

“It may look too obvious if we choose a noble family from the Eastern Empire, so I’ll arrange one from my country.”

Rashta was too dazed to answer properly.

False parents…not criminal parents who made their daughter a slave, but proud ones. The status that she considered a shackle on her life, was so easy to replace!

At the same time, she felt regret regarding Sovieshu. She wished she had lied and told him about the false noble parents from the start. Why didn’t she?

‘Because the Emperor didn’t intend to make Rashta the empress, that’s why.’


The duke waved his finger in front of Rashta, drawing her focus away from her thoughts.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Do you understand what I’ve said?”

“I do…”

“It may seem easy, but it’s dangerous. However, I think this is the only way you can protect yourself from the empress.”

“I’ll do it.”

She spoke with a resolute expression on her face, and Duke Elgy covered his mouth and chuckled.

“Very well. But you must promise me one thing.”

“Rashta will pay you back when she becomes empress!”

“No. It’s not that.”


“No matter what anyone says, don’t ever accept a paternity test. Otherwise, everyone will find out that you are not related to your parents by blood.”

“Of course.”

Rashta smiled and agreed. She twisted her fingers nervously when she asked her next question.

“Well…what happens after that? What should I do after I change my background? Just because I’m a noblewoman doesn’t mean I become empress.”

Duke Elgy replied to her question with his own.

“I heard that you couldn’t read. Can you read now?”

Rashta blushed and answered in a small voice.

“I can read simple books. I can also write.”

“Keep studying, and take a lot of classes.”

A strange expression crossed Rashta’s face when she heard those words.

“Why that look on your face? Do you hate studying?”

“It’s not that…it’s just that studying doesn’t seem to be a way of attacking…”

“You don’t have a choice. Empress Navier has a good reputation.”

“She’s packaged well.”

“Whether it’s the packaging or not, a direct attack on her would only cause backlash. The first thing you need to do is raise your profile as high as the Empress’, and at that point you can fight.”

Duke Elgy’s words implied that Rashta, as she currently was, was not at the same level as the empress. She became sulky, but was forced to acknowledge the reality of it.

“The nobles ignore Rashta because of prejudice. But will it stop just because I study?”

“Of course not. That’s why you will go for the common people. Make them think you can represent them.”

“Ah …!”

“You know that half the council members are commoners, right? In truth, a rank-and-file lawmaker is simply an honorary position and doesn’t perform much function. But they hold a lot of meaning for the common people. We simply have to get these lawmakers to support you.”


“The Empress is popular, but she has an overly aristocratic image. She was born into a prestigious family, and became a princess even before her societal debut and engagement to the crown prince.”

Rashta tried to imagine the Empress’ childhood, but it was hard for her to do so. She had no idea what it was like to live such a life. Really, what was the difference between the empress and herself? Why was the empress born a princess and she was born a slave?

Rashta’s face darkened, and Duke Elgy studied her expression.

“No matter how well the Empress treats the common people, they cannot help but feel the walls between them. Dig in the cracks. Be sure to create your image as someone who can understand and sympathize with the commoners. ”




Yesterday, Sovieshu had thrown a small party for Rashta. I didn’t attend as I wasn’t hosting it, and it wasn’t an official occasion in any case.

However, I did hear that the event was well-attended, and there still seemed to be some of yesterday’s heat remaining in the central palace. I easily overheard several court officials whispering about yesterday’s party, but the news didn’t sound bad.

After looking over the important issues that had to be resolved for the day, I returned to the eastern palace as soon as possible. I lounged in my parlor room with my ladies-in-waiting, when Laura returned from yesterday’s outing. She handed the bags that occupied her hands to Countess Jubel before quickly approaching me with shining eyes.

“I did what you asked, Your Majesty!”

It was something I had been waiting for. Laura’s exuberant expression alone told me that the plan had worked well.

“Lady Alischute introduced Viscount Roteschu’s daughter to ‘that woman’ in front of a crowd!”

“What was her reaction?”

“That woman tried to hide her expression, but it was too late.”

Laura couldn’t help but giggle.

“And Viscount Roteschu’s daughter didn’t even think about managing her own expressions!”

After having my own reputation tarnished because of Rashta, Laura seemed giddy at my request. She stamped her feet in excitement, then smiled sheepishly when Countess Eliza shot her a glare. Her meekness didn’t last long however, and she slapped the sofa with renewed energy.

“But just when things were getting interesting, a stranger pulled Viscount Roteschu’s daughter away.”

“A stranger?”

“He must be Viscount Roteschu’s son. Oh, and the daughter’s name is Rivetti, Your Majesty.”

“You did well, Laura.”

Laura preened at the compliment.

“Please let me do it again.”

“What kind of person is Lady Rivetti?”

“She’s very bright. She hasn’t made a formal debut in society yet. Alischute seems to like her.”

“Tell Alischute to befriend her and bring Rivetti back to me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When Laura left the parlor room to wash up, Countess Eliza spoke.

“I thought you didn’t want to get involved with that woman. You must have changed your mind.”

“The chance to live in ignorance has passed.”

Although the attempt to poison the baby was an evil plan, Rashta still said that I was infertile and then lied about Koshar pushing her.

She wanted her baby to become part of the royal family, and so I was going to let her know in advance—

“A proper line must be drawn.”