Chapter 164 - I Ask Approval For Remarriage (1)

Chapter 164 of 371 chapters

Chapter 164 – I Ask Approval For Remarriage (1)

Rashta realized that her life would soon change completely. The people in the Imperial Palace were generally friendly towards her, but in the last few days, it had been to an exceptional degree. When she walked, the nobles would discreetly come to side and talk to her, though the subject was often about how pitiful the Empress was. It was obvious that the nobles wanted to seek favor with Rashta.

On the day of the divorce court, Rashta let out a delighted giggle as she thought of how much more people would change when she became empress. It was true when Rashta told Navier that she didn’t hate her—not in the beginning at least.

Of course, Rashta’s dislike of the Empress grew over recent months. Now that things have come to this, Rashta even felt a little pity for Navier. In the end, however, Rashta valued herself more than the Empress. Just because Navier found herself in a tragic situation, didn’t mean that Rashta would waste her good fortune.

“This is Rashta’s era.”


“When everyone gathers together, it will be for you.”


“Of course! I’m so proud to work for you these days, Miss Rashta.”

Delise smiled broadly, and Rashta smiled back in return. Secretly, Rashta thought Delise didn’t have anything to boast about. It was Delise’s first time serving as a maid, and she didn’t always do her job competently. Her only merit was her personality, but that advantage could not be used by an empress.

‘Along with Delise…I should make Viscountess Verdi quit her job as lady-in-waiting as well.’

It would be below an empress such as herself to have a lower viscountess serve as her lady-in-waiting. Rashta was also doubtful about Viscountess Verdi’s loyalty, and oftentimes the viscountess made her feel uncomfortable.

As Rashta was deciding upon which clothes she would wear for the divorce court, Duke Elgy came to visit her.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Rashta smiled brightly at Duke Elgy and ushered him in the room. When he entered, he grumbled in exaggerated disappointment.

“I can’t believe you kept such an important story secret from me. I’m heartbroken, Miss.”


Rashta’s eyes widened in surprise. It sounded like Duke Elgy was upset that he didn’t know about the Empress’ divorce in advance.

“How did you find out?”

She looked back at him in surprise, and he vaguely mentioned that he had an inkling.

“Are you disappointed? I’m sorry. His Majesty told me to keep it a secret.”

Rashta gathered her hands together in apology and gave him her sweetest smile.

“Well, it can’t be helped.”

Fortunately, Duke Elgy didn’t seem that upset, and he flashed a grin.

“Everyone has secrets.”

“Do you have a secret?”

“Yes. You must have seen it already.”

“Me? Oh, that…”

Rashta remembered the strange letter from King Heinley and smiled awkwardly. Duke Elgy offered a smile in return, but it was unclear whether it was meant to be joking or serious.

“But that’s not the only thing you’re not telling Rashta. You haven’t been in your room the last few days.”

“Ah, it’s because of that foul-tempered bird.”

“Bird? That blue bird?”

“Another bird. One that keeps me wanting to pull my hair out.”

“Do you like birds?”

“A little.”

He gave a light answer, then turned his gaze towards the various dresses Rashta hung in the middle of the room. They were all mostly white dresses.

“Are you going to the divorce court today, too?”

“Yes, but Rashta is still deciding what to wear ”

“Do you want me to choose for you?”

Duke Elgy’s eyes twinkled as he asked her the question, and Rasta gave a silvery laugh and nodded.

“You’re good at choosing?”

“I’ve seen many women’s dresses.”

He placed his hand on his chin thoughtfully as he studied each dress, then pointed to the shiniest and most glamorous of them.

“That one is the best.”

“That one? Wouldn’t it be better to dress more plainly?”


“Isn’t this a bad day?”

“A bad day for the Empress, yes, but not for you. You have to show yourself to the people. It’s your world now.”


When I entered the hall where the divorce court would take place, everyone was already there. The nobles, the officials, my parents whom I missed so much…

Marquis Farang was there too, having rushed back from the Western Kingdom just in time. His face was pale as if he only just learned of the divorce. When I met his eyes, I saw that he was biting his lower lip so hard it almost bled. The knights were firmly by my side, so we were unable to exchange words. Perhaps after the divorce, we could talk as much as we wanted.

When I had dressed a while ago, my anxiety caused the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet to tingle. Now that I was here in this massive hall among everyone, I couldn’t feel a thing.

I looked in front of me. Sovieshu was up there, and the spot where I usually stood beside him was empty. Meanwhile, the High Priest stood in the middle of the platform.

Behind Sovieshu was Rashta, clothed in an elegant white dress. She usually preferred simple attire, but today her dress was so ostentatious that it could be worn for a New Year’s celebration. I wondered what kind of advice she received. There was a time and place for these kinds of displays. Didn’t anyone tell her that she looked garish like that?

‘…It doesn’t matter.’

The door closed with a heavy thud, and the room fell into a hushed silence. This was just the beginning. I boldly approach the High Priest.


Nobody dared open their mouths. After I took my place on the platform, the High Priest sighed briefly, looked down at the documents before him, and then spoke.

“Empress Navier…Empress Navier of the Eastern Empire. Your husband, Emperor Sovieshu, has requested to divorce you.”

The High Priest’s voice echoed clearly in the hall and penetrated everyone’s ears. I continued to stare at him in silence.

“If you accept the divorce, Empress Navier, you will no longer be empress, you will be stripped of all rights as a member of the royal family, and you will not be allowed to use the royal family name.”


“The couples’ vow, which they swore before God, will be annulled, and Empress’ Navier and Emperor Sovieshu’s statuses heretofore will be single.”

The High Priest turned to me, but did not say anything about the reason for divorce.

“Will you accept the divorce? If you don’t, you may claim the right to file a suit.”

I replied as indifferently as possible.

“I accept the divorce.”